A/N So I was watching the fourth movie and I got this idea when Hermione yells at him that next time there is a ball to man up and ask her.

It had been only 3 short months since the final battle. Months full of funerals and rebuilding the wizarding world. Hogwarts letters had been sent out and the school ready to reopen for a new batch of students September 1. To commemorate the great amount of effort that was needed to rebuild from such a disaster the Ministry was hosting a ball in the Great Hall.

Hermione dipped her quill into the ink pot and pressed it carefully onto the parchment. A hole bled through the page as she paused. Scrawling her answer quickly she repaired the parchment and sent it off.

Sighing she thought about a date to the ball. Perhaps Viktor Krum he was still in England. Ron would be furious of course but she didn't have until the night of the ball for him to ask. Resigning herself to wait a few days to see if Ron would ask she sat down with a cup of tea and a book beginning to read.

Hermione must have dozed off because she bolted upright when someone came through the locked door. With her wand at the ready she crept towards the entry way. "Petrificus Totalus." She shouted rounding the corner on her intruder.

Ron Weasley went plank straight and his whole body went crashing to the floor. Hermione screamed when she saw it was him. "Finite Incantatem." She shrieked releasing Ron from the hex. "Ron. You know better. Knock or at least announce yourself."

"Sorry 'Mione. But blimey what if I was a muggle?" He picked himself off the floor groaning in pain. On the floor was a crushed flower. "This was for you." He waved his wand and the flower stood straight. "Handy trick Neville taught me."

"Ronald if you were a muggle then you wouldn't be able to see my door. Thank you for the flower. I am not as naïve and stupid as you'd like to believe. I'm no Rapunzel." Hermione ranted taking the flower and placing it in a vase then filling it with water.


"Nevermind but I don't need saving. I can protect myself as you just witnessed." Ron groaned at this and cut Hermione off with a chaste kiss.

"Yes. Hermione the heroine." Ron then started to fiddle with his thumbs when she asked why he had come. "Well I- I – um well I wanted to ask you something."

Hermione who was busying herself straightening up her writing desk and placing the flower in a window turned to look at him. She turned pale white and looked at the flower. "Ron..."

"No Hermione I need to ask something." Ron went to reach into his robe pocket. "Will you- Dammit come here- go to the ball with me?" His fingers fumbled with a rectangular box.

Hermione sighed in relief and nodded. Ron placed a small white gold necklace around her neck. It wasn't much but Ron had to have saved for a few months for it. Hermione smiled and threw her arms around his neck pressing her lips to his.

Pulling back she laughed. "You actually listened to me for once."

3 weeks later the couple attended what would be a ball to go down in history. Speeches were made by Harry, Kinsley the new minister, and McGonagall the new headmistress. The dancing lasted until the morning with Hermione and Ron the last ones on the dance floor.

"You know Hermione this is a lot more fun than the Yule Ball." Ron commented as the ball came to a finish.

Hermione smiled. "No tears this time and I must admit my date is a lot more dashing this time than the last."

Ron turned bright red and kissed her hard. "Hermione Granger I don't know what I'd do without you. I love you." Hermione smiled and whispered her love back resting her head on his shoulder.