Chapter 36

"We're running low on blood, Edward. I promise we won't be long. Bella has three days until she's due to deliver. I'll be back in the morning," Carlisle tried to tell my husband.

With our ever-growing half vampire baby in my stomach, the blood supply I was drinking from was slowly decreasing. Edward didn't want Carlisle to leave for the one day journey in case something happened to me and the baby. Carlisle was confident if I was extremely careful, the baby and I should be fine until he and Esme returned.

"And besides, if something should happen, Rosalie can deliver the baby just as good as I can. She has four medical degrees. And I'll be able to get back quickly if something does go wrong. You shouldn't worry, Edward," Carlisle reassured him.

Finally, Edward sighed. "Alright, but hurry back."

"I will, son," Carlisle said putting a hand on his shoulder. With that, Carlisle and Esme left quickly to get the new blood supply.

I was laid back against the pillows, aimlessly watching the television. Sophie was upstairs asleep in her room. Edward came over and shifted me carefully and maneuvered until he was behind me. I leaned against his chest as he laid his hands delicately against my stomach.

"You shouldn't worry so much. Carlisle wouldn't leave if he thought me or the baby would be in danger," I said, stroking his hand softly.

"It's in my job description as a husband to worry about my wife," he said quietly into my ear.

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever you say."

Jasper and Emmett were upstairs researching some more on our situation while Rosalie and Alice were looking at magazines across the room.

"You know, we really should go shopping for some baby clothes," Alice said to Rosalie.

"Yeah, the baby is going to need something to wear when he gets here," Rosalie said back.

"Uh guys, there's a problem with that. We don't know the sex of the baby," I said cutting in.

That didn't seem to faze them. "We'll just buy clothes for both. Then whatever the baby isn't, we'll donate that set to charity," Alice said with a wave.

"That's not necessary. I have clothes for both sexes upstairs," I said. My heart clenched at the thought of the boys' clothes I never got to use. I quickly pushed that thought away.

Rosalie and Alice stared at me with wide eyes. "Why would we allow our niece or nephew to wear hand-me-downs? That's just a crime, Bella! Absolutely not!" Alice said.

"Alice, they can do for now. I have more than enough. I don't want them to go to waste. I'm sure the baby won't mind wearing the hand-me-downs. I don't feel comfortable with you buying baby clothes without me or Edward," I said timidly.

It was the truth. It wasn't something I wanted to do without Edward. I felt it was something only Edward and I were suppose to do.


"No, Alice. Just drop it," Edward cut in with a stern voice.

She narrowed her eyes at us before looking through her magazine again.

I looked at Edward with a thankful look in my eyes. He smiled down at me before kissing me softly. After watching some more television for a while, I felt an uncomfortable feeling in my lower stomach.

"Edward?" I asked softly.

"Yes, love?" he answered, looking down at me.

"I need to use the bathroom," I said with a blush. This blood diet had me going a lot. It didn't help that the baby was sitting on my bladder either.

He chuckled quietly.

"I'll get her," Rosalie said standing up. Her overprotectiveness of me and the baby is sweet on her part, but she's been suffocating me just a little. I was forever thankful for her, but I wish she would back off just a little.

"I've got her," Edward snapped. I could tell he was a little tired of her hovering too.

"It's fine, Rose," I said.

She narrowed her eyes at Edward before sitting back down. She kept her eyes on him intently, making sure he wouldn't try anything. As if he would hurt me and the baby now.

"Can I walk? My legs are feeling a little stiff," I said, sitting up straight.

Edward hesitated for a second, before nodding. He helped me up slowly, keeping his hands on my waist in case I fell. I let my legs hold my weight, sighing in the relief as the muscles moaned in satisfaction. I really should walk more.

Edward walked with me slowly, always keeping a hand on me. We took the steps slowly, me keeping my arms around his waist as we took the stairs one by one. When we reached the bathroom, he helped me with my pants, since I couldn't exactly seem them at the moment. He stood outside the door as I did my business. I stood up slowly, with the support of the counter. When I called Edward back in, he did my pants for me and allowed me to wash my hands.

We slowly started for the stairs, when all of a sudden, I got a terrible pain in my lower back. I groaned and put a hand on the spot. It didn't help the familiar soreness that came from my lower muscles.

"What is it? What's wrong? What hurts?" Edward asked in a panic.

"Calm down," I panted. I was suddenly out of breath.

"What is it, Bella?" he asked still panicky.

"It's just my back. It hurts. It's nothing to worry about. It did this while I was pregnant with Sophie. It's normal for women to feel pain in their lower back when they get closer to their due date," I reassured him. The pain still hadn't gone away, which was weird. Last time it did this, it went away as quickly as it came. Well, at least until….

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Are you sure, you're okay?"

"I'm fine, Edward," I said. But as soon as I spoke the words, I felt a pinch in my stomach, then a huge gush between my legs.

Mine and Edward's eyes widen at the same time. It was time.

"Edward, my water just broke," I said.

The words unfroze him and sent him into action immediately. He picked me up and ran me into the small hospital setup we had in Carlisle's office.

"Rosalie, Alice! Get in here! Emmett, Jasper! Make sure Sophie stays upstairs!" he yelled through the house. I felt my pants disappear as a blanket was thrown over my legs.

I moaned in pain as the first contraction hit. I grabbed the closest thing next to me, which happened to be Edward's arm. I dug my nails into his stone skin, most likely breaking them.

"Bella, breathe. Breathe love," Edward whispered, taking my other hand, which was balled up into a fist, in his.

"Bella, listen to Edward. I need you to breathe," Rosalie said somewhere from the room. I had my eyes closed tightly as the pain finally passed.

"Bella, hold on. Carlisle is on his way," Alice said, holding a phone to her ear.

"There's not enough time, she's already dilated enough. It's the vampire side of the baby accelerating things. We'll have to do it now," Rosalie said.

I screamed in pain as another contraction hit. I held Edward's hand tightly, as the pain passed. It was a good thing his hand was made of stone. I would probably have broken it by now if he were still human. I don't remember the pain being this bad when I had Sophie.

"Bella, on the next contraction, I need you to push," Rosalie said.

I whimpered and nodded as the beginning of another contraction hit me.

"Bella, you can do this. I love you so much," Edward said in my ear.

I screamed as I pushed with everything I had in me, ignoring what he said to me.

"Don't you ever touch me again, Edward Cullen!" I screamed as the worse of the pain hit me.

Edward's eyes widened, until Alice said something to him that I didn't catch. I was too busy focusing on pushing a watermelon out of my body. Edward started laughing quietly, which made me angry. I couldn't find time to be mad at him, because another painful contraction hit. What was taking so long? I screamed louder, reaching for the next thing I could, Edward's hair. I yanked at the roots, thankful once again he wasn't human. It's a good thing he didn't complain either. There was no telling what was coming out of my mouth at this point.

"The baby is breeched. We're going to have to do a C-Section," Rosalie's voice cut through my haze.

I opened my eyes, just in time to see her reach for a syringe. I met Edward's fearful eyes, just as Rosalie stuck the syringe in my leg. Slowly, my body became numb. I watched as Rosalie lifted a knife and slid it across my stomach.

When the blood came to the surface, I watched in horror as Rosalie's eyes turned pitched black. It wasn't until that moment I remember she hadn't hunted in weeks.

"Rosalie, don't!" Edward screamed, throwing himself at her. He jumped across the table, tackling her to the ground.

Without him by my side, I freaked out. Horrible memories of the last time they had to cut my babies out came back. Something was wrong.

"Edward!" I screamed thrashing back and forth.

I felt cold hands on arms, holding me still. I looked up into Edward's golden eyes.

"I'm right here, love," he assured me.

I felt myself weaken, slowly dozing in and out of consciousness. I could faintly hear Edward tell someone to get Rosalie out of the room.

"Edward, the amniotic sac is made of stone. The only thing we can cut it with-"

"With my teeth, I know," I heard Edward tell Alice.

"But can you do it? You're still young. Her blood could set you off," Alice worried.

"This is my wife and child. I'm beyond the past of caring for blood right now," Edward growled.

"Edward…." I moaned, coming back into the moment.

"Bella, I'm going to get our baby out. Stay with me, love," he said.

I felt a series of pain as I watched Edward lean down onto the open cut on my stomach. I screamed, but couldn't move due to the morphine I had ejected with. My vision kept going and coming as I would watch Edward lean down, then come back up with blood all over his face. Finally, what seemed like an eternity, the pain fully disappeared as I felt something pulled from my stomach.

I looked up and saw Edward smiling at something through my fuzzy vision. The sound of a baby crying alerted me. Edward let out a laugh of relief and utter joy.

"Hey," he crooned to the baby in his arms. The baby quieted as Edward lifted him into my view. Covered in blood, two brown eyes stared back at me.

"It's Renesmee," Edward whispered softly, looking at me.

Renesmee? Not the baby boy I thought she would be. It didn't matter to me, she was beautiful. More beautiful than her father, which I thought could be impossible.

I watched as he slowly brought her closer to me. I lifted my arms as he set her down in them, keeping a hand on her.

"So beautiful," I whispered, exhaustion taking over.

She stared up at me with those brown eyes, my brown eyes. She nuzzled softly into my chest. Before I knew what was happening, I felt a pain over my left breast, and my baby was ripped away from my arms.

I looked down to see a crescent shaped mark on my skin.

"No," he said softly to Renesmee, pulling her back to his chest. I stared at the two of them. They looked absolutely beautiful together.

I could slowly feel myself fading out of consciousness, something that scared me. This sleep felt permanent, like I would never wake up. I tried to stay awake, tried to focus on Edward and Renesmee, but the sleep seemed to be winning.

I could faintly hear Alice calling my name, then Edward calling my name. It sounded muted, like I had my hands over my ears. With one last glance towards the beautiful sight in front of me, I felt myself drift away.


I watched in horror as the life from Bella faded.

"Bella, stay with us, Bella!" Alice said, shaking her shoulders lightly.

I knew what I had to do. I wrapped Renesmee in a towel, who was oblivious to what was happening to her mother.

"Alice, take the baby," I demanded.

Alice stopped calling Bella's name and flew to my side, taking Renesmee from my arms. I watched them walk out of the door before flying into action.

I pulled the syringe that held my venom and searched for the spot over her left breast. I stuck the needle into heart, plunging the venom into her heart. I wasted no time, pumping her heart, trying to get the venom to spread.

"Come on, Bella. Don't leave me. Don't leave us," I said, my sobs overtaking my body. I couldn't lose her now.

"Bella, baby, please don't leave me. Come back," I begged, cupping her face into my bloody hands.

I continued to pump her heart, praying to God she would survive. I needed her like humans needed oxygen. I couldn't live without her.

"You're not dead!" I growled, pumping her heart harder and faster. I would pump her heart for three days if it meant she would live.

Finally, by some miracle, I heard her heart give a thud. I paused as the next thud sounded. Then one after other, a thud echoed from her chest. I released a sigh of relief, laying my head on her chest. I waited for each thud to prove to me she was alive. And her heart didn't disappoint. Before I knew it, her heart was speeding up. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Carlisle staring at me.

"You did a wonderful job, son," he said with a smile.

"But she's so still. I must have done something wrong," I said, voicing my worries.

"Son, you did everything I could have and more. I wouldn't have had the motivation you had to keep her alive. You didn't give up. Listen to her heart. She's going to be perfectly fine," Carlisle said.

I nodded, but still allowed myself to worry.

"Edward," I heard Alice say. I turned and saw her standing in the doorway with Renesmee in her arms. I flew to her side, taking Renesmee from her. She was the only thing that kept me grounded in this moment.

"She wanted you," Alice said. I nodded, looking down at the beautiful baby Bella and I created.

"Where's Sophie?" I asked, looking up at Alice.

"She's downstairs with Esme. She woke up while Bella was in labor, so Esme is with her now. Rosalie and I will clean Bella up. Why don't you take Renesmee downstairs to meet the family? Sophie is excited to meet her," Alice said.

I looked towards Bella's still body, torn between going to see my other daughter and staying here.

"Edward, she's going to be fine. See?" Alice said, sending me a vision.

It was one of Bella and I hunting. Bella looked beautiful, of course. We were running through the forest, chasing a herd of elk.

I smile at Alice and nodded. I walked over to Bella and laid a kiss on her forehead, before walking down the stairs. I smiled to myself as I held Renesmee tightly in my arms. Everything was going to be perfect.

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