Chapter 2

Alex gawked at the image reflecting in the mirror. Suede black ankle boots, with a four-inch heel and a bow on side, tucked into skinny jeans, leading to her black sweater, where a bow rested on the side of it. Her dark curls rested against her straight shoulders. The usual sound of her heels approached the stairs, grabbing her bag on the way down. She slightly grinned at her Father, who was of course, watching TV. He peeled his eyes off the screen, smiling back. Something they hadn't done in a while. Lately, every time they see each other, a fight is developed. "Where are you going sweetheart?"

"Out with Dean."

"Where with Dean?" He asked with a little hesitation, realizing this would most likely turn into an argument.

"To dinner." She said, becoming a bit impatient.

"Oh what restaurant?"

"I don't know Dad. It's a surprise." Her voice became tense, with a hint of annoyance.

"Well you're awfully dolled up."

"He told me to look nice. Is that such a problem?" She leaned against her right leg, glancing at the clock.

"Stop with the attitude. I have the right to know where my daughter is going."

"Why don't you trust me?" Alex glanced at her Mother entering the room.

"I do trust you."

"Then why do you always have to know what I'm doing, where I'm going, how I'm getting there, who I'm with…"

"Because I'm your Father! I need to know these things. For all I know you could be out at parties…" He began, soon to be cut of by his daughter.

"See you don't trust me! You think I'm at parties hooking up with random guys and drinking. I can't believe you'd even think that I'd do that!" She grabbed her coat, and her hand collided with the doorknob.

"Don't you dare leave this house!"

"Why? I have a random guy waiting for me!" She yelled, her sarcasm filling the room.

"Alex don't you dare leave!" But it was too late. The door slammed before his eyes, as Alex disappeared into the snow.

She walked down a few blocks, waiting for Dean. His eyebrows burrowed, as his eyes landed on her. She plopped herself in the car, sighing to the warm car and connecting her lips with Dean's. "Why were you over here?"

"I had a fight with my Dad and I walked out and I had to leave before he came after me."

"Now why?" Dean continued driving, shaking his head at her explanation.

"He doesn't trust me. He has to know every little thing going on in my life and he thinks I'm out partying and drinking and hooking up with random guys."

"Why? That's not like you at all."

"I know and he's just…I can't stand him anymore. I can't wait to move out." Alex leaned against the back of the warm seat.

"Are you alright babe?"

"I'm fine. Perfectly fine." She looked out the window, feeling tears build in her eyes.

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