Chapter 1

Alex pulled her curls up, before letting them drop to her shoulders again. She sighed, finally leaving her hair alone. She stood in front of the mirror, turning to make sure her stomach was covered. She pulled her blue shirt out, making it baggier then it already was.

She entered the usual crowded hallways, waving to Harper on her way to her locker. "Hi Alex, check out my totally awesome outfit."

Alex grinned, glancing down at Harper's colorful outfit. Every color in the rainbow was on her horizontal striped dress, matching her rainbow headband and jewelry. "It's totally awesome."

"Ya know, I'm not too fond of your attitude lately. You better watch it missy." Harper's index finger pointed toward Alex, before turning around and walking away. Alex rolled her eyes, taking the last book out of her miniature locker. She slammed it shut and made sure it was locked securely. She felt large hands wrap around her waist. She turned her head and soon felt Dean's hot lips press against hers. "Ms. Russo! For the tenth time, no kissing in the hallway!"

Alex once again, rolled her eyes, with a hint of annoyance. "Ok, we'll go kiss in the classroom."

"Don't act wise with me!"

"What is the big deal about kissing? We're in high school. People have relationships. Get used to it! Why don't you go bother the people who hardly have any clothes on!" Alex suddenly snapped. She leaned in and attacked Dean's lips. She continued to kiss him, ignoring Mr. Larrytake's yells.

Max walked by, shaking his head at his sister. He knew he'd be hearing about this when Alex and his parents fought, something that happened often the past two weeks. It used to be an argument that lasted two minutes. But lately, it was a fight, lasting the rest of the day and silence between Alex and her parents. Justin and Max were actually missing the 'old' Alex.

"Ms. Russo! Your parents will be hearing about this!" Mr. Larrytake spun on his heels, pushing through the crowd surrounding the scene. "The show's over!"

"Why'd you do that?" Dean asked, letting his hands slide down her waist.

"Because I'm tired of him!"

"Yeah, but now you're in trouble. And it's so unfair that he didn't yell at me." Dean bent down to pick up the pen that had just slipped out of his hand.

"It's not anything new. Justin and Max are the perfect ones and I'm the one who just keeps making mistakes."

"Making mistakes? What has gotten into you lately?" Alex could hear the concern in his voice.

Alex shook her head. "Just…forget it!"

Dean watched as Alex's heels clicked down the halls. He felt worry, knowing something was wrong.

Alex struggled to keep her eyes open. She sat in the back of the classroom, leaning her face against her hand that leaned on top of the desk. Harper sat beside her, sketching down each note. "Ms. Russo?"

She popped her head up, completely oblivious of what was happening. "Huh?"

"Question eleven in your packet." Ms. Roy shifted her weight to one leg, letting her hand drop onto her shapely waist.

"Oh um…" Alex casually flipped through the packet, finally finding the page. She glanced over at Harper's paper that was full of words. "George Washington?"

Ms. Roy sighed, with a hint of annoyance. Her eyebrow slightly raised and her hands moved her glasses down her nose. "Ms. Russo, if you were listening and taking notes, you would have heard that it was John Quincy Adams. I will speak to you after class."

Alex rolled her eyes again, pulling her notebook out. She opened it to a random page and began to write.

The bell had finally rung. Everyone flew to the door, shoving and yelling at one another. Alex paused at the door and turned around, when she heard her name being called. She walked over to Ms. Roy and leaned her body against the desk behind her. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry isn't going to cut it. What is with you lately? You can't even keep your eyes open. Is there something going on at home?" Ms. Roy stood straight, folding her arms together.

"No. I'm just…I'm…I haven't been sleeping."

"Is there a reason you're not sleeping? Are you afraid or traumatized of something?" she was starting to sound worried, as well.

"No, I've just…been so stressed with homework and midterms and everything." Alex loved that she was good at lying.

"Well, maybe you should talk to your teachers. If you're struggling with a subject, we're here to help." She scribbled down on a pink paper. "Here's your late pass and I expect to see you paying attention."

Alex nodded and headed for her next class. On her way there, she dashed into the bathroom and was soon staring at the brownish substance. She waited there for a few more minutes, making sure she was done. She flushed the toilet and left the stall. She quickly washed her hands and splashed her pale face with water. She looked at herself in the mirror, once more, before leaving the bathroom. "Four more periods before lunch."

The four classes went by slow, as always. She ignored the class and focused on staying awake. Hopefully she'd stay awake at lunch. She yawned as she sat down across from Harper. The delicious, slice of cheesy pizza entered Harper's mouth. She stared in misery, feeling her eyelids become heavy. She rubbed her eyes, waking herself up. "Alex why don't you get lunch."

"I'm not feeling that well and I'm not hungry."

"What's the matter Russo? Why don't you have lunch?" Dean plopped himself on the seat next to Alex, letting his hand rest on her lower back.

"I don't feel that well."

He intertwined his hand with her, his eyebrows suddenly squinting. "Babe, you're hands are freezing."

"That's because I'm freezing."

"Are you sure you don't want anything to eat? You have to eat something." He rubbed his hand against hers, trying to warm her.

"No. I'm good. I'm afraid I'll puke if I eat anything."

"Do you want to go home?" He felt really concerned, searching for an answer.

"No, I'm fine really."

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