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Chapter 2: First Attack

"L… L… As much as I enjoy looking at your face you should wake up and take a look at those tapes." A dazed L woke up to see the face of the culprit who put him in the state in which he was in now, Lorelei. "Its 2:00am here's some tea, and an extra shirt," Lorelei said as she handed to two items to the now awoken L.

"Last night-"

"-Yes I'm sorry for that," she said bowing, "I knew you had work to do, I was selfish and acting childish. It's just I finally get to see in real life, but you were leaving, and I didn't want you to not believe me."

"Yes everything's okay I still have some questions though, and I would like to know how Kira kills." said L as he moved to the chair positioned in front of the TV.

"Sure, but, uhm L?" Lorelei said as she was fiddling with the hem of L's, now her shirt.


"Well I don't really have and clothes and I can't really walk around with just your shirt on so I was wondering-"

"Yes," L said as he turned to look at the flustered Lorelei, "When Watari wakes up you two can go shopping." L could see the emotion run on her face as if it was a play, going from scared to embarrassed to pure joy.

"Oh thank you!" Without any warning L found himself embraced in the arms of Lorelei, "thank you L or should I say Ryuuzaki." Before she let go she placed a kiss on the side of the detective's cheek.

"Yes, but first tell me, how Kira kills."

Few hours later

"Well, what do you make of these?" said as he and the rest of the task force came in for work today.

"They were definitely interesting. If the police said yes and would cooperate with Kira tape three would be aired, tape four if the answer was no. Tape three covers the terms of cooperation, put simply he's requesting that we broadcast the names of more criminals, he seems particularly interested in criminals who assaulted others or have somehow hurt or taken advantage of the weak and defenseless. Of course Kira would play the role of judge in all of this.

Furthermore as proof of the police's willingness to cooperate with him, he wants police officials and L to appear on TV to make a public announcement that we plan to work with Kira. He needs us to show our faces, that way he can kill us if we do anything suspicious. In other words he'll hold are lives as insurance." Stated L.

"I see," replied Soichiro, "so what about the content of the fourth video if we were to answer no?"

"The wording was different, but he more of less says the same thing. it should go without saying that the answer is no, please have someone take tape four to Sakura TV and authorize them to broadcast it."

"Hey Ryuuzaki what about the girl that was brought in yesterday?" asked Matsuda.

"She has been deemed not a threat or as being Kira, she has been taken care of."

"So you just let her go?" asked Aizawa.

"No she is to stay in the headquarters until the case is over and will, during the time being also be helping us with the case."

"if you trust her," said Soichiro turning to Ryuuzaki, "then we do to."

In the Shopping District

"Thank you Watari for taking me shopping," said Lorelei as the two entered a cafe.

"No need to thank me I'm just doing my job, it was a pleasure actually," said Watari as he took half of the bags into his hands.

"It was a pleasure for me too! You were like the grandfather I forgot about."

"Oh yes," Watari said as he opened the door, "I heard the interview you had with Ryuuzaki… very interesting."

"You don't believe me?" asked Lorelei as the two sat down. Lorelei really didn't want to do the same thing she did on L on to Watari.

"No I do , Ryuuzaki told me about your powers, and I trust his judgment. And because of your help Ryuuzaki got information on how Kira kills."


"Yes, but first tell me, how Kira kills."

"Does this mean I'm officially apart of the Taskforce?"


"YAY! Okay just listen first, you might not believe me. Anyways I guess I should start from the beginning. There are many realms in existence, this, the realm we are in now is the Human Realm; the realm that brought us Kira's power was the Shinigami Realm. In the Shinigami Realm, well, there's Shinigamis. Shinigamis' purpose in life is when a person comes near to their 'expiration date' a Shinigami will take the remaining life of said person. The remaining life they take gets added on to their own lifespan so they can live for more years. They take away a persons life by writing the person's name in a Death-Note."

"Death-Note? What's that?" asked L.

"Well I've only seen two, but they share the same characteristics, except for the title on the covers. A Death-Note looks like a regular black notebook; on the outside the notebook is titled 'Death-Note', usually in a different language. Anyways the inside of the Death-Note contains a list of rules on the beginning and end covers."

"These rules, do you know any them?" he asked.

"Well I only remember a few… There's 'The human whose name is written in this note shall die.' That's why I didn't die outside of Sakura TV. There's also 'The Death-Note will not affect those under 780 days old.' The same thing goes for pregnant women, because you know using the Death-Note on a pregnant woman would cause the baby to die so it cancels out, making them safe.

Hmm…'The Death-Note will be rendered useless if the victims name's is misspelled four times.' But it can't be on purpose or the person writing the name four times wrong will die. It also talks about that anyone can use the Death-Note even though they don't have ownership over it, as long as they have the person face in mind and know the person's name anyone can kill with the Death-Note. But you already figured that part out.

Some things that aren't written in it but I do remember a Shinigami telling me was that if you do possess the Death-Note you can trade half of your remaining life-span with the Shinigami that owned the Death-Note. When you do that you get what is known as the Shinigami Eyes.

With the Eyes all you need is to see the persons face and you automatically know their name and life-span, well unless that someone has a Death-Note, and then you can't see their life-span. Uhm… also the pages in the Death-Note are never ending. That's all I remember, I'm sorry."

"No it's fine. But I'm not sure the rest of the taskforce will believe this, we'll just keep this between the two of us, and of course the fact that you are not fully human." Said L as he went back to watching the video tapes sent by Kira.

"Oh I'm fine with this, but I'm sure that after hearing the information and watching those tapes you'll agree with me on this. The Kira who sent those tapes isn't the same Kira you were dealing with at the beginning," Said Lorelei as she went to sit on the arm of the sofa.

"Yes during the Sakura TV broadcast I was thinking the same thing."

-End of Flashback-

"-what will you order? The waitress is here." asked Watari.

"Wha, oh," hearing Watari's voice Lorelei snapped out of her reverie, "uhm, I'll have some jasmine tea with a peach shortcake. Thanks." Lorelei turned her head out the window once the waitress left, watching the people go by.

'I wonder what it would be like to have a normal life… again.' Lorelei was brought out of her thought when something caught her eye.

"Watari," she started, "I'll be right back. Something in that store, over there caught my eye."

"Okay, be back soon."

"I will."

Walking down the street

"Misa, I gave that Death-Note to you, so why not use it for yourself?" said a gangly Shinigami.

"I am using it for myself, because I believe in what Kira is doing. I want to know what kind of person Kira is. I want to meet him, and talk to him. That's the only reason I sent all those videos to that TV station. I had to find some way to make Kira notice me," Replied Misa, "and I say that probably got his attention, don't you think?"

"It's a dangerous game you're playing. There's a chance you could be killed. Do you understand?" asked the Shinigami.

"It's alright, I'm sure that Kira is kind to those with pure hearts, and if it came down to that I'm still stronger than he is, because I have the eyes," replied Misa.

"These eyes, is that some sort of weapon…?" started Lorelei, but stopped when said person screamed, "and did I just here you talk about Kira? Won't taking a side in the whole Kira vs. L thing be suicide for your career as a celebrity, Misa?"

"Who, who are you!" Yelled Misa she started backing up, but then noticed she walked right into a deserted pathway. 'Why can't I see her name?'

"You don't remember me? Why don't I refresh your memory, it was outside Sakura's TV Studio, you know? You already killed a cop, but you couldn't kill me, even with those precious eyes of yours. Not even your Shinigami can help you kill me," said Lorelei as she proceeded to walk closer to Misa.

"Wha- what are you talking about, are you a fan? Misa can give you an autograph if you want."

"Don't play dumb Misa, 'but I bet that's all she can do.' I can see your Shinigami and I know you have the Death-Note."

Misa brighten up after hearing this, "Ohh, do you have the Death-Note as well, I can't see your life-span so that must be it, are you a fan of Kira too?"

"No, I'm not a follower of Kira, nor do I have the Death-Note, I just came here to tell you; if you try help Kira in killing L and you happen to kill L, I will come after you. And I don't have the limitations of the Death-Note or the justice system to worry about. So if you forget about this finding Kira business, I'm sure we can become great friends Misa. See you soon," said Lorelei as she walked away from the now bewildered Misa and her Shinigami.

"Well that was weird don't you think so? Rem," said Misa as she continued walking.

"Misa, maybe you should listen to her. You don't know anything about Kira and if you do meet up with him, I won't be able to stop that girl from harming you."

"Don't be a worry-wart Rem, Kira will thank me and protect me from that girl. Come on let's go."

Few hours later

Kira: "I can only say it's a shame that your answer is no. It's clear that the police wish to oppose me, this will not go unpunished. So I'll start by taking the life of either the Director General of the NPA or the Detective known as L, who is currently leading the investigation against me. The Director General or L. Who will pay the price for your refusal to cooperate in the creation of a peaceful world? You have four days to decide."

'L, I'll protect you. No one will kill you. I already know who Kira is and who the imposter Kira is, all we need is evidence.' Lorelei thought, she having already watched the video focused on L to see if any emotion would show on his face. 'He's like a robot.'

"Ryuuzaki, I'm afraid it's as you thought, several of our member countries weighed in and are in favor in having the real L appear on TV."

'What! Why would they vote for that option? They want to kill the greatest detective, the only one who has a chance at stopping Kira? What a bunch of idiots.' Thought Lorelei, but she kept her mouth closed.

"I think that the most appropriate choice given the options. Well we still have three days before it happens maybe we could find some counter measure, after all it would really annoy me if I was killed by the first person to jump on the Kira bandwagon."

"Ryuuzaki what do you mean by that?" Questioned Soichiro.

"That there's a strong possibility that this Kira's a fake. No we should think of him more as a second Kira."

"A second Kira!" said Matsuda.

"I don't understand," said Aizawa, "why do you think there's a copycat? how did you come to that conclusion?"

"I looked at the victims he used for his predictions on tape number one. Their purpose was to prove to Sakura TV staff that he is Kira. Both their names were only reported in tabloids and day time talk shows so they weren't exactly harden criminals. The real Kira has no need to prove himself using such insignificant criminals, but from the prospective of the second Kira he would want to make sure that he didn't predict the death of a criminal that could be killed by the real Kira first."

"Ryuuzaki if you had to put a number on it what would be the probability of a second Kira?" asked Soichiro.

"This time I'll say it's more than 70%. I really don't like the way he operates, it's not like him."

"Not like him?" asked Matsuda.

"In the past he traditionally avoided killing innocent people, with the exception of those who were trying to catch him. Anyway, if we can capture one Kira, I think that will provide us with a lot of insight in how we can find the other one," L turned to Soichiro, "I'd like your permission to ask your son to cooperate with us on this investigation."

"If you want my son to join the taskforce does this mean you no longer suspect him of being Kira?" asked Soichiro.

"Well I can't say that he's been completely cleared but his deductive abilities would be invaluable to us right now."

'So that's what it means,' Soichiro thought, "If my son wants to cooperate with you then I have no reason to prevent it."

"I appreciate that; however please don't tell him that we think this latest Kira might be a fake. I don't want him to know that yet. We want to make it appear to him that we're chasing the same Kira."

During the broadcast, in the suburbs

"It looks like I even got God on my side now; well I suppose it's a God of Death," said Light, "One thing is for certain if I leave things how they are, I'm pretty sure L will be finished off within the next four days. However if this fake Kira slips up and gets caught, the Death-Note could be discovered. And that I can not allow. I can't afford to leave him alone for much longer. Therefore one thing that needs to happen very soon is for me to join the taskforce; it will allow me to keep track of L and this fake Kira."

Hotel, nighttime

"L, everyone's gone now and Watari went to bed… Are you alright?"

"Nice outfit," L said looking at her using his shirt as a nightgown, "But, no Lorelei it's annoying how I might die, and not even by Kira."

"Stop being so melodramatic," Lorelei said went she sat down on his lap, after first making him get out of his crouch, "everyone would have to be an idiot to kill the person who has the biggest chance at stopping Kira."

"What about you? You know more on Kira than I?"

"Do you actually think anyone would believe me? Some nameless woman who claims she knows who Kira is and how Kira kills without any real hard evidence? And if I were to say I could see Shinigami they would send to and asylum and that would be the last of me."

"Yes, your right they would send you to an asylum."

"Hey," she said as she punched his arm, but then rested her head on his shoulder, "anyways I won't allow this second Kira to kill you, especially after what I said to her, she won't have the guts to do it. Unless she's stupid."

L tensed up, feeling this Lorelei looked up. "She?" L started, "you found the second Kira, when was this?"

"When Watari took me shopping, we stopped at a café and I saw a girl walk by with a Shinigami tailing her. Then I followed her around and she was talking of helping Kira and tapes, so she had to be the second Kira. I was going to tell you, but the taskforce was here and I couldn't get you alone-"

"No it's fine, who is the second Kira then?"

"Misa Amane, the model and actress. We can't apprehend her now, but once the crime lab comes back with the evidence on the tape we can deal with this girl."


"Ryuuzaki, you seem really tense. There's nothing we can do now, but everything will go perfectly when we can."

"I don't like being ignored, Ryuuzaki."

'You leave me no choice, and anyways what I'm about to do will help you relax.'

Ay! Mi bien, que no haría yo por ti
Por tenerte un segundo, alejados del mundo
Y cerquita de mí
Ay! mi bien, como el río Magdalena
Que se funde en la arena del mar,
Quiero fundirme yo en ti.

Lorelei guided the entranced L toward the bed once on it she straddled L and took off his shirt 'I'll keep this one too,' she thought. But she was brought out of her thoughts when L flipped positions and put himself on top.

Hay amores que se vuelven resistentes a los daños,
Como el vino que mejora con los años,
Asi crece lo que siento yo por ti.

'This shouldn't be happening, for him to be doing this the moon has to be out.' Lorelei thought, she craned her neck to look out the window; staring back at her was a radiant orb; looking as if it was almost laughing at her. 'Damn my powers are stronger when the moon is out…this is going to lead to something more, L might hate me after this. But I don't want this to stop.' As if Lorelei was under her spell as well, her arms wrapped around L's neck and pressed her lips against his in a desperate kiss. L kissed back instantly, his hands going to her hair where he tangled his fingers in her dark tresses. Her lips parted and let his tongue delve into her mouth. Feeling her respond to his kiss, L let out the groan he had been holding back and his hands started to roam her body.

Hay amores que se esperan al invierno y florecen
Y en las noches del otoño reverdecen
Tal como el amor que siento yo por ti.

She pressed herself against him as they kissed, encouraging the movements of his hands with small whimpers and groans. She pulled back after a moment and looked at him. 'I have to end this it isn't right, I want him to love me, but on his own accord.'

Ay! mi bien, no te olvides del mar
Que en las noches me ha visto llorar
Tantos recuerdos de ti
Ay! mi bien, no te olvides del día
Que separó en tu vida,
De la pobre vida que me tocó vivir

As if disagreeing with her, L kissed her again, pulling her closer with one arm; she shifted and tried to move away, but his free hand slipped to her shoulder and slipped off one of her sleeves of the over sized shirt, he pushed them aside to roughly caress her breasts, his fingers brushing across and pinched at her erect nipples.

Hay amores que se vuelven resistentes a los daños
Como el vino que mejora con los años
Así crece lo que siento yo por ti

"L…ooh, we need to stop this-" She was cut off when she gasped loudly as his lips found the juncture of her shoulder and neck. He bit down on the spot and slowly sucked on the flesh there while running his tongue in slow circles over the skin, her mouth opened and she moaned. When he pulled back he could see a dark mark forming on her pale skin. She knew what was coming next with the last verse things would be taken to the next level, "L, L, L!" pushing him off of her the song ended and the spell broke. "I'm sorry, I didn't know the moon was out, I wanted you to love me the way I do you. It was wrong, playing with your emotions like that. Please don't look at me." Hiding her shame and not wanting to hear L's response, Lorelei hid in the closet located in the room.

"Lorelei, what are you doing in the closet?" L realized that yes, he had been under a trance and was doing acts onto Lorelei that weren't his own accord, but oddly enough he enjoyed the new experience and he realized he was starting to feeling some emotions towards Lorelei even if she was a little promiscuous.

"I'm thinking," her muffled voice said behind the closet door.

"About what?"

"I was thinking that I must be a fool to actually think someone could actually love me, that's why I have the title Lorelei now." Hearing no response back Lorelei sighed, 'He must either agree with me or not care at all to listen to me. Anyways I get the message, I'm not meant to be loved.' Wallowing in her self despair Lorelei burrowed deeper into the closet, only to be brought out by a pair of strong arms.

"You don't blame yourself, Lorelei. I'm not an example of an ideal boyfriend, some people have even called me social inept," said L as he held Lorelei in his arms.

"Guess we all have are problems," Lorelei said while burrowing her head in his chest an idea popped in her mind, she lifted her head up, "L, I'm not giving up on you, and I'm going to make you into a great boyfriend."

"So I'm your boyfriend now?" L chuckled at the notion.

"Yes you are. And whether you like it or not, you're going to fall in love with me."

"Can't wait to see that happen."

"And you're going to love every minute of it. Though I feel I still owe you something, can I help you with something?"

"Yes," said L, "I do need your help with something."

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