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Rose's POV

"So Rose where would you like to go next?" The doctor asked me.

We had just gotten back to the TARDIS after spending a week touring around earth in the year 2252.

"So Rose what will it be?" He asked me again.

"um you pick this time" I answered.

He gave me a look and said "Ah! I know just the place!" He then went over to the TARDIS controls and started flipping levers and hitting buttons and every now and then checking the monitor screen until that ever familiar grinding screeching noise could be heard as the TARDIS started to move into time and space to our next location the doctor had picked.

The Doctor's POV

I hope Rose likes the pristine water falls of Aquataris they're lovely this time of year. well that should do it. I could hear that familiar grinding screeching noise as the TARDIS started to go to its programed location. (a few moments later) "Rose we're here! Take a look out side." I watched as Rose headed for the door and opened it. I noticed some odd readings on my monitor.


"just a moment Rose"

"but doctor you need to see this" Rose said.

"Rose, I know the water falls look very beautiful this time of year, but I need to check these readings... wait I don't hear the water falls... wait is that a car?" I walked over to the door and looked out. We were not on Aquataris, it was approximately 21st century Earth. As I looked, at what Rose was looking at, I realized something was very wrong.

Large over head display from spaceship.

"don't be frightened we come in peace all we ask for is water and a mineral common on earth and in exchange we will share some of our technology and hopefully leave earth better then we found it. there will be more contact with world leaders soon in peace all ways."

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