Beckett sat at her desk, drawing absent-mindedly on a scrappy piece of paper in front of her. She drew out a mind map of her ideal murder scene, homework for Castle's new book.

"Castle, tell me again. Why am I doing this for you?" Beckett looked up.

"Since you're the cop, you know the ideal murder scene, and I'm the author." He smirked.

"Right…that made little sense to me, but if it means getting you out of here for twenty minutes, it's worth it." She continued to draw, pulling out a sharpener. She traced around the base of it, leaving a perfect circle.

"What's that for?" Castle questioned, twisting his head to try and make sense of why she'd drawn it.

"It's a circle. To symbolize the pool."

"There's a pool at this murder scene?"

"I'm the one drawing this. If I want a pool, there'll be a pool," Beckett laughed.

"Sure thing, captain!" Castle saluted.

"And now I'll put in the car that was parked there, that blew up."

"Whoa, wait. A car blows up in my book?"

"Sure, classic murder scene."

"Hang on. You're the cop, I'm the author." Castle smirked, standing tall.

Beckett stood up to match his eye level. She had a sudden urge to sneeze, and tried to prevent it, unsuccessfully. Beckett sneezed twice, then rub her eyes.

"Stupid pollen."

"What?" Castle came back from his thoughts of his books.

"As I was saying, Castle, I'm the one designing this scene. You want it to be believable, not something that sounds like a children's playground." Beckett rubber her nose.

"Ah, but what if the murder was in a children's playground? I wouldn't want it to look like a bathroom."

"You know what I mean, Castle."

Beckett sat back down and got back to work. Castle watched as she drew the backyard. The trees stood to the left of the paper, near the circle pool. The car sat next to the pool, on the driveway that followed along the right side of the page. A barbeque sat next to the car, with the gas that would create such a big explosion. As she finished labeling her image, Esposito ran in, handing a piece of paper to Beckett.

"There's been a murder. A car. Exploded in a driveway outside a house, twenty minutes away from here. Ryan says it was lethal, since there was a barbeque next to the car. A barbeque filled with explosive gas."