Disclaimer: I do own any names that I might include in my story that come from the night world series.

Once our bags were packed, we got in the car and headed to my house.

The ride only took twenty minutes because they were staying not that far from me. The drive was relatively quiet, there was some music playing in the background.

He pulled into my driveway and we got out of the car. Instead of going straight into the house, I headed for the back yard. I walked over the the exact spot that I had been attacked only a few days before. I do have to say that Val did a great job about not making a mess.

I heard footsteps coming up behind me. Even without looking I knew that it was Spike. "You ok?" He asked. After a few seconds I turned around to look at him. "yeah. I just wanted to see this spot during the day."

Spike just nodded and waited until I was ready to go in my house.

It was hard to believe that a few days ago I was human and the only worries that I had was weather I should agree with mom and go to college with my sister. I miss being human, but there is nothing I can do about it now. So I put on a smile and finally walked in the house using the back door. The first spot I checked was the dinning room. That is usually where mom is because her computer desk is there. And of course, mom is sitting at her computer just typing away. When she heard the back door close, she looked in our direction.

"Hey mom. I'm back." I saw the look on her face when she took another look at me. She could see the difference. But I could tell she didn't think anything of it right at this point and time. "Hey honey. Who's your friend?"

"This is Spike. We went to high school together. But he moved after our sophomore year." Mom got up from here computer and walked over to us. She put her hand out in front of her and said "Nice to meet you." Spike gladly took her hand and shook it. "It is finally nice to meet you to. I am sorry about the confusion with her leaving without leaving a note."

My mom just laughed. "Don't worry about it." That's when her computer dinged and she sighed, "Looks like it is back to work. I will talk to you kids later ok." "Sure mom. No problem."

We went to my room to put our bags down. Spike got in one of the bags and handed me a bottle. As I drank it, his cell phone went off. He looked at it for a few seconds and then looked at me. "Liz wants to go to the mall." He didn't give me any more detail than that but it was fine by me. "Cool. Lets go." I finished the bottle and then hid it.

I told mom where we were going and that we would be back later.

It only takes fifteen minutes to get there and once we parked we headed for the food court entrance.

It seemed as soon as soon as we walked through the doors, a short girl attacked me. Well not really attacked but she practically jumped into my arms and started hugging me. Once she let me go, she said "Hi, I am Liz. We have met before. But you probably wouldn't remember." All I could do was stare at her. I had this feeling in my gut that I have known her for years but I couldn't place it.

Liz was shorter than me but not by much. Her hair was a dirty blond color and it was almost at her waist. And her eyes were pretty close to a lavender color.

Then she said, "This is my mate Cody. You have met him too."

And once again she must have been right because I got the same feeling looking at him that I did while I was looking at Liz. Cody was taller than me but not taller than Spike. His hair was bright red and it was shaggy and hung in his face. But his eyes were black. It was a little creepy but I got over it very quickly. All I kept thinking to my self was they made a very weird pair. But it all depends on how you look at it. I also thought me and Spike made a weird pair but it all depends on who you ask.

"So where to sis?" asked Spike.

All of a sudden she was at my side, "Well, Iris and I are going to hot topic. You boys are NOT allowed." And without another word she was dragging me away. I sent a silent Help to Spike but all I got back in return was laughing.

Once we where away from Spike and Cody I must have had a messed up look on my face because Liz said, "The reason they couldn't come was because I wanted to surprise Spike."

I was about to protest but then it clicked. Oh my god I said silently. But I got this feeling that she was not going to give up until I gave in. So I did what I always do, I just went along with it.

Of course I had no idea how I was going to pay for this but I decided to put that in the back of my mind.

After what felt like days, we exited the store holding something like twenty bags. Which about three thirds where for me. Liz paid for everything which made me very uncomfortable but she didn't seem to mind.

As we walked out of the store, the boys where sitting on a bench waiting for us. We started walking toward the exit, and it seemed like every single person in the room followed us all the way out. What is everybody looking at I asked Spike in his mind. Of course he sighed and said They are looking at us because we are beautiful to them. I was taken aback Even me? He laughed Yes even you. I let the conversation drop after that. But I do have to say it did make me smile.

We parted on the way to our cars and Liz made sure to tell me that we would do this again soon. I groaned mentally and was hoping that it wasn't too soon.