Chapter 20


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Back to the present

Remy notices throughout the course of the evening that Rogue is in an exceptionally good mood. Joy and contentment are radiating from her. After bathing the kids and putting them to bed, they cuddle on the sofa watching a movie. Her head is on her shoulder and he is playing with her hair.

"So what has my Roguey in such a good mood?" he asks her playfully.

"Nothin' much. Just thinkin'." she answers evasively, a teasing grin on her pretty features.

"Aw, c'mon cherie. Y'know y' wanna tell me." he purrs in mock seduction.

She lightly chuckles at his display. "No." she replies, grin still in place.

"Then I'm gonna have ta get it out of ya." A mischievous glint appears in his eyes. He reaches over and lightly tickles her, getting the desired effect.

"Okay, okay! I give!" she gasps between giggles "I was thinkin' about our past. Ya know, all it took for us ta finally be together."

A gentle expression crosses his features. "Yeah, quite a bit did happen, but it was all worth it, non?" he inquires softly, placing his free hand on the slight swell of her stomach. "Jus' look at all we've gained. I knew we were meant ta be, mon amour."

They share a look filled with love before she continues.

"Yeah, We've been through a lot sugar, but it was all definitely worth it. I love ya now, a whole lot more than I did then, Rems."

"I love ya more than mon vie, sweet Marie. Never, ever forget that."

The two exchange a passionate kiss before being interrupted with a little girl running out to them.

"Mama, Daddy. I can' sleep. Need story, pleeaase?"

"Esme, ya were already told two stories." Rogue replies, though not angrily.

"Ya think ya need another story, petit?" Remy "seriously" inquires.

"Ya, Daddy. I can' sleep." she repeats.

"An' why can' ya sleep, princess?"

A shrug of small shoulders is the response received.

"Ya wan' ya mama an' I ta tell ya 'bout how we met an' got married?"

"Ya, ya! I wanna hear 'bout that, Daddy!" is her excited response.

"Okay sweetheart, this story begins several years ago, down in Louisiana." he begins.

Rogue snuggles their Esme closer and settles back to listen, never tiring of the sweet memories washing over her.

The End

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