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Once we pulled out of the mall parking lot, we headed back to my house. I turned on the radio for some background noise. I then laid my head back on the head rest and closed my eyes. How are you feeling? Spike asked me mentally.

I'm doing fine. Just a little tired. I never realized how tiring shopping could be.

Spike tried to cover up a laugh with a cough. Yeah, Liz is talented that way.

The rest of the car ride was quiet. I was thankful for that because I really didn't feel like talking. I just wanted to relax.

We walked in the front door of my house and saw mom was in the kitchen. It looked like she was cooking dinner. I started walking toward her when my vision stated to fade. I came to an abrupt stop and made a mental cry. The first thing I did was close my eyes, but I could feel Spike guiding me to the couch. The first thing I saw was myself. The picture widened and then I also saw Renny, Liz, Cody, Spike, and somebody I didn't know. We were walking on the campus of the University of Washington.

That's when my vision came back. I sighed in relief and opened my eyes. Spike was sitting next to me and my mom was standing in the door way.

"Are you ok honey?" she asked.

I let out a deep breath I was holding, "Yea I'm fine. Just a really bad migraine."

She just nodded her head and walked back into the kitchen. Are you sure you are ok? Spike asked. His voice was filled with worry. I am fine. I just had a vision that all of us would be attending the University of Washington.

He just smiled and I knew that everything was going to be fine.

Spike stayed in the kitchen with my mother while I went to my bedroom to feed. Opening up the duffel bag, I pulled out a bottle and drank it. Just as I was hiding the bottle I heard Renny call my name.

"Come in." was all I said. I had a feeling what she wanted but I couldn't let on. "What's up?" Renny smiled at me and replied, "Well we got our decisions back from the colleges we applied to." She looked down and sighed, "I opened them up, even yours. I am sorry about that but I was very anxious to find out what the answers were. But that is besides the point. The point is we both got accepted to the University of Washington. I really want to go there." She looked back at me "What about you?"

"I knew that already."

She mouth was hanging open. I started to laugh when she asked, "How?"

"Really?" I asked her. "My dreams." Then it hit her. She slapped her forehead, forgetting all about that. "Duh! Dude you are such a freak!" I of course knew she was joking and simply said, "That is why you love me."

Renny started to walk out of my room but when she noticed I was not following she stopped and looked at me. "Are you coming?" Without waiting for my answer she turned toward the door and walked out. I waited for a few seconds and then headed in the direction Renny had went.

Once we told our mom what our plan was, she was ecstatic. She has always wanted to get out of this area but we could never afford to. But know we had a better chance of leaving.

"I am so proud of you girls. Now we just need to decide when you two will be leaving." mom replied. She had a huge smile on her mouth. Turns out that Renny had pretty much got a full ride due to her scholarships. And I was lucky enough to get a few grants that helped out a lot as well.

"Mrs. Villa?" Spike was trying to get her attention.


"Well I just had an idea. My family is going back to Washington in January. If you want, we could take the girls with us. That way they wouldn't be alone." as Spike said these words I could see my mothers smile possibly get wider.

"That would be a wonderful idea. As long as it is ok with the girls." She took a look at me but when she looked at Renny I knew she was worried. Renny was her baby. But to my surprise Renny agreed.