Title: Naruto: Rise of the Magister Juubi

Summary: At the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi started by Madara he captured Killer Bee and extracted Hachibi, then Naruto was captured and as the Kyuubi was being extracted Naruto used his last resort and uses a variation of the Shiki Fuujin. As a result he draws in the other Bijuu and as a result becomes the new Juubi, after that he sees that everyone he cared about is gone and the Shinobi world is in shambles, so with the knowledge he got from his technique, and sealing everything that was left of his home, Technique Scrolls, Weapons, Treasures, Mementos of his loved ones, etc. are sealed into the Forbidden Scroll, he then seals himself under a spiritual tree(What would later become the World Tree) and slumbers so he can fully adjust to his power and new position as Juubi. Then 8,000 years later the seal is accidentally broken when Negi was in the middle of the Library Island Arc and he is released back into a world that is totally changed and hasn't seen beings of his power in Millennium and he has to keep a low profile or he would become a target. As a result he becomes a staff member of Mahora academy to learn of the world, and also as a result of his instincts and his lonely heart to find a Mate or Mates to be able to continue his peoples ways(Naruto is immortal but he will be able to mark his mates so they will live as long as him). He will be helping Negi with trouble and his class. Powerful! God-like Naruto(though he will try to restrain using too much power as to avoid unwanted attention)

Pairing: Naruharem

Choices: Shizuna, Chizuru, Mana, Setsuna, Konoka, etc.

Rating: Mature for Language, Violence, Lemons, Sexual references

Just some idea I thought up, hope someone uses it.