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Chapter One

It had been over for little more than a year already, lives moved on after one of the biggest tradgedies that could have ever happened to the country, or to the world in some cases, specifically the magical world as most knew of it, those parts of the world that were considered as known as it was. The conflict was long and fierce, many lives were lost, just as many were equally saved. Decades long conflicts, with a decade long repreive before the chaos began anew. There had been many heroes, many tales had been spun, the history of the world had once again witnessed an epic adventure, the likes of which only few could ever hope to attain, but of those few only a handful would wish to experience the whole of it, and fewer still would be able to tell the tale.

There also many instances of betrayal, and one person above all had been hit, hit harder than any other, after having saved the world as many knew it, or thought of it, that one person was shoved into the depths of hell. One after other betrayers popped out of the snow like daisies, many of whom could have been counted among those that that one person considered as pillars of strength and sanity. It was revealed after the great darkness' demise that he had simply been used by many in his society, by many in his sanctuary for their own gains. He had been used, and abused, and when he expected to finally be praised, to finally be accepted, not only was he shunned, but was also punished for things beyond his control. He may have been allowed to keep his freedom, of what little use it did for him, he may have been allowed to keep what earthly trappings his blood allowed him, of what little use they were in helping his life become better than the hell he had been shoved into once his purpose to those putrid scums of the earth were through with him. Many thought that his treatment was just, many thought that it was perfect punishment for the one that had inadvertently brought suffering, and death on many of the world in which they lived in and were aware of.

He could count on no one to hold his hand, in times of need, as was what each waking moment of his life had been once the betrayers began showing their true colors. He was limited to himself, and probably the higher powers that governed the worlds, there was no one else that dared to even show him some manner of kindness, for what reward would there be awaiting anyone that would dare associate themselves with a useless tool, one that was no longer needed by the society. The only people that would have probably been brave or selfless enough to care were already six feet below the ground, forever to be unable to comfort the lost soul in a world that shunned him for not only who he was, but for also what he was. He was a freak, a freak among the freaks in the world.

Many of those that he thought he had lost only played dead to give him false strength to fulfil his purpose, many of those people he had loved like family, considered as members of his family. His true family had either died protecting him, or lived hating him. His second family, one that he had thought had been formed and would continue to be there out of love and compassion had quickly dissolved once he became useless to them.

Even those that had seemed to worship the ground he walked on had only been using him, but once his usefulness had served its purpose, he had been discarded for new heroes, ones that were allowed the power to do as they pleased, with limited repercussions. Other races cared not for him, whether or not he was a valued customer, others cared not for him due to beliefs that he would bring ruin to their races should he be associated with them. Of course there were a few people that looked down at him with pity, but refused to act out of fear of what others would think of them. In a way they too shunned him.

No one had truly bothered to care about him, to see him for his true self, to view him as just another being. When all his previous shells in existence no longer needed to be kept in place, new ones were applied, all of which made his situation worse. He was a nobody in a world where he believed he belonged, and he was a ghost in a world where he thought that he could belong, only for the fact that his existence from that other world had ceased to exist after he turned eleven.

His life had lost its worth ever since his parents had died to protect him, to ensure that he had a future, but what future did he have? One of suffering that's what.

After he defeated the bane of many, one of those that he had looked up to, had admired, had even worshipped in a way, had revealed himself to be alive. Stating that he had forcibly faked his death to make sure that the monster that had terrorized their world was defeated as fast as possible. The man had explained to their world how the shunned one had simply been a means to an end. Albus Dumbledore was in fact alive and well, and as strong as ever. He had shared with the world the prophecy, as well as the purpose for keeping a close watch on one Harry Potter.

Harry Potter had always been a tool, a weapon, he had always been used. It was proven as such when one of the few beings that he thought of as a reliable friend revealed himself to be a manipulator himself, small eccentric Dobby had conspired with Lucius Malfoy and Albus Dumbledore, feigning abuse, to be able to gain the sympathies of the weapon of the magical world against one that magic herself had deemed to be only riddable by one means. Dobby had conspired with his former Master and Dumbledore, in exchange for freedom, he would set up Harry Potter, give him some means of practicing his saving the world bit. Then when all was said and done, the free elf could go through a ritual that would return him to being a true elf, one not bound in sevitude to a human master, but one bound to the laws of true elves. Winky had the same package offered to her, only that it was offered after she had been sacked by her previous master. What Lucius got out of the deal was immunity from persecution for any criminal acts he would do in the future, of course he wouldn't do them in such a way that his good image would be ruined.

Ginevra Weasley had been paid from the moment that Harry Potter's letter had been sent to him. She was to provide ego boosting, as well as false emotional support, just in case the power that the dark lord knew not really was the absurd concept of love. Harry needed to know some form of it, and the girl had played her part splendidly well. When all was said and done, Harry had to pay her with some of his own money, not enough to make a dent in his savings, but enough to really make him see what kind of person the girl really was. The sizeable sum of money was in compensation for what she had been made to do, which according to many was sacrifice her happiness for the sake of everyone, the only person that had yet to thank her was Harry himself. Being the overly selfless person that he was he readily handed over the funds to the girl, in the hope that someone would praise him, but he knew deep down inside that no one would actually do that, no one alive, and mortal in any case.

Harry Potter had quite a high IQ, but unfortunately for him, there were those whose scheming and planning ability outstripped him, Dumbledore had planned for many an outcome, and many a situation, seemingly planned out Harry's life up until the moment that the dark lord had been slain. Harry was not permitted to make use and further his latent intellect, even his physical growth had been stunted. In all the ways that mattered Harry Potter had been forced to become incredibly ignorant. In his years before his introduction to the magical world his education had been sabotaged, not only by his relatives, but also subtlely by Dumbledore.

When he had finally been introduced and firmly been integrated into magical society, his life had been controlled by the master manipulator himself from the get go. Rubeus Hagrid had been the first pawn, he was the first person to show Harry some manner of kindness, but hidden beneath the facade, the half-giant hid a burning hatred for the lad, one that stemmed from some lies that were told to him by the one man hat he worshipped as a god. False kindness made Harry believe that there was a world worth liking, and in the future one that he would be willing to fight and die for.

The second form of control was when Hagrid had not provided Harry with instructions on how to get to the platform where the train to the school could be found. Dumbledore had the Weasley family intercept the youth, and be a shining beacon of hope on a possible future that could await the youth in his future, one that was not meant to be. Another kindness, one that would make Harry believe that there were people in the world worth protecting. Ronald Weasley was tasked with befriending the young Harry Potter, once he had obtained the friendship he would make sure that Harry did not do well in his classes, only managing to do only good enough to pass. Ronald was made to make sure that Harry would have to rely on others to make decisions for him, but was allowed to make minor decisions, ones that would not affect his life too much. Ronald was also tasked with the challenge of making Harry believe that he needed to be good and do what was perceived to be right all the time, lest he lose what little he had. Ronald's constant leaving him be whenever something wrong happened was how such a feat was a achieved.

Hermione Granger on the other hand had been assigned the task of thinking for Harry, making decisions for him, as well as moving him in Dumbledore's desired directions. She was in truth not a Muggleborm, in truth she was pureblooded, but her surname had been changed for her to be able to befriend Harry. Hermione was also Dumbledore's pet protege, and apprentice, therefore was given the task of refining her manipulation methods using Harry as her lab rat.

Another control that was put in place while Harry was in Hogwarts was Slytherin House, whose members that were children of Death Eaters were made to play the villain. Their parents wanting to be rid of the half-blooded tyrant that dared to enslave them with his mark and magic. Even though they would then be indebted to Dumbledore, they did not mind, better to be 'servants' to another pureblood rather than to a halfblood.

Dumbledore's power and manipulations reached far and wide, he had been able to establish himself as a god among men, and had also been grooming the perfect replacement for him once he moved on to conquer the next great adventure. He had assumed that once Grindelwald joined that great adventure he would pave the way for Dumbledore to rule it.

Two more people that served send Harry spiralling into a world of hell, were Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, Sirius not having died from falling into the veil, he had not even really been imprisoned, it had all been a tall tale that had been spun to be used in the manipulation of one Harry Potter. Remus and Sirius were gung ho, they were all for fooling the son of their deceased friend. They both blamed Harry for the death of James, and they both also hated Lily Potter for stealing their friend away from them. Having learned of the prophecy from Dumbledore, Remus made sure that he looked suspicious so as not to be made the secret keeper. Sirius thought that by having Peter be secret keeper, the dark lord would rid the world of Lily Potter, and spare James as he was a pureblooded wizard. But unfortunately he did not count on James actually loving Lily and his son. James died protecting his son, and both Sirius and Remus blamed the survivor for the loss of their friend. The only people that had apparently actually cared for Lily were either dead, namely James and Severus, or in the Cruciatus ward of St. Mungo's.

Nympandora Lupin nee Tonks, couldn't care much for the well being of Harry Potter, she was too in love with her husband to care, and she also had that son of hers to look after, to her Harry was old enough to look after himself. If he was stupid enough to save an ungrateful world, then he could take care of himself alone.

Normally people believed that Fred and George Weasley would side with, and aid their secret backer, but in truth Dumbledore had been able to get it into the minds of the twins, that it would be beneficial to their future pranking careers to make friends with Harry Potter, everyone needs a good laugh, laugher can make the world a better place, and if Harry believed that, then the twins would be on their way to making some money, while at the same time making Harry Potter want to protect the magical world all the more.

All those people that supposedly lost their lives in the fight for salvation, in the fight against the dark, were only meant to spur Harry on, onward to the goal of finally ridding the world of a monster. None of the people that did not care for Harry lost their lives, but all of those that cared for Harry had lost theirs, all of them viewed as fools. Their names, and contributions to the world forgotten the moment their heart beats stopped, and they were truly dead.

For every innocent life lost, Harry was blamed even more, hated by even more people. He was allowed to live, and do as he pleased, as well as keep all that was his, as payment for doing as Dumbledore had planned for him to do. That was all he got, material wealth, and freedom, nothing more from the world he had saved. He had no support, not even his beloved owl remained to aid and provide emotional support for him, as the snowy owl was apparently just an animated doll brought to life by Dumbledore. Once Dumbledore had no more use for Harry, he had taken the magic out of the animated doll, and burned the thing before the young man's eyes.

Harry had everything he needed to get anything he wanted, save for the things that money could not buy, and would have to come from someone else, freely.

After being betrayed by the world that he had so strongly protected, Harry went into a downward spiral of depression, growing even more unhealthy than he had ever been in his life, losing the will to live, but something in the world was somehow for some reason keeping him alive, as if he had some other purpose, and not simply for the survival of an ungrateful group of people. Even though he was depressed, he would have some dreams of someone constantly urging him to make his life a little bit better, one step at a time, for who else would be able to change his fortune than he, Harry, himself.

Through the course of a year Harry was somehow able to undo all the things that had been done to him in his life, including his ignorance, and total selflessness, being selfless was a good thing to be, but not to the extent that Harry had been brought up and trained to being.

The voice that spoke to him in his dreams was filled with an ancient wisdom, it sounded like the voice of a real teacher, one that truly cared for the student. Even if the voice was only in his dreams, Harry clung to it, as it was his only reason for living, nothing else, but he only vaguely remembered the voice during his waking hours, but what things were being crammed into his head he remembered during the day.

But some nights the voice changed, changed into the voice of different beings, not always the same, but each one sounding as if they geniunely cared for him, and he clung even to those. None of them were overnight cures for all the bad things that had happened to him in his life, but they did help him on a day to day basis. Within the span of a little over a year, he had managed to get back his courage, confidence, cunning, and all the other things that he had either lost along the way, or had been taken from him, save for his relationships with people in general. All he had were the voices in his dreams, voices of people or beings that for the life of him, he believed that he had never met, but at the same time sounded so familiar to him.

He many not have been able to fully escape to the Muggle world, but the had been able to get himself a job there, one that did not need any educational attainment, simply the drive and determination to do absolutely anything, and Harry for some reason was willing to do anything, to push the limits that he had placed on himself knowingly and unknowingly. To break and completely sever the bonds to the past he worked, and did nearly everything, from garbage collecting to rescuing kittens from tress without the aid of magic to being a laborer at a construction site. Some of his employers even believed that they had hit the jackpot when they hired him as he even accepted jobs that required him to do things that most men would shy at performing, like taking care of children, sewing, and other such things reserved for women and children to do. As long as it was a job, a way to better himself, he did it.

Due to his constant working, sometimes going for more than eight hours of work, his social skills had increased exponentially, he knew how to properly communicate, and live amongst others, unlike before when things were more or less orchestrated for him, or even scripted to a degree. He was forced to learn how to properly live with real people, not fakers that needed him for their selfish gains.

He didn't make any new friends, rather he made acquaintances, nothing more. Even though he looked unhealthy and not in tip top shape, people noticed that there were some things that no normal person would be able to do on a regular basis, especially with a build like his. It was as if his true self was hidden under an illusion and that he was oblivious of this fact.

He paid the rumors of his supposed strength and the like no mind, he simply accepted that he would forever be different, not that being different minded him anymore, it used to back during the days when he cared to really care, but no longer was he such.

But one day his fortunes changed. As he entered his apartment, he chose to stay at a rented apartment rather than one of his properties, as he flipped the light switch the lights would not turn on. Thinking that possibly his power was cut, he went for his flashlight which he kept on a table by the door. That too did not work. He then reached for a match and candle of all things from the drawer of the table by the door, but before he could light the match, he heard something that he thought he would never hear during his waking hours.

"I think its about time you were granted that life you've been denied..." a voice that he thought he would forever hear in his dreams said, "Yes...looks about the right time..."

Before Harry could say anything to the owner of the voice, another one spoke up from within the darkness.

"We apologize for not being there for you when you truly needed us," the second voice, one that was also familiar to Harry, said, "We were not permitted to interfere, such is the power of certain prophecies and magicks."

"Even I was unable to overturn such a proclamation," a third voice chimed in, the voice being the one that had spurred Harry into learning more about magick and all its mysteries, or at least as much as he could within the span of a year, which considering how much he had learned was quite a feat.

"Now that we have finally been allowed to interfere with the flow of your destiny, we have come to offer you a choice," anoher voice joined in, "You may speak now."

"Y-you..are the voices in my d-dreams...?" Harry said in fright fearing for, to him, his frail sanity.

"Yes, we be, but that be the only way that we been permitted to contact you," one of the voices said, specifically the teacher sounding one, "Call it advanced telepathy if you will."

"So...so what is this choice that you spoke of?" Harry asked the voices in the darkness of his apartment.

"The choice be a chance at a better life, one where you be in control of your destiny, against continuing as you be, with us helping you better yourself in your dreams, versus simply giving up and joining your loved ones," the teacher voice said.

"We'll give.." the voice was interrupted by Harry's decision.

"I choose the first option," Harry said with as much conviction as he could muster.

"What reason have you for choosing such a decision, it is a life changing one you know," the teacher asked.

"I don't like how my life has been lived so far, I want to live a life where I decide what happens to me day to day, preferably away from that which binds me to my past," Harry said.

"And the last option?" one of the voices asked.

"I don't think those that loved me would want me to give up simply because I was offered a way out, the coward's way out," Harry said.

"Then it is decided," the teacher said, "If that is truly your choice, then gather all your belongings, ALL your belongings, except for properties, for those are likely the only things that you will not be able to bring to where you will be going."

"Also," continued another voice, "You are to make your way to China, we will meet you there in person."

"We hope to see you there," all the voices said at the same time.

"W-wait!" Harry called out.

"What is it?" one of the voices asked.

"Where in China?" Harry asked.

"Zijin Cheng," one of the voices answered.

"Where's that?" Harry asked.

"Figure it out yourself," the teacher voice said, "You have a brain, use it!"