Time: Thursday, 12 November 2009

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Special Note: Helikoth from my other fanfic finally appears! :3 (this chap is to be updated later, so check back soon) xD

"Shannon?" questions Moira, the perky gothic lady lounging upon the counter lazily, "Are you sure you're... comfortable about this situation as it currently is?" It had been several months since that day, several which crept by so slowly it might as well be 'years'. Shannon arrogantly flicked her hair away, her intensely slitted eyes narrowing immediately at the lady, as her elfin ears flicked towards the other patrons which immediately snickered. They gave her a jaunty wave as they flared their serpentine tails fully, before revealing their reptilian skins when their enlarged incisors grazed the metal. "Yeah... Why do you want to know, Moira...?" She waved to another of the Sentinel's 'henchmen' as they continued with their incineration of the flowers on the street. Moira winced at them before giving Shannon a knowing glance. "Because. This Sentinel's orders are extra bad for business." The Goth hissed, "And unless the Geno-Tech Lab get those fiery hooligans off those streets, I'm not even gonna LOL. I'd laugh in their faces," The goth gave a scowling grimace, "Ownership! Hah," Moira muttered, before throwing the hooligans into the street. They piled on top of one another even as Deluis excitedly hurried to the entrance (with a speech bubble depicting a laughing face), "YAYZ!". Yanking a snuffed Shannon in the process

"HEY! You forgot your bags!" Moira motioned to Shannon, before settling down with her green pet dragon, Gwee, "Why'd I even bother?" she muttered.

Shannon was walking with Deluis trailing behind her, the elfin lady wasn't expecting anything but was just idly chatting to the junior BOO member, into the central marketplace, passing by closed down stores in the avenues. Liam had closed down shop again.