Ryku: She went to the ocean last week…

Ryku: no really…..who'd have thought


Ryku: she hyper, Ignore her. Please!

Ryku: *calls asylum* asylum we have a some one for you


"Snow!" Daphne yelled, "The first of the year!" and with that simple statement she was off, leaving their detective work behind, and running at full speed to the door. While she was running, she was also attempting to put on her gloves, hats, and her snow suit. Sabrina snickered at the sight of her, and went to help her when she fell down.

Once she was safely dressed she ran outside. Leaving her sister to do her work. To long to go after her, to be free, to play. Three things she had not done, nor wanted to do, since her arrival in Fairy Portlanding.

'If only I could be free, if only I could fly' thought Sabrina. Yet she knew that she would never. It was impossible.

~~~~~~~~~~~Later after Daphne goes to bed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sabrina was still up, reading and taking notes. She had been working for at least 5 hours strait, and decided that she deserved some time to herself. So closing her work, she went over to the window, and looking out wistfully she sighed.

You can imagine her surprise, and her shock, when some one turned her around. Her brain took a few moments to register the fact that it was Puck (A/N PUCK!) who was taking her hand. It took even longer than it would have due to the facts, that not only was she deprived of sleep as of late, and that he was clean. It was only when she thought clean that she realized how clean. He was in a green wrinkle free polo shirt that merely emphasized his handsome features, and Jeans that were wrinkle and crease free.

He moved his face closer to hers, but not the way you would when you were going to kiss someone. His face was more to the left, near her ear. As if he was going to whisper something private as if it was meant only for her ears.
"Why don't you go out, and play in it?" He whispered, in a voice that should be made illegal. It was husky and rough, yet velvety smooth. It made the hairs on her back stand up, it made her shudder. But this was puck right? Why should she feel that?
"I-I-I-I can't," Sabrina said in a weak and unconvincing voice.
"Why not?" Puck said. His voice cocky, as if he was winning a prize by making her knees weak. "I really think you should. It'd be fun…"

Puck must have known that letting the question linger in the air was likely to make her, no force her to say yes. He knew her to well. Sabrina was never good with suspense, she despised not knowing what people meant.
"I honestly don't know why not….."
"Then come on!" Puck said, taking her hand and leading her to her laid out snow gloves, coats, and hats. Sabrina put hers on in a daze, and it was only when they had got outside, and the first snow ball was thrown, that she realized that she was getting her dream come true. She was free, playing, and totally dominating.

Ryku: Hope you liked it! ^_^

Me: I…*pant* think…..*pant* they did….

Ryku: Are you okay?
Me: ya, totally….. Well I got to go…*whispers* their coming….

Asylum: *tears off roof*

Me:*points at ceiling* see ya suckers! *dissappears*

Asylum: *runs outside with net and shot*