Five girls looked at the big big building known as Ouran High School.

"Yeah, I know right-and OH MY GOD, IT'S LIKE A FREAKING CASTLE," a small girl said her chocolate brown eyes wide. She had strawberry blonde hair, cut until her shoulders. She had a petite and slender frame and wore a look of awe.

"Well, it is for rich people, and OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THAT UNIFORM," another girl screeched at the top of her lungs, causing a lot of attention. "What, you've never seen someone scream in public?" She had silver eyes and was a brunette with reddish-brown highlights. She was of decent hight, and her shirt clung to her showing off her curves. She had a very delicate face.

"Ok, not that I don't feel strongly about your dislike on the uniform, Jane, but where are Ash and Chris?" A very tall girl who had been holding the small girl was wearing a very curious/worried look. She was tall and very beautiful girl, with tanned skin, blonde hair with light pink streaks. She had cocoa colored eyes, and rose colored lips. Her long and slender arms were scarred and bruised as were her knees.

Almost as if rehearsed, two girls, both wearing grey hoodies, skidded to a stop,"Sorry, slept in late." They were wearing earphones and were singing 'Down' by Jay Sean. They were twins with light brown complexions, and dark brown-almost black hair. They both were wearing hazel contacts, and had a small scar running down their left cheek. They were of average height and wore devilish smirks.

"You know, you're gonna get your hair messed up, and are you eating your breakfast now?" Jane asked them curiously.

"Yeah, we slept in late, and Brian and Danny took the boards, so we had to run,"they said in unison.

"Hey Kay-kay,"Jane said calling the short girl over and whispered something in her ear.

"Hey guys,"she started innocently,"Can I have some food?"

"No," they said bluntly.

"Please," she asked using puppy dog eyes.

"No,"they said grinning widely reading the disbelief and fury that was on her face,"and you should know, we've been around you too long for those eyes to effect us."

"Fine,"Kay-kay stuck her tongue out at them.

"If your all through,"the tall girl said, annoyed to the core.

"C'mon Zee, lighten up,"the twins said in unison.

"Whatever, can we just go,"Zee asked pointing towards the door.

"Yeah, lets go," Jane said happily.

(Main office)

"Ah yes, the new transfer students,"Mr. Suoh, the principal/headmaster, said,"Ms. Klein, Ms. Beakerman, Ms. Kingston, Mr. Patel and Mr. Patel, Pleasure to meet you all."

"Mr,"Ash and Chris exchanged glances,"Um, I hope you realize that we're girls, right?" They yanked off their hoods as if to prove it.

"Of course, how silly of me,"Mr. Suoh said apologetically,"Now, we'll have to fix that on your admission slip, but their all handed out already, so if you'll adjust to when the teachers call you Mr. and please correct them. As for uniforms, I heard your outburst about them earlier, Ms. Kingston, and I have no objections to you wearing regular clothes as long as they are not revealing or red and white, as those are the colors of our rival school."He smiled and ran a finger through his hair,"Now, if that's all here are your schedules, and it's best that you're on your way."

Silently, the girls left the room, and departed, Zee and Kay-kay in their 3rd year, Jane in her 2nd year, and the twins in their 1st year. Each of them thinking the same thing,'Ouran Academy, how the hell am I supposed to get myself through the year?'


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