Remy watched the prom from the corner he had no idea why he snuck into a high school prom but here he was standing watching as the prom goers laughed and smiled his eyes landed on a girl sitting alone. She was beautiful her dress was white halter style her white opera glove fit her hair was down and dropped in curls her emerald eyes sparkled as the candle on the table lit them up. Remy found himself striding over to her.

Remy slid behind her and swatted and whispered, "What is a belle ange doing 'ere by demselves?"

She turned and looked at him he smiled, "Gambit?"

"Chere ya look lonely on dis night ya need to be 'appy." Remy smiled softly as he stood and bow then put his hand out and silently thanked the guild for the manners classes or was that his tante, "Would de beautiful woman do this poor thief the favor of a dance?"

"Gambit, I…" Rogue started.

"Tonight its Remy," Remy smiled as she smiled a soft smile, which made Remy's heart turn he wanted to see it again.

"Ah should know better but yes sir I will take that dance." Rogue stood, "And it's Marie."

"Merci Marie." Remy let his French Cajun accent purr the name as she smiled.

Remy lead Marie to the patio, which was open as the Fray,'s Never Say Never started to play. Remy squared up his stance as Marie fit into it and they waltzed to the song. Marie was so light in Remy's arms he grew comfortable. Remy looked at the beautiful woman in front of him every time she smiled he felt as if he won the lottery he wanted to keep that smile on her face it lit up every thing around her she was indeed a angel he decided. The song was ending and Remy felt the need to whisper what the song was say he never wanted her to let go.

"Chere, thank ya you made dis poor Cajun thief a 'appy man." Remy bowed at the end of the song.

"Remy can ya take me home?" Marie asked Remy smiled.

"Anything the lady wants but de ball isn't done." Remy said looking in to see the rest of the prom goers.

"It's too many people, can you do this favor?" She asked, as his Tante would smack him if he refused.

"Anything you wish." Remy smiled as Marie smiled again.

"Thank ya and thank you for the dance." Marie smiled as Remy took her arm and walked her to his car. The drive to the institute was a comfortable silence. They pulled up to the steps Remy got out and opened the door and offered a hand to Marie as she stood and smiled Remy smiled back.

They reached the top of the stairs and Remy let her arm go, "You are home my lady."

"Thank you Remy for everything for the dance and the ride just treating me normal." Marie smiled softly. Remy bowed and wished her goodnight waiting until she was inside before turning around and leaving.