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Chapter Twenty-Five

Kikai and Eiko were not having a good time, they had heard of a most recent murder. Two adults had died of the strangest and most gruesome of circumstances, as if they had been eaten alive within the safety of their own home by monsters from another world, or so the news described it as such. There was also the fact that the compass that they were given had shattered, meaning that their only manner of finding their target had vanished.

Things were definitely not going well for them, but on the brighter side, they managed to get a list of the people that had stopped coming to the university for a time. One name stuck out, Takasato Kaname, it was the Takasato part that caught their attention as that was the same surname as the couple that had been murdered brutally. It was possible that the young man had done the killing himself, of they were dealing with crazed shirei.

Before they could investigate, they heard some people clamoring about Kaname being brought to the hospital, it was as if he was suffering, he was in agonizing pain, and was praying for either the pain to end or for himself to die.

So they rushed to the hospital knowing that there was soon to be a bloodbath there. The shirei would not harm their master, but Kikai and Eiko were sure that they would start killing people soon, oh so very soon. In fact, the duo managed to arrive just as the crazed shirei began to dissect the doctors and nurses, and other patrons in the emergency room.

"I somehow wish that we had back-up," Kikai said as he prepared for battle, who cares if they were seen, the magical world would do the covering up for them, and by the time that those people arrived they would be back in Junni Kokki.

"Well we don't so we'll just have to make do," Eiko said, and summoned some flames to cover her form, as she changed into her bakeneko form, Kikai following turning into his lamia form.

"You find the kid, I'll take on the two beasts," Kikai said authoratively then engaged the two beasts with tail, claws, and magic.

Eiko sprinted into the building, and went about searching for the young man that was supposedly in pain. It took her awhile but soon realized that if a door had blood splattered on it, then that meant that the inhabitant was dead, so she skipped those doors until she reached an operating room, inside she found not a single surgeon, but the young man on the operating table groaning in agony.

She then changed into her human form, and rushed to the side of the table, and lifted the suffering young man, and made to leave the room, and head back to Kikai, but was stopped when the floor beneath her fell out from under her. The battle between monsters was truly disastrous as the building itself was falling apart, and she was sure that both the magical and non-magical world would be crossing paths due to the mess that Kikai was creating as he tried to hold onto the two shirei, as well as catch her with his tail.

"Get us home!" Eiko screamed, "I can feel his lifeforce leave him!"

"I'm on it hime!" Kikai shouted back as he summoned up a shoku above them, which then pulled them into the world of the Twelve Kingdoms, forcing the two worlds' times to synchronize for a moment.


Fuka landed back in Tai, amidst the fighting, and so lent he fighters his own strength, he ended up on the ground, and so began acting like an assassin striking from within the shadows, shadows which could also be found underwater.

The three forms of Kurai were spread out round the kingdom, holding back the enemy, until something could be done about their relentless fighting, the sheer number of attacking youma were staggering and it was a wonder that the other nations had not seen or simply sensed them.

Then he sensed it, the arrival of his subordinates and their mission arrive safely back in his home away from Hou. They had found him, and it had taken months, but they had found him, right on time too, as Fuka arrived with the remaining two pieces.

"Gyoubou! Can I leave the battle to you?" Kurai called out, "I need to be elsewhere!"

"We'll be fine!" Gyoubou shouted back as he impaled a youma in the head with his poleax, "I'm sure it's more important! We can handle it from here!"

It was more or less the same thing that the other generals in the other places where Kurai was present in said, and so he withdrew from the battlefield, leaving his ravens behind, he could now create more, but he felt that he needed what power he had left for the battles ahead.

He teleported himself away to his home, his tree house for that matter, where laying in his bed was Taiki, no blood gushing out of him, but he was still writhing in pain, as Kikai managed to stun and bind the two shirei finally, and left them within a steel cage at the base of the tree.

"I take it there was a battle," Kurai said, as he merged with his two other forms.

"There was, a blood bath to be exact almost a whole hospital before we managed to leave," Eiko replied, "There was blood everywhere, coating the floor, walls, and ceiling, and then some. It was only through coincidence that we managed to get to him in time. I mean, we did, get to him in time, didn't we?"

"You did, so long as he still lives you arrived at the right time, or rather just in time," Kurai said, "Leave us, and tell Kikai to summon a shoku to the cave where Gyousou is being kept, his people need him, as I fear that Tentei is unable to do battle so to speak."

"Hai," Eiko said as she joined Kikai in guarding the stunned, bound, and caged, shirei at the base of the tree.

Kurai changed into his animagus form and absorbed the kirin's power into himself, or rather into his horn, as he prepared to do a quick purification, healing, and restoration of power, on Taiki, which should also affect his shirei, hopefully.

'Horn to horn, much like wand to wand, hope this works,' Kurai thought to himself as he walked up to the tortured form on his own bed, and touched his razor sharp horn to the forehead of the kirin of Tai, and willing the power to flow forth into the kirin, while at the same time performing the purification of the kirin by pulling out the anti-thesis of the kirin from within the kirin. It was through their physical connection, and right before the ritual was completed that he knew what his next objective was to be. He was going to go help Tentei, then annoy him to no end, some Supreme Being he turned out to be, but what did he know, he was just Karasu no Kurai, soon to be savior of the world…again.

Once he was done, he jumped down from his room, still in kirin form…

"He should wake soon," Kurai informed his two subordinates, "Explain to him what has happened, answer what questions he may have within reason of course, then lead him to revive the sleeping king, and have them join the battle, the Tai forces need the presence of their king, Gyoubou can do only so much."

"We understand sir," the two servants said, then Kikai asked, "What of the shirei?"

"Let them out, I shall deal with them," Kurai said, once they were out, but still unconscious, he repeated the purification ritual using his horn on the two forms, before he summoned up a shoku for himself to use, "I shall be going off to battle, pray that I return just as I am, and not some lazy god's replacement."

"See you later," Kikai said, "…Harry."

"Don't call me that," Kurai said, "It's Kurai, remember it," he then leapt into the shoku that closed up as soon as he jumped through.

"Why'd you call him that?" Eiko asked.

"No reason," Kikai said, pretending to inspect his nails, "No reason at all."

"Somehow, I don't believe you," she said.


Upon exiting the shoku, Kurai was forced to shift into his human form and draw out his killing blade, as well as his healing blade. His sword he used to end the lives, immortal or not, while it was sheathed in the emerald flames of death, while he used his healing dagger as a shield, as well as to perform some first aid on those that looked and felt like being on Tentei's side.

He needed to reach the god, the supreme ruler of the world and reality, he had a feeling like he would get his answers there, one way or another. There was just so many things wrong with an army battling against an unknown foe, both without their leaders coordinating attacks and movements. There was no real defense or offense, everything was simply chaos.

He hacked and slashed his way through the mass of fighting forms, and made his way to the central structure of the city they were fighting in. Indeed the flames of war did not keep themselves in the open space s of the fields beyond the walled capital city and seat of power of the gods. There was fighting in the streets, and many of the civilian members of the immortals in heaven had been forced to flee deeper into the city, into the equivalent of the Forbidden City in China, the place where the all powerful Tentei resided with his court.

He made his way, hacking and slashing away, and blocking with his dagger, no matter how small the cut, or even simple a scrape, all his enemies fell to his blade infused with the power of death, a power that now hummed with a bit of familial familiarity for some reason.

There were already many bodies of the defenders of the central structure of the city on the ground, but there were still a number fighting to keep the fighting from spreading into the only remaining safe place in all of heaven. It was not a nice sight to behold, but it was still the sight that greeted Kurai as he made his way through the invading army and slipping through the defenders. He raised up some magical barriers around the central structure, it would only last for a few minutes, but that was enough time to give the defenders a breather. They needed their strength, immortal or not, to continue doing their jobs, even without the guidance of their Lord and Master.

He passed by the many refugees from the city inside the inner city, so many fearful and confused faces, apparently Tentei really didn't want anyone to worry about the situation in the more mortal of the realms, but his handling of the situation appeared as a double edged sword one that was cutting him at the moment which was apparent on the faces of the residents of his realm, of his home. They were mostly women and children, with a few men, ones that Kurai personally viewed as cowards as they simply cowered with the rest of the populace behind the ring of soldiers holding the enemy back.

When he finally entered the deeper sections of the inner city, he found himself faced with the verbal arguing of the gods of the world he now lived in, and loved as much or even more than his old world. They were bickering and not minding him, as if not caring about the battling forces beyond their walls, and within their capital city. At the end of the hall which he had entered he found Tentei sitting, his eyes darting here and there as if searching for missing persons or trying to determine whose army it was that was fighting outside in his city.

Kurai decided to approach the lord and master of the realm, and of the world for that matter, discreetly. He was sure that many of these gods, of these immortals knew his face, one which he was forced to hide beneath a mask, a disguise that made him look like his Fuka ninja form, but older. He slipped off into a shadow and split himself into three, his core Kurai, Fuka, and Kasumi. He decided to do the split in order to watch the entire hall from two separate angles, while his Fuka, a relatively unknown form made his way to Tentei.

Kasumi was dressed as a kunoichi, in dark blue garments and not black, she made her way to the ceiling and concealed her presence with magic, the gods would not mind her even had she not used such a precaution against detection, they were far too busy arguing amongst themselves, and Tentei was focusing all of his undivided attention on his task of locating the one that dared to go against him.

Tentei was startled to find a ten-year-old kid that looked eerily like a ninja kneeling before him. He was about to speak, but when the ten-year-old noticed he had the god's attention, he kept silent. He knew that the kid was out of place among the gods, all of whom, or most of whom were adults. He tensed up slightly as well, in-case the kid was an assassin sent by whoever was behind the recent problems in his world, excluding Kurai as the cause for that particular anomaly was known, and was greater than even Tentei himself.

"We have a strong suspicion as to the mastermind behind all the trouble," Fuka whispered in such a way that Tentei alone could hear him, "We have stumbled upon some clues, and made a theory that the mastermind must be Koutei, as he is a powerful force in the world of Junni Kokki, and has been empowered by the many prayers to him from the people. His forces are, as we speak, engaged with not only your own, but of Tai's as well."

Tentei nodded his head, and used sign language to speak –"This is news to me, but I suspected it as a possibility as well, many are dissatisfied with the way I've run things. I guess the prayers must have gone to his head. Tell me, is he in this room?"-

"We sense his presence, but it is concealed against our eyes. He is waiting for the perfect time to strike, as all the other gods whose identities have become known to us are busy fighting amongst themselves as their armies as well have engaged against one another's, all at the manipulations of one that would overthrow you," Fuka spoke in whisper, "There are three of us in the room, we are your reinforcements against this foe, why should you soil your hands with dealing with this wayward god, when you have three able bodied heroes at your beck and call this day."

-"I will leave my defense in your capable hands then"- Tentei discreetly signed –"Who are you by the way, I am unable to detect your own identity as if a barrier was put up around you to defend you against even I who you wish to aid"-

"We shall reveal ourselves after this mess has been dealt with," Fuka replied, before slipping into a shadow to lie in wait for the real assassin, "Though we wish to gain a promise from you," he spoke from the shadows to the direct right of Tentei.

-"What is it?"- Tentei said, -"If you manage to defend me this day, I shall grant it if it is within my power."-

"We ask that you offer not a position in your court to us, once we succeed in aiding you in this purge and defense of your realms, we have enough on our plate as it is," Fuka replied.

As Fuka waited in the shadows and Kasumi watched from the ceiling, Kurai made his way through the crowd, placing a delayed spell on the immortals, one that would render them unconscious once Tentei and himself engaged the assassin ready to pounce, but found Tentei to be far too observant to catch off guard at the moment. The assassin needed a signal of sorts to tell him that victory was within his grasp.

That signal came in the form of an explosion from outside of the inner courts, the walls of the Forbidden City had been breached, and so proved to be a pleasant distraction, as it even called the attention of Tentei.

Koutei struck from out of the shadows himself, like a shirei coming forth to do the bidding of his master, he rushed with a serrated blade in hand poised to strike the Lord of Heaven, from which all spawned. While he thought that all the eyes and senses of the hall were distracted, he forgot to take into account the presence or possible presence of Kurai in the hall. He thought that the attack on Tai would serve as a suitable diversion for the demigod in power.

Fuka managed to block the blade with his forearms that were protected by a kind of armor that covered his arms, and pushed back the attacker. It was the requirement for the delayed spell to ignite and affect those that they were set to affect, the gods dropped to the ground rendered unconscious by the only wizard in the group.

"You were prepared after all," Koutei said, he was a monstrosity as compared to the beautiful man that he was supposed to be, he had been deformed by his actions of late, and by his greed and thirst for power, and wish to end the world as it was and create a new one from its ashes. He looked like a man and a monster combined, all of the wild youma in the world forming the body of the god, fallen as he was presently, "I'm impressed, for such a lazy god, you came prepared for once."

"Since there are no other witnesses to our meeting like this, I will be truthful with you," Tentei said not rising from his throne, "I was not prepared for an assassination, it was thanks to this little one that I was saved from having to fight you directly.", "I'm impressed, for such a lazy god, you came prepared for once."

"Since there are no other witnesses to our meeting like this, I will be truthful with you," Tentei said not rising from his throne, "I was not prepared for an assassination, it was thanks to this little one that I was saved from having to fight you directly."

"Then that proves that you are indeed weak, too weak to rule, and too irresponsible as well," Koutei said, "Since my armies are attacking one of your precious kingdoms, and once the populace has submitted to their fate, my armies shall move on to the other eleven, until the world has turned to ash, and I have taken your power for myself, and remake everything."

"You shall fail in that endeavor," Kasumi made her presence known, by dropped down and attempting to deliver a heel drop to Koutei, but missing as her words gave her attack away, "I might have missed, but we are here to stop you."

"Not one but two of them," Koutei said, "The three of you against one of me? I guess, it is only fair since I am marginally stronger than you, even you Tentei are no match for me, as the people of Tai empower me with their belief that I will save them, and not you."

"See to your forces, you annoying god," Kurai said, making himself known, standing at the foot of the steps leading up to the throne, where Fuka, Kasumi, Tentei, and Koutei were standing, "Leave this bastard to us."

"Go right ahead," Tentei said, as he stood from his throne, "I'd wish you luck, but a part of me wishes that this battle will kill you."

"Whatever," Kurai said as he stowed away his healing dagger, and held his sword in front of him pointing it at Koutei, "I will end you, in the name of all those that you have caused pain and suffering. The gods are not meant to directly interfere with the lives of the mortal world, even Tentei does not interfere unless it has something to do with him or the Mandate or Will of Heaven, which in a sense is directly related to him. Everything that happens down below is automatic, everything is balanced out in some way, everything happens for a reason, but some of those reasons, like yours, are shit."

"Are you done talking yet?" Koutei said, "I'm getting bored, and I've got a god to kill, along with several others now that I think about it."

"I'm done," Kurai said, as he launched himself at the god, while Kasumi pulled out a pair of butterfly swords, while Fuka pulled out a sai and a dagger, and then they too launched themselves at the god.

Fuka struck low, Kasumi struck high, and Kurai took the mid level of the god. He was a quick fiend, one with many abilities, so he used those abilities. He flooded the room with his impressive aura, his will, and his power, expecting his three assailants to falter. He was momentarily stunned when they simply continued with their synchronized attack in a manner that was only possible if the people involved only had one mind.

Kasumi attacked quickly, her swords moving like a butterfly in motion, fluid with grace, but quick at the same time. Koutei did his best to dodge out of the way, as he was no longer sure that he could defeat these new foes, new to him as he focused on Tentei and Kurai, but not enough it seemed. Her blades sand a song of sorrow as they passed mere inches away from his neck, while Fuka struck with his sai intending to impale Koutei on it. He did manage to hit the god, but failed to penetrate the armor like skin, it was harder than steel, possibly the hide of one of the tougher youma.

Kurai jumped back suddenly to analyze the situation, he let his two of the parts distract the god while his core self tried to find a weakness in the god before him. Then a voice he had not heard in a long while whispered into his mind, filling his thoughts with images of another much like him, and in a similar situation as he was presently in.

'You seek a weakness, here I can help you,' came the whispered words of Crius, 'See the memories that I have sent you? They are of one of your many cousins. One that had suffered, then unlocked a darker part of himself, and became the one now known as the Devil himself. He like you battles immortals, greater, lesser, or simply gods. He wages war on the immortals of On High, seeking to take the Golden Throne, yet, he is mortal.'

'How is that possible, I am immortal myself, and I find what I am doing to be ridiculous, yet I must try,' Kurai thought back, 'Potters and our saving people thing huh.'

'Devil has that too, even though he is the source of sin. His reason for fighting against impossible odds matters not,' Crius spoke, 'What matters is that he fears not the outcome, are you not a Master of Death? Or have you forgotten one of your stations and titles of your past life as Harry Potter? While a past life, you still remain Harry Potter.'

'What does being Harry Potter have to do with my current situation?' Kurai asked, confused, which partly lead to Fuka being flung to the side only to get back on his feet and charge the god again, he and Kasumi raining relentless blows regardless of whether or not they hit their mark.

'It appears that some part of you remembers, what is your reason for fighting? You've fought ones that have cheated death before, is immortality not a way to cheat death? Death does not like to be fooled, cheated, or manipulated,' Crius spoke, as images of the anthropomorphic personification of death or Death himself flashed through Kurai's mind, 'You Potters dislike false authority, dislike being used, and have a fondness for creating your own destinies. You are even more powerful than Devil in the sense that you are immortal yourself in a manner of speaking, you even hold the power nigh equal to Tentei himself. You are the student of not one, but two or more of the Five. Now why do you hold back? Why do you force yourself to be this way? Weary…tired…desperate.'

'What are you talking about? I am not desperate,' Kurai stated, though unconvincingly even to himself, as he knew deep down that the real reason for his backing away, even though it was simply a third of himself, was because he feared to lose, he doubted himself.

'Are you sure? I sense fear in you, I sense doubt in you, these are not he qualities I would look for in a ruler, in a king, in a savior of the world,' Crius spoke, then images of Kurai's own past flew through his mind, they were from the perspective of an onlooker, 'Where is the King of Hou? Where is Hou-o? Where is the legendary Karasu no Kurai that battled against the mighty Will of Heaven? The very same Karasu no Kurai that cares not for Fate or Destiny, or the proper way of doing things?'

"I…" Kurai began to say, 'I…I am here…you're right. I'm over thinking things. I'm not the kind of guy that's supposed to do such things, especially during a battle. I don't analyze, I simply do. I no longer care for authority, I care not for death…'

"Letting your underlings battle for you? You think these mere toys will manage to tire me out for you to strike the killing blow?" Koutei asked as he managed to slam Kasumi into a wall with a cluster of tentacles that shot out of his side, a minotaur's foot slamming Fuka into the ground before kicking him painfully away, "I'm done playing, it's time to get serious, I find you boring, you no longer amuse me. Therefore it is time to die."

'Thanks Crius, thanks for the wake-up call,' Kurai told the leader of the Five, he knew that his teacher had heard him even though his presence had already left his mind, "I am Karasu no Kurai."

"Is that supposed to mean something to me? You've already proven how much of a coward you are, staying back while your minions fought me bravely, but sadly were not good enough to even graze me with their pitiful attacks," Koutei then shoved bone spikes and horns through Kurai's two other forms, if they were different people they would have died instantly, "See, I have granted them a quick death for their bravery, a quick death not that it really matters as no one shall remember them."

"I beg to differ," Kurai said confidently, as the two bodies turned into blood which sped their way to his feet, remerging with his core self, "I am Karasu no Kurai, chosen master of Hourin, and I shall defeat you, I shall win."

"A king going against heaven, Tentei dislikes you greatly," Koutei said, "I am beginning to see why as well, though my dislike for one as arrogant and prideful as you is greater than that pitiful excuse of a caring god. What makes you so confident that you can defeat me?"

"I shall win, for I must win," Kurai stated as he reabsorbed his sword, and those of his two other forms, "That is the only outcome I shall accept," he then had his horn grow out of the middle of his forehead, raising his hand to it, he snapped it off. Koutei thought that Kurai had finally gone over the deep end, for snapping a kirin's horn was how Asen managed to steal away Taiki's power.

"It looks like I might have to give you a swift death," Koutei said, preparing to launch a deadly attack, "I know for a fact that insane beings tend to be unpredictable, even more so than desperate ones."

"Prepare to lose," Kurai said, as he reversed his grip on his horn, and also causing his hand to drip blood.

"I must admit that you were a worthy opponent," Koutei said before launching all manner of sharp and pointy body part that he could think of at Kurai who simply held his horn in front of him as his blood dripped to the floor.

"I can't say the same about you," Kurai said, his horn lengthening into a single long blade, one as long as a bo staff but remained a blade that cut into his palms as he held the thing in preparation for his own attack.

At the last moment, just as the frontal attack, the killing blow, as Koutei thought it was, was about to connect, Kurai vanished from the spot reappearing behind the god with dreams of world domination, the only indication and warning that the god had of Kurai's movement and survival, and attack, were two loud cracks, like thunder and lightning but louder.

Koutei spun around with one swift motion, only for his head to come flying off, just as Kurai ended the spin of his elongated horn, one which should have also cut his hands off with the spin that he made it perform.

"Well…that was new," Kurai said to himself, "I didn't expect something like that to work."

"It's a good thing that it didn't," Koutei's voice caused Kurai to spin around and get hit in the face by a punch worthy of a Machamp, which send him careening into and through a wall, and another wall, then finally into the courtyard beyond. Koutei following quickly, his severed head melting into a puddle of goo, it was a hinman trick which he too pulled at the last second.

When Koutei arrived, he was greeted by Kurai's weapon splitting him into two pieces, then four, then eight, then sixteen, and so on and so forth, as Kurai's weapon acted more like a meat grinder and a buzz saw combined rather than a hilt-less blade. When he was done mincing the god into pieces, he decided to take a breather, but remembered to put up a barrier around himself just in case the puddle of goo was not yet beaten.

The state of the god in question was revealed when the puddle of goo moved into one pile, and moved upwards until the form of a man was solidly in its place, one that was holding in his hands a pair of Chinese broad swords. Seeing such a form, Kurai shortened his own blade, making it as short as a broad sword, but remained hilt-less.

"Is there nothing you can't do?" Kurai asked as he dropped the shield and got into a defensive stance, for he knew that he would be defending for a while, his single blade was his disadvantage, the constant pain that he inflicted upon himself was there to remind him of what was at stake, and to keep him focused on the task at hand. He was by no means a masochist, no matter how much Koutei thought that he was.

"I, unlike you, am an actual god and not some mere representation of the Will of Heaven, not that you care much for the pecking order of the world," Koutei said, "Nothing is impossible for me. Burn me and my ashes shall merge once more, attempt to drown me and I shall breath like a fish, crush me to dust and I shall become the wind and suffocate you, for even he rulers of the kingdoms need air to live."

"Do you swear on all that you are that you can do anything? That anything is possible when it comes to you?" Kurai asked.

"I swear on all that I am," Koutei said, "I also swear that you shall fall to my blade before this day is done."

"So mote it be," Kurai said as he launched himself at his foe attempting to move into offense, but just as he had predicted he was forced into the defensive by the wielder of two blades.

They each slashed, parried, and thrust, their swords at one another. A punch flying at Koutei or a kick aimed at Kurai, on occasion, none of the blows ever managing to make their mark, each one being successfully blocked by their impressive foe. Koutei actually believed that he would win, that he had seen all that Kurai was capable off, and that Kurai believed in fair play, as well as himself being able to counter anything that Kurai sent his way.

What he didn't know was that Kurai planned on fighting with everything he had, his power and will battling with Koutei's own, filling the area around them with their energies, suffocating any that would dare trespass on their space, not that any would dare, or was conscious enough to even think about it.

Kurai was fighting his foe using solely what was available and part of him. He was putting his all, his very being into the battle. Unknown to the god, Harry had one more trick up his sleeve, one more ace, one that the god was not counting on, as who in their right mind believed that they could kill, much less permanently incapacitate a god. It never entered his mind that Kurai was crazy enough, and determined enough to prove that nothing, nothing, was impossible.

"Hey Koutei," Kurai suddenly said between blocking a sword and ducking out of the way of the other blade just barely.

"What?" Koutei asked, trying to slice Kurai into three pieces, missing by mere millimeters.

"I'm going to hold you to your word," Kurai said, "The bit about nothing being impossible for you."

"Then you have decided to give up?" Koutei said, not letting up in his attack.

"Why don't you read my mind and find out," Kurai suggested, as he prepared his final attack.

"I think I will, thanks for the suggestion," Koutei said, thinking that Kurai was resigned to his fate, the last thing on his mind was the impossibility of what Kurai planned on doing.

"Thank Devil, Death, and I guess Magic," Kurai said, as he dusted himself off, "OUCH!" he also proceeded to bandage his hands, specifically his palms, he had a feeling that he must be related in some way with Magic as well, it wasn't that farfetched an idea, and it was true too.

He was thankful to Devil for proving that it was possible for a mere mortal, or a Lower Being to ice a Higher Being, to Death for providing the means to in a manner of speaking have his foe go swimming with cement shoes, and to Magic for providing his specialty as well as the medium through which he exacted his revenge. What did he have against Koutei, one might ask, the simple answer would be that the former god 'killed' him twice.

"Payback's a bitch isn't it," Kurai said as he sealed the body of the god into a scroll which he then reabsorbed into his body as proof of his kill, a kill which he would present to Tentei not really caring what the god did with the body of a god with no soul living in it anymore.

It took him a while to locate Tentei, since he had to wade through a sea of immortals within the Forbidden City's walls. Tentei was surrounded by his generals, speaking quickly with them, giving them orders, and the like, while his soldiers continued to do battle beyond the walls of the last safe place in all of Heaven.

"We are done with our task," Kurai said as he approached Tentei, shrugging off the soldiers that tried to stop him, "How 'bout you?"

"Finishing up now that you're done," Tentei replied, then shifted his attention back to his generals, "Change of plans, inform the rebels, that their leader, the instigator of this coup, has been dealt with. If they don't believe you, tell them that I shall send out the crows."

"Yes, my Lord!" the generals said, and marched off to the front lines, morale had been boosted and the fighting had shifted in the favor of the defenders once their Liege, Lord, and King, arrived on the scene.

"I've got the body in a scroll sealed in one of my cells," Kurai said, then produced said scroll, handed the scroll over to the god, then began to walk away.

"Kurai," Tentei said, in a way calling for the demigod in power to stop.

"What is it O' Annoyed One?" Kurai asked turning around.

"I may have promised that you would not be offered a place in my court," Tentei said, "But I said nothing about not giving you a reward for your services. And since there were three of you, I get to reward you thrice."

"Is it possible for me to decline?" Kurai asked, hoping that the reply would be a yes, as he had a feeling that the god was planning to pay him back for his annoying-ness.

"You would dare decline a reward from ME?" Tentei said, smiling mischievously.

"Well, yeah," Kurai said running a hand through his hair, "I would love to…but I have a feeling that you'll get them to force me into accepting, and I have a feeling that they wouldn't mind helping you with this…so what choice have I but to accept your rewards."

"The first reward is a thrice damned curse," Tentei said, "Just as I shall never fall so shall you. Fear not Death for he shall never claim you or I. We'll be bickering until eternity's end."

"I had a feeling you would do that," Kurai said, "Next?"

"I am making you the direct superior of Koutei, once I revive him, or install a new soul resembling the original that I had instilled in the body within the scroll you handed over," Tentei stated, "Yes, I did create the gods as well," it was a good thing that no one was listening in on their conversation.

"So you've given me a servant…great…I need to make sure that nothing like this happens again, nothing stems from him again…really…" Kurai whined a little, but accepted his fate.

"The third reward is that all the rebels, and fallen members of the coup are now your servants, from this day onwards, you are a general and lord and master of one of the heavenly armies," Tentei said, "Don't worry, they'll live in this realm, I doubt that their numbers would be welcome in the world of my creating," Tentei told him, "That means that should I need your army, which I doubt that I will, you shall come and serve. You said nothing about being promoted to being one of the highest ranking officers in my armies."

"I detest you sometime," Kurai said, "I accept these rewards. Thank you, your annoying-ness."

"Such disrespect, if you were anyone else, I'd have smitten you already," Tentei drawled.

"I'll be taking my leave now," Kurai said, as his form split once more into three, the other two bandaged up, while he only had his bruises covered, as well as the bandages over his palms, his horn had been returned to its rightful place on his forehead, but he did wrap a bandage over his head as well.

"Oh, you can't leave just yet," Tentei said, smirking a little, "You have yet to hear and receive my gifts for you, ones which you deserve for being so helpful these past few months and years."

"I have a feeling that my cousins wouldn't be able to persuade you to not give me anything more," Kurai said.

"You should trust your feelings, they're most of the time right," Tentei said, "You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," Kurai said, plopping himself on the ground, Indian sitting.

"Good," Tentei said, "My first gift to you is a choice, the choice being whether or not you want the anomalous births to continue in this world, what I mean by that is that there will be a very small possibility that children will be born through what you know as pregnancy. What is your choice? Of course the possibility of you having children while a ruler is part of the allowing that sort of thing to happen."

"I choose the anomalous births to be allowed," Kurai said, "I've always wanted a family of my own, and for my blood to continue to flow through the generations."

"Good," Tentei said, "As much as I know that it will mess with the balance of my world a bit, I'd rather control some of the chaos you cause, rather than watch such things pop up without my permission."

"Gee, thanks," Kurai said, "Next?"

"The second gift is that I shall allow you to have a harem if you wish it," Tentei said, "But there is a catch…"

"There's always a catch," Kurai said, Fuka and Kasumi had already gone on ahead to check up on the state of affairs in Tai.

"Quite," Tentei said, "You can only have those other wives, after you join with your soul mate."

"And how am I to know who my soul mate is?" Kurai questioned.

"Oh, you'll know, you'll definitely know," Tentei said, "I'm sure that you've at least got an idea."

"Yeah…I think I do," Kurai said, "Which is rather troublesome, as she is still not exactly as found as Taiki and Tai-o."

"I'm not helping you with that matter," Tentei said, "Since that information is kind of blocked from me…for some reason, only another Supreme Being has the power to do so, or one of them, though I doubt that they would willingly give you this hard a time."

"I had a feeling that you were going to say something to that effect," Kurai said, "And the last gift, I am assuming that there are three."

"There is one last, you are quite perceptive for someone who likes to annoy those with more power than you do," Tentei sarcastically said, "I give you the gift of free travel."

"I can freely travel you know," Kurai said, "That doesn't sound like much of a gift."

"What I mean is, that I am granting you some vacation time from your duties and this existence," Tentei said, "This is one gift that I gain nothing not even entertainment as it benefits only yourself, though I will not tell you how to go about visiting other existences. You may leave now," Tentei said, then remembered something and called out to Kurai as he was about to walk into a shoku, "You also have a house in Heaven, I hope you use it sometime, though isolated that it is."

"Thanks," Kurai said as he walked into the shoku, "It's been fun, but I've got to go."