Ever since Ranma had left Akane had been stressed out and it's not just because of the two nuts that even the squrials don't want Kuno & Kodachi no it's the fact that Nerima has gone so far down hill it wasn't even funny instead of Ranma doing patrols which he would be blammed for going to either the Nekohatten or Uchans now Akane was regretting that she never trusted him unless he was Neko

Kuno had started up the Hentai Horde again when he saw that Ranma was gone unfortunately that means thirty boys ended up in the hospital

Robberies, Assults (not by NWC), Rape and even Murder were rising in Nerima

The Yakuza was slowly moving in

Happosai was actting up more and more with his raids

Aside from that Mousse had kissed Konatsu why it's simple he thought as his glasses were that Konstau was Shampoo and that she had attacked Ranma who in Mousse's mind had been hiding in the mailbox but since this was done if front of the dried up old pru..I mean Elder Amazon Khu Lon she announced to the shocked cheif and that she was now Mousse's wife

"Night 'Kane see you after It was well after eight pm when Akane came home and went to the furo she was tired with Ranma gone she and the other NWC members had taken over protecting the city well while she was relaxing in the furo she heard the door open and she saw P-chan walk in but before she could say something she saw P-chan take the soap and start washing then walked over before jumpped into the furo only tosee Akane at the last moment



"Oh My" Akane turned around "Nice shot sis but I think you do better with Ranma" "NABIKI" Nodoka and Kasumi yelled "What it's true" Nodoka frowned "I don't care how true it is" she then turned to Akane "and I want you to stop hitting my son and daughter or I'll break your engagment" she looked at Akane who had yet to answer "GOT IT" she yelled, Akane nodded then Kasumi added "And Akane it's not proper to run around in only a towel" Akane looked at her then down at herself "YIPE" and ran off back to the change room

A few minutes later Ryoga heard "MARS FIRE SURROUND" "VENUS LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE" Ryoga shifted his body to see what was going on "INCOMING" he shouted the rock figure the girls were facing looked up Ryoga saw the point and as he came into reach of the youma he exstended his finger and yelled "BAKU TENKENSAI" the youma exploded much to the surprise of the young girls they turned to see Ryoga stand up

"Hi I'm Ryoga Hibiki...sorry about this but where am I now?" both Mars and Mercury facefaulted "This is Jubban and were the Sailor Scouts and your the one were suppsose to try and help

Ryoga has meet the scouts now can they help him and the Tendo's have a new house guest