Grim midwinter

The snow falls around me

My heart is bitter and barren

As I walk on the hot summer sand

My body burning from the unforgiving sun

Yet I don't feel

Yet I don't see

Will you ever return my love?

Will you ever mend my frozen heart?

Or will I forever live in grim midwinter

Give me a sign

Give me your word

What happened to you?

Have you found someone else?

Do you ever think of me?

Do you even remember who I am?

I still live in a frozen state

Stuck where you left me to rot

I cannot move on

Yet I cannot stand still

Only you can thaw my frozen body

Only you can melt my heart

Only you can set my spirit free

I would have followed you to the end of the earth

But I cannot move

I am frozen to this spot

All around me the world moves on

The life in this wild forest surrounds me and protects me

I will live forever

Suspended in time

A monument for all those to see

A discarded lover

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