Beyond the Sin of Love

Status: COMPLETE (32pages)

Number of words: 12.658

Number of characters: 68.448

Tittle: Beyond the Sin of Love

Characters Cast:

Beyond Birthday: ex-killer

L Lawliet: detective

Watari: inventor of orphanages for gifted children.

Andrew Black: secret agent

Light Yagami: the killer who murdered Beyond Birthday, L Lawliet and Watari in 2004.

Rating: forbidden for readers under 18!

Warnings: angst, characters death, spoilers, violence, blood and rated mature for


Spoilers: Yes! Recommended only for experienced Death Note and Another Note fans.

Spoilers from Another Note, Death Note volume 2-3-7, Death Note anime, Death Note Rewrite – The Visualing God.

Summary: It's the end of October 2003, Beyond Birthday is in prison in California, ashamed of his current situation and mad because he couldn't catch L's attention, he tries to send a warning message to him. How L will respond before Kira kills one of his successors?

Disclaimer: Don't own Death Note, or Beyond Birthday. They belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata and to Nisioisin. Made no money for this, I don't wish to, it's just a fangirl's job.

A N: Well, be gentle with me, it's my very first Death Note fanfiction, I may have problems with my English, if you notice some bad spelling tell me, but remember, I am hot tempered and I can get mad if someone writes improperly words. I'm not into Death Note like other fangirls, but I like the battle of wits between Lawliet and Light.. So far, since I decided to write this I had to look over their biographies and buy Death Note – Another Note – The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases so I can know who is this Beyond Birthday, but I still don't know Beyond's date of birth. So here it goes!

Chapter one – The Birthday Message

It's October 30th, Halloween … and L Lawliet's birthday.

A great shadow came over his soul in that morning, he was 24 years old, and still his mind was like a bottomless sac, it was like all the minds of the geniuses that changed the world in the past was in just one brain, large enough to hold so much information.

But, since he woke up, he had a strange feeling. Maybe it was because of the dream he had, or perhaps the dream itself was trying to warn him.

His large black eyes scanned the dark room in which he was… the single source of light came from his laptop, placed on the floor.

He was still in England, but not at the orphanage. Watari brought his into a safer place, so he could work without being bothered by others. Lawliet only wanted to be by himself, or at least that's what he thought.

Not that he considered Watari a pain in the ass, but if was indeed alone, with no one helping him with the basic issues, he was dead by now by weariness, hunger… and a genius like him surely was a great precious mind to lose.

Only one person loved and cared for him: Watari.

The old man didn't stop Lawliet to eat sweets or to stop his unhealthy diet, or force him to sit properly, or to stop him by glaring at more screens in the same time. He couldn't stop him, but he didn't tried to.

Maybe he knew that Lawliet could not rest until he was satisfied with his detective career.

Lawliet got up: he slept only an hour or so. He stretched and curved his back again.

He glanced at the World from the window… it was still dawn outside, from behind the dark shapes of the trees, the clouded sky of late October gave him an restless feeling.

'I hope the light of this new day will bring me more peace' he thought chewing his thumb… just one of his bad, autistic habits.

Some time later, the peace of his beating heart had been suddenly interrupted by a knock coming from outside the door.

"Come in Watari" he said with a low calm voice and turned to greed the old man.

Watari walked in, holding an envelope and some files in his hands. He looked at Lawliet, he could swear he was thinner and paler from the last time he saw him.

"Is there something wrong?" Lawliet asked with doubt.

Watari answered "As a matter of fact, there is… look here" he handed to Lawliet the envelope. "I got this from a private postman and hour ago… you should take a look at it."

Lawliet ripped carefully the tag of the envelope, look the files from inside and read the contents, holding the papers only with two fingers. His face shown no expression, he let out a sigh.

"Well? What is it? Another case to solve?"

The detective felt nervous and chewed his thumb again.

"No… hmm, not quite. It's from a sentence prison from California. My first thoughts: someone must have managed to escape so it was up to me to track him down…" he bit his thumb and then licked it, "… it's a warning message from someone from your orphanage…"

Watari listened carefully, Lawliet looked at him right in the eye (yet another bad habit of his).

"It's Beyond Birthday!" the detective said.

"Beyond Birthday? Wasn't he the killer from the Lost Angeles murder case?" the old man said surprised.

"He says, oh, and please pay attention to his manner or explaining things and after I finish please tell me if you sense a lie... along with B's letter are some more information about the case, but I think you know about it: "I guess I should say 'Dear L', but I have no time to such stupid stuff, since I know you can only see that I am pretending to be nice. But I could be nice by saying to you: Happy Birthday! That is all.

Then again, I have fears, only a heartless or a human-demon doesn't have fears.

Since I waste this page with words of shit I will make myself clear, and no offence.

My inner sense tells me to write to you that a great danger will rise, and it will leads you to your death… and also my death. I have these fears, and I am scared that I may not be able to fulfill my request in order to make my 'inner murderer' influence you to show your face to me.

You can believe what I've written, if not you can burn the letter after you read it so there will be no evidence of my existence in this World.

My days in this prison are numbered, even if I can only see my name above my head and not my life-span, I feel it, and yet the danger has not took place… but it will, very soon.

This danger will kill me. I am really scared... you may just feel through this just a release of emotions, for a part it is, but don't take me wrong, But I have to tell you, I feel like I have to warn you, to protect you somehow.

I wish I could change the past, I wish I could be now at your side, I wished I could never have to kill to draw your attention… Damnit! I feel ashamed, like I grovel at your feet and once I wanted you to grovel at my feet, I'm sorry.

I am still the extreme freak, like we "the Wammy's Boys" are.

Lately I've been under great pressure, I've been beaten by the guards after I refused to go outside, most of the time in this cell I stay chained. When everyone goes down to eat, the guards leave me here starving. I can't even satisfy my own 'needs' because I am always being watched by guards or by surveillance cameras.

I remember well that two years ago, when I tried to kill myself… the scars of the fire never left me: neither mental or physical… I longed for death after I was arrested, you guessed that, because you won, and I lost.

That doesn't matter, I admire your pure sense of justice. Your way of being in a safe place were no one can reach you.

I pretended to be you after I first learned who you are, it was not a mistake … but an obsession. The real mistake is killing people once I thought it's normal for them to die.

Please listen to all my regrets, even if you won't be satisfied:

Killing an thirteen year old girl when her mother wasn't home, I drugged her and beat her until she died of internal hemoragy and after that I pulled her eyes out. It's a sick action, I could as well use her, you know what I mean… to rape her, but now I have no more secrets to hide from you, you know me well and I know you well even if I am a mystery for humankind. I'm not a pedophile.

You know why I did this all, to catch your attention… I didn't know what else to do.

Even Naomi noticed how freak and a big fat liar I am, and of course, the main suspect.

As I said before, I regret what I did, and now I deserve it, bad guys go to jail, right? Your justice prevails.

Before I see my last day of life, I will ask one more thing from this World and from you.

I want to meet you, I want to see you even if I know it will be the last thing I will see before death will take me.

I want to see whom I've copied all this time. From now on, no more secrets!

Yours truly, Rue Ryuzaki aka Beyond Birthday

P.S. – I need your help L! You may understand how I feel when you'll see me"

Lawliet dropped the letter and turned back to the window.

"So? Tell me? How impressed you are, Watari?"

Watari took the papers from the floor and placed them back in the envelope.

"If the real B, known as Beyond Birthday have written the letter, then he must be really in a bad condition, perhaps humiliated to the core… I am sure he really feels that way. If it's a lie, I can't tell, it's up to you. By the way, should I burn the letter?"

"No" answered Lawliet. "I need some time to think about it."

"Very well then. Shall I bring you some cake? Don't forget it's your birthday, you could take a break for today…" he stopped suddenly, did he heard a sniff? "L, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine… please leave me alone after you bring me some cake and a coffee and a boul of sugar cubes."

"I understand. I'll be right back."

And with that, the old man left.

'At what do you expect Beyond Birthday? What do you want? Why do you need my help? Did you had enough shinigami games? Or you want something from me? Which one is it?'