Me: Drabbas for life!
Ryku: she's addicted!
Demon: defiantly
Rayne: Earth and Water, Fire and air,
see your daughter standing there
By the dark of moon and light of sun,
As I will, let it be done!

All: that doesn't sound good…..

"WAKE UP LIBLINGS! TIME FOR TRAINING!" Granny yelled, starting the day with yelling, yet again… However she only took the time to wake up Sabrina and Puck. Looks like it was going to be either a combat day or a get along or else day…. What fun…
Sabrina and Puck rolled out of their beds at the same time and began getting dressed in perfect harmony, neither knowing the other was doing so. Then as they were leaving their rooms they saw the other and dashed for the bathroom, Sabrina winning.

Once they were ready and dressed, Sabrina and Puck went in search of Granny. They found her and Uncle Jake waiting in the car.
"where are we going?!" asked a bewildered Sabrina.
"well…..your going to uh…..counseling" said Uncle Jake.

"COUNSELING?!" Puck and Sabrina yelled, causing the people who are in the car to jump at least 3 feet in the air.

"What kind of counseling?" Sabrina asked, suspicion seeping through her voice. Acting as the Sabrina we all know and love.

That question brought the tension to a point where it was visible. Causing Uncle Jake and Granny to straiten up and ignore them. 'This doesn't sound good….' Sabrina thought. Sadly, though, was the fact she didn't know how bad this would be.

"well your going to… Marriage counseling…." Uncle Jake managed to choke out, then had to stifle laughter when he saw Puck and Sabrina's faces. They were a mix between horror and embarrassment. His laughter however stopped when he saw their faces turn to that of murder.

"So where do we hide the bodies?" Sabrina asked her voice sickly sweet.
"I am afraid I do not know…. I have two empty graves in the forest, Dug 'em last night." Puck said, his voice the perfect mimic of Sabrina's, and twice as believable.

"This should be fun" Uncle Jake said, sinking lower in his seat.

Me; what do you think she summoned?
Ryku: *gulp* I don't know?

Demon: would it be any worse than something you could do?
Me: no.

Ryku and Demon: *sigh*
Rayne: *screams*

Me: * hand fives Rayne* Nice.