Chapter 13

The world does not like me today, does it? I mean, it really doesn't like me.

After the initial blast, which seems like years ago even though it's only been a few minutes, I don't really remember much. All I know now is that my entire body burns and I cannot see.

Not that I've opened my eyes or anything. I can, I swear, I'm just so tired. I can tell I'm on my back, but I don't know how or where. I can hear rain and thunder, but it does nothing for me. Frankly, I'm too tired to care.

Suddenly, I hear the door swing open with enough force to make the window shutter in it's frame. I hear my name and-

My name… The voice said my name. The voice of the man who is cradling me. I hear a woman shriek and my name again. I can feel them both on either side of me, touching me and cradling me.

I open my eyes slowly, afraid of what I will see. But they are there, both of them. My mother is sobbing hysterically, saying my name in between gasps. My father is looking down into my own eyes, his glistening with tears I thought couldn't exist.

But he is smiling now. He is so relieved. I can't help it, I feel the burning of tears and my throat clogs up. I open my moth to say something but only a harsh cough comes out. My mother looks up for the first time and sees me.

"My baby, my little girl. I was so afraid!" I can hear her still sobbing.

"Please," I croak. "Say my name again. I want to know."

My father is confused at first but he gives me his 'oh, I don't give a damn' smile and nods. "Tosca." He says simply.

"Tosca," my mother says.

I smile and close my eyes. I am so tired, I need to sleep. But I am home, at last I am home.

My name is Tosca Malten, I live in southern California, and I think I am the first human being to dimension travel. I wonder if I could it again…?



A/N: Done, done, done! I want to say that I am so sorry that this last chapter took so long. I got really obsessed with Assassin's Creed II. (Ezio Auditore is god in assassin's clothing!) So writing got a little hard. I had to pull myself together again.

This is the last chapter but the last line is a fake opener. I think I'm going to have a sequel. I have an idea for it. I really like it, too. I had a few people comment of her returning. I blame you people.

You see, once they said that, I decided to entertain the idea for curiosity sakes. I came away with an irresistible story line that was begging to be written. So I'll write it. But not yet. I have something else that needs to be written first. The next one will be a Daxter centric fic with no OCs because I need to practice. The title to the sequel in Green Thunder, when it comes out. Don't know when. Wish me luck and grace me your much appreciated opinions.

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