Challenge word: Space

A/N: And finally after three weeks I have time to write a drabble again! I hope this one's ok, it's a bit of hurt!Cas, which we see far too little of.

Happy birthday Ghostey!

And suddenly he was there, as always paying no mind to the concept of personal space. Dean opened his mouth to comment, but his words were cut short as Cas abruptly collapsed. Dean was immediately on the ground by his side, gently rolling him to his back, hands coming away covered in blood.

"What happened?" Sam asked, coming into the room, eyes widening in concern. Dean shook his head, attention turning to Cas as he moaned softly, glazed eyes locking onto Dean's. His throat convulsed as he tried to speak, and Dean shushed him gently.

"It's ok, I've got you."

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