Idea: Cross: Code Geass with Robotech.

Possible reasons:

1. I want to see the two series put together.

2. I want to see pairings being made with characters of Code Geass and Robotech.

3. I want to see how the RSF deals with the situation on the CG Earth.

Characters it will follow:

1. OC characters from Robotech.

2. Cast from Code Geass.

Battle scenes you'd like to see:

1. Battles between RSF, Britannia, Wing Commander Race.

Plot ideas:

1. This takes place 15 years after Shadow Chronicles, the REF won their war with the Haydonites and are rebuilding and expanding with the Protoculture Matrix of the SDF-3 and the Flowers of Life they reseed Earth with the FoL, and with the technology they were able to develop and claimed from the Haydonites they have colonized hundreds of worlds and terraformed thousands more to grow the Fol and now control 4,000 Light Years, with 700 Systems, and because of this they reform their government and created the Robotech Federation with their military being the Robotech Star Forces(RSF).

2. During those 15 years the Robotech Federation started to explore the Galaxy and in the process find a duplicate Earth but different. They discover the Code Geass Earth 5 years before Japan was conquered, the ones who discover it are John Bernard, son of Scott Bernard and Ariel of the Invid and captain of the Pioneer-Class SDF-11 Yamato, as a result the Robotech Federation decides to send a mission to explore the world before making contact.

3. When they learn the situation of CG Earth they decide to make contact with Japan in secret since it's neutral and because they find out about the Sakuradite and are curious about it. When they make contact with the Japanese they basically change the Japanese view of the universe and decide that they too wish to join the Robotech Federation and explore the universe but at the same time keep their advancement into space seem natural to every other power so as not to raise suspicion about the Robotech Federation or their existence.

4. While out in the galaxy word spreads about CG Earth and Japan's joining of the Robotech Federation and a alien race known as the Kilrathi plot how to get a hold of CG Earth since it is in a strategic area between the Robotech Federation and the Kilrathi Empire and it's capture could mean victory in a coming war but the RSF finds out about this and warn their allies on CG Earth so that they can prepare for the Kilrathi.

5. Back on CG Earth, Japan is still neutral but has become a super power of the world which causes concern for other powers because of their advancing technology and their building of a Lunar, Mars, and Jupiter colonies which has awed and scared other powers including Britannia but was slightly quelled with the marriage between the Prime Minister Kaname Ougi and his Britannian wife Villetta Nu as both a showing of love and of their neutrality even going as far as to allow the Ashford Family to open a joint international academy in Tokyo and their space colonies to teach all types of people and to promote friendship between the people of the world.

6. At the same time Japan has been preparing themselves secretly with the help of the RSF to build a space fleet so as to fight off the Kilrathi when they come and it's not too soon as a year after the show's suppose to start a Kilrathi battle fleet Folds in and as a result the secrets that Japan holds come to light and chaos ensues.

6a. (As a side note several good characters that that die in the show don't die in this story like Euphie, Shirley, Inoue, etc. stay alive in this story and live happily.)

Possible locations:

Geass Earth

1. Japan

2. Tokyo

3. CG Moon

4. CG Mars

5. CG Jupiter

6. Robotech Earth

7. RT Moonbase ALUCE

8. Any where else the author can think of.