Ryku: okay then…..
Piper: this is going to be interesting….

"I WILL GET MY REVEGE" echoed through the house. Waking Daphne from her usually deep sleep. So curious as to who had woken her she crept down the stairs; Skipping the ones that she knew creaked, until finally she reached the end. She saw Sabrina and Puck playing a video game and decided to remain unnoticed, standing in the shadows that were in one of the corners.

"YOU CHEATED!" screamed Puck at the point when he had, obviously, lost.
"I did not! You're just too much of a baby to take losing to a girl!" Sabrina yelled right back.

It was only a few minuets until an actual fight had broken out. Sabrina on top kicking, Puck on bottom punching. That, however did not last long. In a matter of minuets Puck was on top elbowing and Sabrina helplessly blocking attacks. Unsurprisingly that didn't last very long either.

Soon they were standing and sword fighting, their normal means of fighting, and Puck was dominating. Sabrina who noticed that she was going to have to unwillingly give up the fight, threw her sword to the floor and said "you win."

Puck laughed, but stayed tensed to fight as he sat down on the couch. Sabrina walked over and sat beside him, closer than she ever would in the daytime, or while she knew someone was watching, and leaned back so her head was resting on his shoulder. That didn't shock Daphne near as much as what happened next, Puck wrapped his arms around her shoulders and said "you win."

Daphne could barely hold in her squeal any more so she ran up the stairs and threw her head into her pillow, letting out her loudest, and highest pitch, squeal yet.


"Aren't they cute?" squealed a very recognizable voice
"Yes. Should we wake them?" said a rougher, deep voice
"Nah! Let them sleep! Don't they make the perfect couple?" said another, older, lady like voice

It was at that point that Sabrina and Puck opened their eyes and found them to be looking at each other. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" they both screamed in perfect harmony, jumping away from each other. However they both fell
to the floor, their shoelaces were tied together.

Ryku: were going to die aren't we?
Demon: very likely
Rachel: sorry I shouldn't have suggested candy as a cure for her writers block.
DEMON AND RYKU * kills her* X_X (that's her)