New Story! Yay! This just popped into my head when watching a very good Black Cat amv on youtube. In case you want to watch it, its called BC- Train just want Saya to know. Made by sweetangie1227. Its VERY very good.

I have never tried writing for Black Cat so sorry for any OOCness. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

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"If you move I'll shoot you."

Train looked down at his target with a sneer. He never made threats he couldn't keep. He felt very tempted to shot him and be done with it. The sneaky bastard had evaded him for over a month.

But in the end Train was the better opponent. He always was.

Taking him by surprise in the old warehouse he had been staying at, Train had pounced on him like the cat he got his nickname after. A quick struggle and he had him down on the ground with both his hands and feet tied. Still he had his gun out in case the guy had the bad sense to try to escape. Seeing the fear in his eyes Train lowered his gun.

"We are going to go walking nicely into town so I can collect your bounty. And if you try to escape in any way I will shoot you. I hope for your sake you don't doubt it."

He wouldn't shoot to kill but his target didn't know that. He almost prayed that he would listen. It would be so much easier to walk into town than have to carry him.

"You shouldn't say things like that Train. You shouldn't kill people either. Haven't we had this talk before?

That voice.

Even after hearing it so many times he couldn't stop the shock from crossing his face. He couldn't stop his lips from forming her name or his voice from saying it. It was something he had to come to think of as impossible.


He turned to see her standing atop of one of the many huge bars that helped support the structure of the building. She was in the same kimono she always was, smiling like she always did. A smile he still didn't think he deserved. This wasn't the first time she had come to him nor did he think it was the last. He knew he must be crazy to be still seeing his friend a year after her death. He accepted it. Crazy or not he lived for her "visits".

Every cell in his body was yelling for him to go to her. To run and grab a hold of her before she disappeared. This feeling wasn't new either. He had listened to his instincts the first couple times until he realized that by going to her he was making her go away. If he stayed where he was, and didn't try to touch her, she would stay with him awhile. Then she would slowly disappear, making him even more aware of the hole in his heart. The hole, he was sure, only Saya could fill.

His heart soared at seeing her but his mind knew this wasn't the time to be crazy. He wasn't alone. He turned back to his prisoner relieved to see, not only had he not moved an inch, he didn't notice that his captor was a quack. Then again aren't crazy people with guns scarier? He didn't give it much thought before hauling the guy up. It was best to take him in now before there was a chance for him to escape. He could live a year off this guy's bounty. Saya would have to wait.

It wouldn't be long for he knew she would be there, waiting for him, in his dreams.

I got my new car yesterday! Its so shiny and pretty! I love it! SO today I take it out driving. Can you guess what happens? I'm sure you can. I crash it. YAY me!

I always did wonder if my life would flash before my eyes. It didn't. It was in slow motion though. But I wasn't worried about my life. The whole time I was worrying about how much it was going to cost me to fix my brand new 20,000 dollar car.