Expect the Unexpected

A Rogue and Gambit Story


A/N: This is my first story that is definitely AU. Events are taken out of a storyline in my head and changed to fit this particular story.

Disclaimer: No, I don't own X-Men. If I did, then Rogue and Gambit would never be separated and I wouldn't have to worry about my bills, would I!? :p

The beautiful woman stood before the window, watching the man outside. He was twirling the little girl in his arms and the little boy beside him was on a "dinosaur hunt". All of a sudden, the boy took off running and she heard his father say "Not too far, mon petit fils". She smiled at the sweet picture and the man looked up, his red-on-black eyes capturing her emerald ones. He gave her his trademark smirk, but she could see the deep love for her in his gorgeous eyes. Rogue blew her husband a kiss and laid a hand on her stomach. Gambit returned it and mouthed to her "Are you okay, cherie?" She nodded that yes, she was and started to laugh at their son's attempt to subdue the "T-Rex" he'd caught. Remy smiled and gave a slight shake of his head before going to "assist" Jayden with his "quarry". Esme was happily sitting in the grass, playing with her baby-doll. Rogue turned away to check on the dinner preparations and to look-in on one-year-old Colton, who was napping. Seeing that everything was going as it should, she once again laid a hand on her stomach, which had a slight bulge, revealing their fourth child. She got herself comfortable on the sofa and thought about her handsome twenty-eight-year-old husband, a small smile playing on her lips. It was amazing, at least to her, how intense their love had become over the years they had known each other and how it had indeed grown between them. To think, at one time she'd thought that since she was untouchable, it also equated with her being unlovable and undesirable so therefore she shouldn't even try to form any kind of an attachment to anyone. The risk of both physical and emotional hurt was just too great and not just for her!

That was before some good friends, a certain blue relative and especially a pesky, persistent Cajun came crashing into her isolated life.

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