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Ranma finished going through his kata and decided to take along bath as he headed out of the dojo he glanced at the four standing there he didn't talk to them and resumed his path to the furo, as he sat in the furo he thought 'Can I mater the Nekoken here or do I really have to leave?'as he sat there he thought it over then he realized 'I do have to leve I won't be able to do it here because of all the fiancee's, rivals and nutjobs that come for a challenge'

It was dark the only light was that from the street coming in from the window, Ranma grabbed his backpack with a whisper "Umisenken" and then he headed downstairs Ranma placed a note on the table he spoke in a sad voice "It's for the best if I don't I'll become to dangerous to be around" he head outside "I will return" with that he head off into the night

Morning came Nodoka and Kasumi were making breakfast Akane went for her run, the fathers were still passed out drunk and Nabiki had come downstairs "Nabiki?" "Yes Oniichan" she replied grogally as she grabbed her coffee and headed for the table "Can you go wake Ranma up" a minute passed "Nabiki?" "That won't be ?" she said in a sad voice as Nodoka came out with dishes "What do" that's as far as she got as Nabiki handed her the note she found and read

Good Morning Mom, Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane,

I'm sorry that I left in the night without saying goodbye.

I'll be back within a year hopefully with the Nekoken mastered.

I'll miss you Goodbye,Ranma

The four of the women in the Tendo's were barely eating as they sat silently after reading the note, shortly after Nabiki and Akane went to school while Kasumi and Nodoka set to cleaning the house well around where the two drunk fathers were still asleep, down the road Nabiki and Akane were stopped by Shampoo "Where Airen Viloent girl?" Akane just muttered I don't know then started walking again.

Shampoo went to attack Akane when Nabiki spoke "20,000 yen" Shampoo "Shampoo no have that kind of money" Nabiki just grinned "Well that's to bad I guess you really don't want to know" Nabiki started heading off to catch up to Akane, "Shmpoo meet Mercenary Girl at lunch"

Meanwhile Ranma had arrived at the Temple in Jubban

"Hello anyone heomph" Ranma fell to the ground as he was tackled by a black haired girl "Hi Cousin Rei" he said as they rose he noticed thier grandfather laughing at them, he then led them into the lving room and they sat "I was wondering if I could stay for a couple of days?" Ranma asked

Rei and there gradfather exchanged glaces then he said "Sure I would like to visit with my cousin especially since the school is closed after the youma attack" as Rei looked at Ranma "Why, what are you doing?" asked ther grandfather "I'm starting a training trip" he noticed that he wasn't buying it

"The truth why are you making this journey?" Ranma sighed "I need to master the Nekoken" Rei was patting there grandfather as he was choking "That idiot taught you that?" Ranma nodded "What's the Nekoken?" "Well from what I was told when I was six"


"What's with the cats Daddy*?"

"There for your next training session called the Nekoken" after a few days Genma wrapped Ranma in fish sausages then threw him into the pit, Ranma's screams rang out from the pit as the cats clawed at him trying to get the fish when Ranma came out Genma decided to do it ten more times then it happened "RRRRRROOOOOOOWWWWWW" the pit cover exploded Genma looked but he only felt claws tearing into him before passing out cold then a blood covered Ranma ran off


"I awoke in a elderly woman's lap I stayed with her until Pop took me back. I've gone Neko a couple more times apparently once I made a shark into lunch" Ranma let out a sigh "Then a few weeks ago"


"Nihao Airen" "Shampoo" Ranma said without any energy it was then he noticed she landed in Akane's bento that she made for him before anything could be said Akane splashed them she picked Shampoo "You two want to be together so bad" she stalked towards Ranma who was backing away until Akane threw Neko-Shampoo at her who stuck her claws into Ranma's face

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Ranma ran out of the school yard

"WHERE IS HE?" Akane shouted as she came "RRRRRAAANNNMMMMAAAA" Neko shot his head up from his curled position on Kasumi's lap and went running to her but since Akane was really pissed "HOW DARE YOU FLIRT WITH MY SISTER" "Akane No" Kasumi screamed as she slammed a fist into Neko's face causing him to drop to the floor Akane then pulled her mallet out and tried to malleted him into the floor

Neko dodged her then arched his back and swiped at the mallet as he hissed at her, Akane realized then that Ranma was in the Nekoken and tried to calm him down but Neko was mad that his owner/mate would do that to him and when Akane took a step closer to Neko he swiped again at her claw marks appeared on her face drawing blood then with another hiss Ranma went upstairs into his room wear he lied down amd fell asleep


"When I woke up I went to the dojo to do a few katas to clam down as I remembered scratching Akane's face and she 's lucky that all Neko did" "LUCKY?!" Rei screached Ranma nodded "I've been told that in my Neko state I can cut threw ten inch thick metal with one swipe" they both boggled at this "I realized I have to do this before fully losing control of the Nekoken"

"I See" "I can't believe my cousin" A new voice spoke

"Ami" "Achan?" "Hi Rei, I see you remeber me Ranma"

Next we see head back to Furiken and dealing with the others

*Remember he didn't start calling him Pop until after the Nekoken