Summary: When Lorelei is taken into the Kira Taskforce on suspicion of being Kira she claims she came here to help L, but also claims she comes from the bottom of a river. Parts in the story based on the German Folklore, 'Lorelei'. LxOC

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Chapter 4: First Confessions

Voicemail: -You have one new message- "Light there's another message from the second Kira, it was sent to Sakura TV and we intercepted it. I'm told it's a video and journal this time, anyways I figured I should tell you." –End of message-

'A journal,' thought Light as he heard the message his dad left, 'What is that idiot up to now? Why can't he just wait?'

A few hours later, Hotel

"He wanted the journals shown on TV?" asked Light.

"Yes, this is it," said as he handed the journals entries to his son.

'2006, these are from last year,' Thought Light.

"Please look at the entry made on the 30th," said L.

'-Confirmed our Shinigami at the Tokyo Dome-, this is probably supposed to mean that they do this on May 30th. If this were to air on TV, the intentions would be obvious to anyone who was to see it. Besides he can't see my Shinigami unless he touches my Death-Note. How does he plan to do that?

... May 22 my friend and I showed off our notebooks in Aoyama. If by notebooks he referring to our Death-Notes that something that could only be understood by me and as for the police they would be distracted by the May 30th entry. I'm almost positive the real message in this diary is the one regarding Aoyama. '

"What do you think," said L as he approached Light, "is it real?"

'I have to be careful and not say too much, better to wait and hear his opinion first,' Light thought, after thinking awhile he said, "At this point and time all I can say for sure is that he must be stupid."

"I agree," said Matsuda, "It's completely obvious he wants to meet Kira at the home game."

"Doesn't he understand," started Soichiro, "what would happen if we air this message? It would create an immediate panic and the game would have to be canceled."

"To be honest," said L, but stopped to take a bite of his chocolate cake, "it's so stupid, I'm not even sure how to deal with this situation anymore. If we make the diary public we're forced to make some televised announcement that the game is canceled on the 30th. But if we don't broadcast it we can be sure that the second Kira won't do anything."

"Won't canceling the game anger the second Kira? There's no telling what he'll do," replied Matsuda.

"Frankly, that's not a big concern," said L, "the second Kira gave his word to the Kira we've invented that he'd refrain from killing aimlessly. I'm inclined to believe that. I say we make it public, and we air an announcement canceling the game. At the same time we're going to announce that we'll be setting up checkpoints all leading to the Tokyo Dome on May 30th. Also lastly, we will send a message from our invented Kira saying 'I understand, and agree to meet you there'."

"Ryuuzaki, you don't honestly expect him to go there if we set up checkpoints around The Dome do you?" asked Soichiro.

"I don't think Kira would consider it, but it's possible the other one might. It all depends on how stupid he is," L stopped to take a sip of tea, "However, assuming he isn't the idiot that we think he is, there could be another message hidden in this diary, one that is not so obvious. One that only people with this killing power would understand. So we will look into all of the places that were mentioned in the journal. Aoyama and Shibuya, so let's keep a look out for people with notebooks in Aoyama and people in clothing stores in Shibuya."

'It's as I thought, If this phony Kira slips up and gets apprehended at the very least I have to obtain his notebook and in the worse case I may have to end up killing everybody there,' thought Light, 'But if I had Lorelei on my side these scenarios would likely never have to come. Where is she anyways?'

"All we can do is place more surveillance cameras in Aoyama and Shibuya, in hopes that we will catch someone," said L, "We should also arrange to have undercover officers in both locations on these dates."

"I should probably go to Aoyama and Shibuya," said Matsuda, "since I blend in with the crowd, you know?"

"I'll go too," said Light.

"But Light," started his father.

"I'll be alright, besides Aoyama and Shibuya are places I would normally hang out at. And I'd look the most natural hanging around Matsui."

"Then it's settled Matsui and Light will go undercover at Aoyama and Shibuya," said Ryuuzaki.

"Can I go too?" said Lorelei as she came into the room from the kitchen with a piece of chocolate chiffon cake and chamomile tea.

"I'd rather you not." Hearing this Lorelei puffed up her cheeks, but then a devious smiled formed on her face, 'Then I'll just have to persuade L in letting me go.'

After Kira Meeting

"Okay we'll talk more about our trips tomorrow," said Light.

"Sounds good Light, see you tomorrow. Careful getting home," said Matsuda as he got into a taxi cab.


"Yes?" Matsuda said when he answered his phone.

"It's Ryuuzaki. When you two are working together, I want you to keep a close eye on Light the entire time. Please keep this between you and me."

"Uh, sure, I understand." 'I guess he still plans to investigate Light, until the probability that he's Kira is at zero.'

Suburbs, nighttime

"I'm home," said Light.

"Hello dear, you're back quite late today," Light's mom said as she greeted her son.

"Yeah," 'I'm supposed to keep the fact that I'm helping with the Kira Investigation a secret,' "It's because I was hanging out with my girlfriend."

"AHHH! What, Light you have a girlfriend," Sayu yelled as she rushed into the foyer, "you actually have a girlfriend now? What's her name?"

"It's not that surprising," said Light as he proceeded to walk up the stairs to his room, "I'm eighteen, and I go to University now. Of course I have a girlfriend." Once in his room Light's demeanor changed from a casual one to sinister. He locked his bedroom door and walked to his desk. Once he was sure he was all alone he turned to his Shinigami. "Okay Ryuk. We need to have a little talk."

"Should have known," said Ryuk.

"And I would appreciate an answer from you, if you would. If two Shinigami happen to meet in the human world, are they allowed to speak to each other?"

"Hard to say, As long as I'm attached to a human, I say it's against the rules, unless I had their permission first. But there's no law against it either, so I guess it's possible that another Shinigami might talk to me."

"So does that mean that if this fake Kira's Shinigami were to see you, there's a chance that he might mention the fact that you're with me and reveal that I'm Kira."

"They probably wouldn't, but it depends on their personality," said Ryuk as he walked over to the desk.

"And if this kind of situation did arrive I can assume that you would act the way you normally do?"

"Yeah. Even if I see another Shinigami with a human, I not gonna tell you."

"Well I definitely think you have the right approach," said Light.

Taskforce Headquarters (Hotel) (Lemon-Limey part)

"Ryuuuuu, why can't I go with Matsui and Light to Aoyama and Shibuya? I promise I won't mess anything up," said Lorelei as she walked up to L.

Looking away from the laptop L said, "It's not that I'm worried that you'll mess anything up, I'm worried about you getting into danger. You already confronted the Second Kira, if she were to see you there; you may provoke her into to doing something."

"Wouldn't that be a good thing?! Misa can't hurt me and if she were to do something, we could easily apprehend her after that. Wouldn't that be a win-win situation?"

"It wouldn't be a win-win situation if Matsui or Light were to die while you were out patrolling. I'm not going to put their lives at stake just because you want to go."

'Since he won't let me go I'll have to persuade him in letting me go.' "Ryuuu, is there anything I can do for you to let me go." At this point Lorelei was kneeling on the floor with her head in L's lap. "I could always do a repeat of last night for you."

Without warning, Lorelei's lips traveled from L's lips to neck and then down to his shirt collar. L felt her teeth nip his skin when she moved his collar to get to the skin under his shirt. Lorelei's slender fingers then went under his shirt to graze the skin on his chest. Her hands traveled down from his chest and stomach to the hem of his pants. When her fingers found the button that kept the jeans closed; she undid the button and slowly, as if only to agonize L and his now throbbing member, unzipped the zipper.

As her fingers found L's most prized part of his anatomy and squeezed it hard L let out a pleasured groan.

While Lorelei planted kisses on L's jaw, neck and lips her hand began to move up and down his erection. Letting out a moan Lorelei giggled, "You like this Ryu," she squeezed harder, "I think you do, very much." Usually perceptive of his surroundings L didn't notice when Lorelei lips left neck or when she stopped kissing him, he didn't notice until something warm and wet surrounded him.

Her mouth covered him completely. He could feel her tongue as it swirled around him, he could feel it the deeper she went in and each time she pulled out. Lorelei then started to suck on him and give small, pleasurable nips at his head. Lorelei began to go faster; she sucked harder, and used one of her hands to squeeze him.

L's body reacted before he knew what he was doing. He grabbed Lorelei's head with his hand to thrust her forward on to him. He let out another moan, he was getting close now. She let him thrust her in and out, while she sucked and skimmed her teeth over him slightly. Then L's world went blank. He came hard and fast into her mouth, feeling only him and her mouth around him.

After a while Lorelei got off of him and tucking him back into his pants, Lorelei sat in his lap and started too played with his hair. She waited for his breath to regulate before she spoke, "Soooooo, Ryu can I go undercover to Aoyama and Shibuya?"

At first L couldn't speak, still dazed from the experience Lorelei did onto him. He gained his composure back after hearing Lorelei speak. "No, I would rather you not. It has nothing to do with keeping you stuck in the hotel; I just don't want to see you hurt." L cupped Lorelei's face and kissed her, long and hard, tasting him on her mouth, breaking the kiss L said, "Stay here with me, where I know that you'll be safe."

"Yes. I will," said Lorelei captivated.

"Though I wanted to ask you, why didn't you charm me into letting you go? That would have been easier for you."

"Yes, I know, but I never want to use my powers on you ever again. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you hated me or stopped trusting me, because I didn't listen to your orders, and anyways you're doing this to protect me so I don't mind," said Lorelei as she snuggled deeper into L, "though can you do one little thing for me?"

"What would that be?"

"Well if you don't mind, could you sleep with me; just for tonight? It's really lonely all alone at night in such a big room. And I know you don't really sleep a lot, but you're still human, you need to rest. And if you really don't want to, you could always leave when I fall asleep," Lorelei said in a rushed voice.

"Sure," L said.

"You will? Thanks, Ryu." Lorelei dragged L and herself into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed and then under the covers, L following suit.

Though perfectly content lying in L's arms Lorelei thought he would probably leave later that night. What she didn't know was that L would stay with her for the entire night. L was Lulled into a deep sleep by the rhythm of the female occupant's heartbeat, as if that sound was another song that enchanted him to her.

Next Day, Aoyama

"Excuse me…Light? So, what's going on here?" asked Matsuda as he approach Light who was with a group of other Uni students.

"These are some of my friends from school."

"Nice to meet you," said Matsuda as he bowed to the others.

"This is my cousin Taro, this is his first time ever in Tokyo and he wants to see Aoyama, and I figured the least we could do is show him a good time," said Light, "I'm counting on you guys. Oh yeah, he also told me he's looking for a girlfriend, so does anyone want to volunteer?"


"Hey, I never said that."

Later in the day

'I'm impressed Light,' thought Matsuda, 'I doubt that anyone would ever suspect a police detective hanging around students.'

'With all of us walking together like this,' thought Light, 'Even if Ryuk is seen no one would be able to tell which one he's following. It's also a good defense against L's surveillance cameras. It's not such a bad way to investigate really, I just have to stay relaxed and keep an eye out for anyone suspicious.' However while looking out for someone suspicious, someone was looking at Light.

"Found you," said a girl with short black hair, in a school girl outfit, 'Moon Yagami, is it? You're the only one's lifespan I can't see. He's Kira, I can't believe it, and I never thought it would be this easy to find him.'

"Alright Rem, it's time to go."

"You finally found him, and now you want to leave?"

"Well I can't go up to him and say, hi Kira it's nice to meet you, I was the one who sent you the messages, with all these people around. I know his name now, I can easily find out more about him. After all it's such a unique name."

Afternoon, some apartment building

"Oh, it's written as Moon, but read as Light. Light Yagami, he sure is amazing. Look at all this stuff, he won the national tennis championship when he was in his second and third year of junior high, and he gave an address as freshmen representative in this year's entrance ceremony at Toho University. I can't find a picture of him, but I don't know anyone else with a name like Light Yagami."

'Who would have thought that Kira could be so young and handsome? Everything about his is better than I imagined.'

Next day, Kira headquarters

"So we were there for both days, and we observed nothing of significance on either occasion, that leaves us with only the Dome on the 30th." Said Aizawa.

'I didn't notice anyone who looked suspicious, is he serious about the Dome?' though Light.


"Ryuuzaki, apparently Sakura TV has just received another message from the second Kira. It was posted marked on the 23rd." Watari said through the computer, "Here's the message."

Second Kira: "I'm happy to say that I found Kira. To all the people of the television station and police department, I'd like to thank you very much."

'Impossible,' thought Light, 'Where in Aoyama? His Shinigami! It must have seen Ryuk and picked me out the crowd. No, no there's no way he could have known who Ryuk was attached to. I checked repeatedly to make sure that no one was following me.'

'If this is true,' thought L, 'the only possible event that would correspond with this tape being mailed on the 23rd is the entry regarding Aoyama on the 22nd. The only ones from the taskforce that went to Aoyama was Matsuda and Light Yagami. Is Light really Kira after all? Still there isn't any proof that it happened in Aoyama at all.'

"This is a disaster if he found him," said Aizawa.

"It most likely means that the two Kiras are now working together," said Soichiro.

"At this point I don't think we should jump to any conclusions, the second Kira is only saying that he found him, nothing more. He may not have made contact yet. Now that it has come to this, we have no choice but to communicate as the Police directly to the second Kira," said L.

"You want to send a message?" asked Matsuda.

"Yes, the Police need to reach out to the copy-cat and offer him a deal. We need to negotiate with him so see if we can get Kira's real name."

Ryuk chuckled, "That's the last thing you wanted to hear, right?"

'This isn't good, I have no idea how the fake Kira will react to this and I have no means of stopping the police from sending this message.'

Later in the day

TV: "If Kira doesn't yet know your name, it may not be too late for you, providing you are willing to cooperate. Whatever you do you most not approach Kira out of curiosity, make no mistake he will kill you if you contact him. You will be used and disposed of. Consider your own life for a moment, yours like every other life has an intrinsic value. Now is your chance to right past wrongs by sharing what you know about Kira. Only you can bring his reign of terror to an end."

'Perfect, we'll soon learn what choice the copy-cat Kira will choose, but based on Lorelei's assessment and Amane Misa's childhood, she will choose the side of Kira. Where is Lorelei? She normally doesn't come out during the meeting but she's never this late in coming out…'

"Watari, is Lorelei still in her room?"

"Yes, I checked in on her earlier in the day. She seems to still be asleep."

'That's odd.' Curious, L got up to check on Lorelei. Upon entering the room, Watari's statement was confirmed true when L saw that Lorelei was asleep. Going up to shake her L said, "Lorelei it's time for you to get up." Getting no response L shifted Lorelei from her lying on her stomach position to turn to face him. L gasped, Lorelei was deathly pale.

"Watari!" Hearing his name called out the older man rushed into the room, seeing the deathly ill girl Watari went into his role of caretaker and checked for a pulse.

"It's low, one that a person would have when someone is asleep," Watari took out a flashlight a checked her eyes, "there's nothing wrong with her, Ryuuzaki, she's just in a deep sleep." Putting Lorelei in a sitting Watari checked her breathing again, "I don't know what wrong with her Ryuuzaki, was she okay last night?"

Distracted L didn't hear Watari until his name was repeatedly called, "Oh, uh no she was fine last night…" 'Something isn't right Lorelei seems… incomplete.'

"Her necklace."

"What?" confused, Watari turned to L for an answer.

"There is a necklace she wears everyday, and she never takes it off, even in the shower. But she isn't wearing it now."

"We need to find it," said L.

Same time, Suburbs


"Welcome ho- uhm, hi?" said Sayu as she opened the door, thinking it was his father only to find a blond woman at the door.

"Hello and good evening, I am Misa Amane. I just came by to give Light an important notebook he left at school earlier today."

"Could you wait right here for a second?" said Sayu, she then turned to run up the stairs to her brother's room, "Light!"

'Notebook? Could it be…' Suspecting if was the fake Kira, Light walked down the stairs and to the front door. Seeing that it was a girl at the door Light stepped outside and closed the door behind him.

"Pleased to meet you," said the girl, "I'm Misa Amane. I thought you might get worried if you saw that message on TV, I just couldn't take it anymore so I… brought this notebook." Ruffling through her bag she pulled out her Death-Note.

'A Death-Note.' Shocked Light walked over to Misa and touched her notebook

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