Chapter thirteen – „Take my hand, Lawliet!"

8:19 p.m.

Lawliet felt threatened.

„Everyone, the shini...!" but his words were cut short by a sudden pain hin chest.

The world spinned in from of his, lost the balance and fell, somehow luckly Light made it in time and grabbed him and watched as he died.

Lawliet moved his head a little and saw near the chair from which he had fallen, a human shape.

Along with the forming ghost, the sound of bells became louder and louder.

And there stood Beyond Birthday's ghost, he looked like he'd been cut from an black and white '20 classic movie, scratched, flashing.

Beyond stood above his dying friend and lowered a hand.

"Take my hand, Lawliet!" he said smiling. "Let's go…"

Lawliet's eyes peered hollow again.

"Light Yagami... I knew it, I wasn't wrong...but I..."

He slowly closed his eyes and joined Death.

L Lawliet died of heart attack on Novemer 5th 2004 at 8:20 p.m.

Later on, years after Beyond, Wammy and Lawliet's death, the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases's been opened again for a final verdict: „Crimes of Passion"

Why „Crimes of Passion"? Just because Beyond Birthday, a freak genius was in love with his hunter, Lawliet. The murders' been commited to draw the detective's attention. Pity he didn't show himself when he had the chance.

As for the photo of Lawliet and Beyond Birthday, the single evidence of their existence was in fact at Lawliet, and no one discovered it, not even when he was buried. But this was even better, so no one could knew their faces, even after death. The better.

...and finally, their souls could rest in peace, forever.

The End.