It is just my trying in HP/Covenant crossover. I just watch The Covenant again and after looking at the fandom in fanfiction, I was interested in writing one too.

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Warning: Slash, angst, a bit OOC maybe, what else… oh, and un-betaed so forgive me if there are some (many) mistakes.

Last Moment

The room was warm, too warm. Some people would say that it was comfortable, but he knew better. This room was too nice. As if someone was trying so hard to please the one living in it. Yet, for all that mattered, they maybe were.

Caleb entered the room quietly, for he did not want to disturb the one inside. He carefully masked his face, plastering a smile even though he did not feel like it. Nevertheless, he had to do it; he didn't want to make his love felt worse than what he already was.

"I heard you come," weak voice of his lover was heard behind the drapes.

"I don't want to disturb you," Caleb said just as quiet as his walk.

"Can't sleep," his lover told him.

Caleb crossed the room toward where his lover was; he parted the drapes and sat on the edge of the large bed.

"You have fever again," he stated. His hand was on his lover forehead, felt the heat burning and the perspiration that was forming. He heard the harsh breath of his beloved and knew that it was a bad sign.

His lover just shaking his head slowly, "It's nothing."

"Don't say that. I'll call the doctor. It might…" a hand rested on his forearm, stopped whatever it was he intended to say.

"Harry…" Caleb pleaded. He knew that his lover was being stubborn again.

"It's nothing, Caleb," Harry said again, "Nothing that can't be solved with some rest."

Sighing, for he could not change Harry's mind once he decided something, he just moved to tuck in his younger lover.

"Then sleep," he told Harry, "I'll get some medicine for you, okay?"

However, before he could move, Harry grabbed his hand, "Stay, please…"

His love looked so miserable at this time; his eyes were brimming with tears and his hands were trembling. God, he knew that he could never deny his fragile lover anything, not that he ever asked much anyway.

"Alright, but you must take some medicine if it get worse, okay?" he told Harry. His lover just nodded.

Caleb proceeded to take of his clothes until he was only in his boxer. He pushed aside the blanket and got into the bed; his hands wrapped around his lover's thin waist.

Harry squirmed a bit until he nestled comfortably in his older lover, sighing contentedly by their sharing heat.

Caleb just lied quietly. Watching his lover sleep, albeit not so peaceful as he had hoped.

God, why should you torment him so. Wasn't it enough that you took away his family, his friends. Why must you torture him with this curse? Caleb protested in his mind against the unfairness in his love's life.

If only he was strong enough… If only he knew what his lover was planning… If only that snake-like monsters never exist… If only that cursed prophecies never happen… if only… if only…

There wasn't many that Caleb could do. He was powerless against the power of all the wizarding Britain, especially the headmaster, for the Covenant was forbidden to involve with wizarding matter. He could not come to help the one the loved the most.

Because of that, Harry was forced to Use. Because of that, he was bound to lose his live force. Because of that, his lover was dying.

It was just a pure luck that Harry magical side from his father was more prominent than the power of Covenant from his mother. The magic helped Harry's body not to aging faster, but still, it could not keep his organs inside to slowly stop working. Harry was dying, and Caleb was once more useless to do anything.

~The End~

Wow, my first angst!

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