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Paul and I were sitting on the couch at my dads house. Jake, dad and Paul facing the tv. Me sitting crossed legged on the couch.. The game went to a preview. I sighed and rested my cheek on Paul's Shoulder. He turned his face and kissed me on the forehead.

He turned to face me.

"Um Rachel I have been meaning to ask you something…." I looked at him curiously

"anything" I said holding his strong hands

"ummm….well.. I was wondering if you wanted to move in with Van and I" he asked nervously… I looked at my dad

"I am glad your in La Push…and asking you to not be with Paul is pushing my boundaries" My dad said reassuring me

I looked over at Jake who was shaking his head no furiously "who's going to make me pancakes!"

I ignored Jake and looked over at Paul "Of course I would love too!" I said wrapping my arms around his neck his kissed me on the cheek.

"Do you want me to help you get your things upstairs, this game is bogus" Paul said looking into my eyes I nodded and pulled him up the stairs.

For the rest of the afternoon Paul, Savannah, and I Collected my items and brought them to Paul's house. At about 6:30 we were finally done. Paul didn't want to me to make dinner on the first night at his house so he ordered Pizza after we ate Savannah helped me put the dishes in the machine.

"Um Paul do you think you could take me to Kims place.. Were having a sleepover" Savannah asked

"Sure, Sure Call me when your ready to go" Paul said lounging on the couch.

Savannah graved my hands and dragged me up the stairs to her room. She closed the door

"Your Welcome" Savannah said. I looked at her oddly

"For what?" I asked confused

"Come on you know… first night hear with Paul….sleeping in the same bed..some stuff is going to happen" she said to me as it was the most obvious thing.,

"ohhhh… good idea" I said giving her a wink. I helped her gather her things and she went down stairs to Paul.


"okay Paul ill start the truck….ill be waiting" Van said as she walked through the door

"Okay Van ill be there in a second" I said I walked over to Rachel….I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist. I kissed her.. I looked up and she was smiling

" You want to come with me" I asked hoping she'd say yes

"ummm yeah I don't think so I ll stick around here" she said with a smirk on her face.

"Okay fine, But I am going to miss you" I said while kissing her neck

"don't worry I am not going anywhere" She said kissing me lightly… I walked to the door to take Van.

I drove Van to Kim's on the way I back I thought about what Rachel and I could do. Maybe we could watch a movie or something. I walked into the house.

"Rach, I am home" I called as I hung the key on the hook, I didn't hear any reply I walked around the floor Maybe she is upstairs. I walked into my room. Well now our room. Before I knew it Pretty Ricky's Grind on Me started to play from the ipod dock. The door behind me closed I turned around and there Rachel was in Purple Lingerie.

A lacy bra with matching panties. I felt my stomach turn as she nervously walked over to me. I quickly took off my shirt and threw it across the room.

"Hey" she said as she placed her hand on my chest and kissed me on the lips. And slowly going down to my chin to my neck down to my chest and down to my pants line. She looked up at nervously and slowly pulled down on my pants. She gasped at home big it was. I couldn't help but to smile with satisfaction. For several minutes she gave me a blow job. And then traced her kissed up to my lip.

I wrapped my arms around her back, she moved my arms to her chest and let me undo her bra it was one of those ones that you do from the front rather then the back. Her bra fell to the floor. I gasped and she smiled at took my hand and placed at her waist urging me to take off her panties I tried to take to take them of gently, but that was a fail I rapped them.

" ahh sorry" I said

" its okay, I knew they wouldn't last long" she said as I slowly attemted to get into her. I slowly to my penis and tried to push it into her body. She grabbed the bed sheets with pain. I stoped.

"If it hurts we don't have to do this" I said concernedly

"No Paul, I want too" She added reassuring me to keep going after a few seconds I was in. for the rest of the evening we did this activity from her on top to me on top exploring each others bodies more deeply.

At about 5:50 am I got up I had to get to work in 10 minutes. Fml. Rachel was laying next to me in a sleep she was wearing my shirt along with a pair of her own cotton underwear. I quickly took my phone of the dresser I had a new text.


Hey I heard congrats.. Rachel told Van who told Kim who told me. Um don't worry about your work shift I got it. You covered for me with mine and Kim's moring after so I have to obligated to do the same.

Much love


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With that I wrapped my arm around my girl and went back to a sleep filled with pictures of Rachel.