" Now entering La Push" the sign read I as a pulled my Ford Escape on the dirt path road 3hr 49min it took me to drive from Washington state University to my house. Mom's house.

I pulled into the familiar house that I had lived in for most of my youth. Coming back is a good thing, coming back is good. I Repeated in my head thoughts of my mother overwhelmed me how She Rebecca and I use to walk hand in hand to Jakes day care each afternoon. But she's not here… Sadness and memories rushed over me. No Rachel put your game faces on you're here for dad he needs you maybe if no one else did he did.

I slowly walked up to the door with my luggage in hand knocked on the door. The door opened a young handsome guy and when I say handsome I mean so HOT was at the door. Errr… I am I at the wrong house… I slowly backed up embarrassment was boiling in my blood I quickly turned. But he caught my wrist I turned and looked him in the eyes a smirk spread across his face. I knew that face I just couldn't put a name on it.

" Rach, Rachel Black hows it going!" He pulled me in to hug he was crushing my bones. I looked at him still puzzled "ohh shit you don't remember me damn its me Embry, Embry Call"

Embry Call had been Jacobs best friend since the first day of kindergarten. I grin spread across my face." What? Embry your so huge, No way this can't be you"

" better believe it babe" I giggled and he pulled in for another hug this time I returned the favor. My father rolled his wheelchair to Embry's ankles.

" Move boy, she's my daughter" I let go of Embry and ran over to my dad and gave him a huge hug.

"good to have you home sweetheart" he said with a wide grin on his wrinkled face.

"Well its good to be back" to my surprise it was the truth. " So where's Jake?" I asked as Embry helped me carry my bags in. Embry and dad froze.

"What?" I asked

" Ummm well he kinda ran away"Embry said with a sheepish grin across his face. Dad threw a shoe at him

I shot dad a look…What my poor baby out there alone in this big world to fend for himself. Then again Jake that ass left our crippled father by himself to fend for him self. Thank the lord for Embry taking care of him.

"WHAT" was all I could manage too squeeze out of my lips.

" no, Rachel don't worry remember that Bella girl I told you about well she kinda just got married to that other boy, just give Jake some time and he'll come back around" my dad said as I calmed down.

For all I care that Bella bitch could go die right now. How dare she do this to Jake? My Jake. Leaving him for some rich boy that had left her before.

For the rest of the afternoon Embry and I casually talked as he helped my Unpack my things.

" Hey Rachel after were done do you wanna go to the Beach with me?" he asked hope filled

" yeah for sure" I told him, I would do anything for Embry he was like a little brother.