Summary: When Lorelei is taken into the Kira Taskforce on suspicion of being Kira she claims she came here to help L, but also claims she comes from the bottom of a river. Parts in the story based on the German Folklore, 'Lorelei'. LxOC

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To understand the story better, you might want to go to wikipedia and look up Lorelei, that way you can understand my OC, Lorelei. Also during the beginning of the story, Lorelei is really just a smarter version of Misa when it comes to romanceand doing things, but throughout the story, her character will develop and I'm sure you'll all like her more. So I don't want to receive any reviews going 'She's just like Misa', or other stuff like that, cause I'm telling you now she sort of like Misa.

Also the romance in the story will go pretty slow -you know true romance not Lorelei forcing herself onto L- because L doesn't seem like the person to understand those feelings of love yet, so while Lorelei is trying to teach L to love, she'll also be learning how to grow as a person as well.


Bold:Talking through TV or Computer, Shinigami speaking

Italics: Thoughts, Flashbacks

Chapter 1: First Encounters

Somewhere in Germany

'Such a beautiful person, it's a shame he'll die soon before his years,' said a woman looking through a portal of water, 'maybe I should go and help, I know the secrets of the death-note and I am impervious to the effects of it.'

'cause you can't kill someone who isn't human… well atleast fully human.'

Back in Japan

While discussing the disappearance of Naomi Misora, Watari rushed into the room and said, "Ryuuzaki, something seems to be happening on Sakura TV."

"We have to stop this broadcast; we can't let Kira finish it!" Yelled L. Both Matsuda and Aizawa rushed to the phones trying to contact someone to stop the broadcast.

"It's no good, no one at the desk is picking up," said Matsuda.

"Damn it," said Ukita as he rushed towards the door, when he reached it he said, "I'll stop this broadcast myself if that's what it takes!" without a final word, he left.

Kira: "People of the world please listen to me, the last thing I want to do is kill the innocent. I hate evil and love justice, I always thought of the police as allies not as enemies. I intend to create a new world, a perfect world free of evil, if you support me in my mission I know we can make it happen. If no one tries to capture me I promise you, the innocent will not die."

At the Hospital

( is in the hospital, admitted because of a recent heart attack)

While in the middle of Kira's rant Sachiko turned off the TV, "Sachiko," said her husband.

"This can't be good for your health. Please, you have to rest," she urged.

"Sachiko, like it or not I am still the head of the Kira Taskforce." His wife sighed and turned to TV back on.

In front of Sakura TV's Studio

When Ukita made it to the front doors he started to bang on the doors for admittance, "Open up, this is the police!" since the guard inside was unwilling to open the door for Ukita, with no other choice he took out his gun, but before he could use it, he started to feel a pressure in his heart.

He fell to the ground.

Hearing footsteps approach him, Ukita turned his head to see a woman in white infront of him. With his final second of life, he heard was her say, 'your death willl not go unpunished'.

Back with the Taskforce

TV Reporter: "We interrupt the program to bring you the front of Sakura TV's Studio-"

"Aizawa, look!" said Matsuda. Aizawa's breath stopped for a moment, his friend, colleague, Ukita was on the ground- dead, right in front of Sakura's Studio.

'Kira.' He thought. "Ukita, dammit Kira did this." Aizawa started to head for the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Ryuuzaki.

"Where do you think? I gotta go there." He replied

"You can't, please think about this rationally-"

"What do you want me to do? Just sit here and watch TV?!" Aizawa yelled.

"If this is Kira's work, you'll meet the same fate if you go there." L said.

"You told us Kira couldn't kill without a name, so how could this happen?" rebutted Aizawa.

"Uhm... guys, there seems to be a woman next to Ukita," said Matsuda interrupting their aurgument.

The other men turned to TV to see Matsuda point to a woman on the screen. From the TV they could see the woman had long dark brown hair, pale skin, and wearing white dress, but had no shoes on. They watched as she grabbed Ukita and put him over one of her arms, with the other one she picked up the dropped gun and pointed to the glass door. She shot two bullets and walked through the mess of glass.

"Who was that?" asked Matsuda.

"I don't know," said L as he bit his thumb, "but for some reason she is still alive."

Kira: "I now await a response from the police, they must decide if they will help me create a better world for all of us. Please announce your decision on the six 'o'clock news in four days. I prepared two tapes, one to be played if the answer is yes, and the other if the answer is no."

Back at the Hospital

Returnig from the bathroom, Sachiko opened to door to her husband's room to find him gone.

Inside the Sakura TV's Studio

"Mister sir," said the woman as she placed Ukita down on a chair and pointed the gun in the guard's face, "I would like you to take me to where the tapes are, or I'll shoot."

"Yes, okay, I will, please, just don't shoot! Just, follow me."

Somewhere on the road to the Sakura TV's Studio

Yagami Soichiro was not a happy man; he had to be out of work and in the hospital for almost a week now, while Kira was out there, killing people. He now just had to watch one of his men die, and he couldn't do anything about it. He's was the Head of the Kira Taskforce dammit!

So when he saw Ukita fall to the ground he used this chance while his wife was away to do something about it. And that brings us to where he is now, in a stolen bus, heading for Sakura TV's Studio. But what he didn't know was when he left that a girl had already beaten him to the punch of breaking into the station.

Shocked to already to see the doors broken down Soichiro forgot to slow down, now breaking down all the doors of Sakura TV. When he exited the bus he saw the now dead Ukita in a chair sitting next to a woman holding a bag.

Seeing Soichiro walk out of the bus, the woman walked up to him and handed over the bag of tapes.

"You're apart of the Kira investigation right? First name Soichiro, with a surname of Yagami, if I remember correctly," said the woman when the tapes were out of her hands and into his, "all the tapes are there even the copies, and the envelope that it came in."

'How does she know my name? Is she Kira?' He thought. "Who, how, just who are you?" he asked.

"You may call me Lorelei." She said. Before either could get into a deeper conversation they heard the vroom of cars outside. The two turned to see squads of police officers standing on either side of the doors all leading to Hideki Ide with a car door open. Amazed at the sight Soichiro didn't notice his phone ring until Lorelei held it up for him. Giving a quick thank you he opened his phone.

"I got word from the hospital that you left, and I got visual confirmation that you were the one who stole the bus too." said the blunt voice of Ryuuzaki.

"I'm sorry for my hastiness, but I couldn't just sit back while-"

"No need for your apologies, I just wanted to ask you, half and hour before you broke into Sakura's Studio, a woman came in before bringing Ukita along with her, is she still there?"

"Yes, Ryuuzaki, she's right next to me."

"Good. Make sure she comes along with you back to the taskforce; I wish to ask her some questions. If she doesn't come willingly, use force." With that Ryuuzaki hanged up the phone. Soichiro sighed and turned back to the mysterious woman, "Lorelei, you are to come with me, my superior wants to ask you a few questions."

"You mean L right? If so I will come with you. However, what about this man who has fallen prey to Kira?" said Lorelei.

'Ukita,' Soichiro sighed as he looked at his fallen comrade sitting in one of the lobby chairs. "Paramedics will come for him," Soichiro said, "Let us go now." Soichiro escorted the woman past the sea of cops and then into the awaiting car, before he got in though he turned to Ide, "thank you, but I will drive myself."

"I understand." With that the car drove off into the night.

NHN Reporter: There you have it. The police have refused to cooperate with Kira; instead they are prepared to fight, and as much as I fear for my own life in saying so, this is right and it must be done. Kira has become a threat to our very constitution and as citizens we must fight back. I am NHN's Golden News Anchor, Koki Tachibana.


"Chief, your back!" said Matsuda.

"Yes," the Chief then turned to L, "Here, these are all of the tapes and the envelope, everything Kira sent. I have the girl waiting in the car, do you wish for me to bring her in here?"

"No you have done enough, you should rest," L said he then turned to Matsuda and gave him a slip of paper, "Take her to this room. Watari has already set up an interrogation room in here. And Aizawa can you take these to the crime lab right away?"

"I still have a couple of friends down there; I'll make sure they go over every inch of this," said Aizawa.

"Good, while you do this I will watch the tapes to see if it could tell us anything." Soon only L and Soichiro were in the room. "Ryuuzaki, about the girl, she is very… unusual."

"How so?" L inquired.

"She knew my real name and also knew I was apart of the Kira Investigation without me stating who I was."

"Yes," L said, "I also think she is a person of interest, she didn't die when she was proceeding to enter Sakura's Station. Anyways I'll find out sooner or later who she is. Watari, you can retire for the night but first take home and tell Matsuda, when he is finished with his task he can go too."

"Yes, Ryuuzaki."

Interrogation Room

'When will I get to meet L, I waited so long for this, it hurts.' Lorelei's was interrupted when she heard a computerized voice start to speak.

Computerized Voice: "Miss Lorelei, as you already know I am L. You have been brought here on the suspicion of being Kira. Lorelei, that is your given name, right?"

"Yes." She calmly replied.

CV: "What is your surname then?"

"Hm," she thought about this for a few seconds, 'I don't really have a last name…' "My full name is Lorelei Rheintöchter the 5th."

CV: "Rheintöchter? That would make your last name mean Rhine Maiden."

"Yes," Lorelei said, "Because I am one, I am Lorelei the Rhine Maiden from Germany. Though L I would like to ask you, like Kira has said before me do you believe in Gods of Death, or Shinigami?"

'What!' CV: "First let me rephrase your first statement, you happen to be a mythical creature known for bringing males and shipmen to their death through song, right? And you also expect me to believe in Shinigami, why?"

Laughter was heard throughout the interrogation room, "L if you do not start to believe in the supernatural soon, you will die before the case is over. If you don't believe me in what I am saying let me try and convince you;

I was born in Germany and was once a girl of a different name, I became heartbroken when I found out my beloved was unfaithful. That night a beautiful song lulled me out of my sleep and I was pulled to this huge rock over looking the Rhine River, a woman was singing to me and as if I was in a trance I listened to her words and jumped to my death. I became the new Rhine Maiden and took the name of Lorelei as other women have before me.(1)

From there I spent my days discovering my powers, as you said, when I sing I can hypnotize any man and bring him to his death, but I also have some of the power of a succubus, I draw energy from men to sustain myself, whether it be through a kiss or sexual intercourse; I can bring any man to the point of exhaustion or to the brink of death.

Anyways, with my newly gained powers I was also able to watch people. That is when I came across you; you were working on the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases at the time and I fell for you and from there I found out everything about you, so I came here to help you."

CV: "So you're saying that now you're also a stalker?"

"NO," Lorelei blushed, embarrassed about her outburst and the accusation, but she continued on, "And after watching you for a while I was able to learn everything about you, where you started from, your other aliases, and like a Shinigami can, your real name."

CV: "Shinigami?" 'This word again?'

This made L think back to the previous conversation he had with Light Yagami, his top suspect on being Kira…


"Here are photographs of three notes, written by prison inmates while under Kira's control just prior to there deaths. None of this information has been made public. You can take as long as you want to look them over, please let me know what you think," said L as he handed the evidence over to Light.

"Very interesting," said Light as he looked over the pictures, "It would be quite amazing to learn that not only could Kira kill others but control his victims actions. I think Kira wrote these and it seems he encoded a message for you as well, almost as if he is mocking you. If you line the notes up side by side and take a look at the first letter of every line it reveals a message, rearranging it like this you get, 'L do you know Gods of Death loves apples.'"

End of Flashback

'The only ones who would know what the cards said were the Taskforce and Light; is she working for Light, -no he wouldn't be stupid enough to let someone let something like that slip,' L thought, 'So that message wasn't just some trivial statement, but actually the truth?'

"Yes," Lorelei said, "They are the cause of this whole Kira Case; I even know how Kira kills."

CV: "How Kira kills?"

"Ahm, but I won't tell you until you guarantee that I can be part of the Kira Investigation," said Lorelei as she smiled.

CV: "How do I not know that this a ploy, You didn't die like one of my men did when you were at Sakura Studios, so how can I be sure you are not Kira or working for Kira."

Angered, Lorelei stood up, "How can you say that, I care for you deeply L, I wouldn't want you dead! I already know your name if I was Kira I would have killed you already, anyways with my powers I could kill you in multiple ways. If you don't believe me let me show you," Lorelei sat back down.

"Your first name is L," she started, "and you last name goes L-A-W-L-"

CV: "-Okay I believe you, but that doesn't mean I trust you. There is no record of you except some folklore tale, if that really is about you anyways. How did you get into the country if you are supposedly from Germany?"

"I swam," said Lorelei as if that was the normal thing in the world, "And then I stole this dress when I was in the country side of Japan, I didn't have any clothes to begin with. So can I stay here?"

CV: "It's not like you have a choice in the matter, you are to stay here, and you're still under suspicion of being Kira. So until I deem it safe, you will be locked up in that room till further notice. Goodnight."

"NO! This isn't fair I came all the way for you; I got those tapes for you. I say I'll do anything to help you, but you won't believe me! Why not?" Yelled Lorelei, but there wasn't an answer back.

'Seems like I should show him the power I have.'

L sat down ready to watch the tapes made by Kira with a bowl of assorted candies and his tea at his side, he was about to press start when he started to hear singing.

You inspire all the good,
all the great,
puts me in the mood for love,
puts me in the mood for love

Since it was a woman's voice he turned on the visual of the cell that was holding his Kira suspect, Lorelei. She was indeed singing.

Tu minspire tout le bon,
le meilleur,
meilleur que des bonbons, lAmour,
tu minspire tant dAmour
Je tenlève tes habits,
comme le papier joli
autour des caramels

Et le sucre de ta peau,
cest tout ce quil me faut pour etre
in the mood for l'Amour

But after that he didn't know what was happening to him or his surroundings, one minute Lorelei was locked up the next the door was open and she was sitting on his lap. And most shocking, he didn't feel the need to eat any candy. What further pushed him off the egde was when she took off his shirt and let her hands explore what is known as his torso.

You inspire all the good
all the great
puts me in the mood for love,
puts me in the mood for love
Toi tu es ma friandise,
mon adorée bêtise,
lobjet de ma faiblesse
Et si seulement je pouvais
tinfuser comme un thé,
toujours in the mood for lAmour

From there Lorelei proceeded to take a drink of his tea and pop in one of his candy, a caramel. But that moment didn't stop the hypnotizing effect that was happening to him.

You inspire all the good,
all the great
puts me in the mood for love,
puts me in the mood for love
Quoique la vie nous réserve,

As if both patrons knew her hypnotizing song was coming to an end Lorelei upped the anti, with no warning Lorelei captured the lips of the world's greatest detective.

Tu minspire, oui, tout le bon,
le meilleur, meilleur que des bonbons, lAmour
Tu minspire tant dAmour.

The kiss was bittersweet, sweet from the tea and candy in her mouth, but bitter because L could actually feel his energy draining. The last thing that went through his mind before he lost consciousness was 'it's real; everything she said was the truth'.

"If he doesn't believe me now I don't know what will make him," said Lorelei as she looked over the now unconscious L, "Well I should get him to a bed it would be uncomfortable for him to sleep on a chair, and without a shirt." Laughing at this Lorelei dragged the detective and put him on the couch, from there she swapped her stolen dress for the detective's shirt. Once she was comfortable she went off to find a blanket.

"I should probably watch those tapes too, he was going to do that before I knocked him unconscious," Lorelei said to herself when she came back with a blanket.

In the Suburbs (a few hours ago)

"There seems to be another person with the Death Note who shares the same views as Kira, he also seems to have the Shinigami Eyes. His power to kill surpasses even mine… but I can't forgive this imposter who is tarnishing Kira's image with these senseless killings. And that girl… she could also be working for the imposter Kira or was extremely lucky. Either way, I have to find out more on her," said Light while he was watching his TV, the laughter of his Shinigami, Ryuk brought him out of his thoughts, "What is it Ryuk?"

"Nothing, it just seems things just got a whole lot more interesting," he replied.

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(1)= that means she not really some old hag in a young girl's body, she's actually younger that L in age.