It's been over a month since Himeno defeated the Great Tree of Fenril. There have been less demon larva sightings, but there's still many out there. With Himeno as Pre'tear, there have never been such a huge success for the Leafe Knights.

Takako and Sasame have become very close, over the last month. Hayate and Himeno on the other hand… are still the same except that Hayate is laughing and smiling more.

Kei was working one a new game, when the demon larva alert program launched an alarm. Kei exclaimed, "What?! There hasn't been this big of a demon larva since Takako was the Princess of Disaster! It's in the Molong district, that's near Himeno's school! I've got to warn Hayate, he's the only one that's close enough to her destination." And with that, Kei transformed into the Leafe Knight of Light and teleported to Hayate's destination.

Hayate was at a near by restaurant having some lunch when Kei popped out of no-where and said, "Hayate! Himeno is in danger!" Hayate cried, "What?! Where is she?!" Kei said, "She's still at her school, You're the closest one I could get too right now. We better hurry, a demon larva has matured at her school." Then Hayate transformed into the Leafe Knight of Wind and teleported to Himeno's school.

Himeno was just getting out of school when all of a sudden a demon larva came and started to suck the Leafe out of the surrounding area. Yumi stopped in her tracks as the demon larva was approaching. Himeno cried out, "Run Yumi! Get out of there!" But Yumi didn't hear her, she was so scared that all of her body's functions stopped. So right when the demon was just about to strike Yumi with a tentacle, Himeno jumps in the way of the tentacle and gets impaled by it. She cried out in pain, but despite Himeno's own injuries she asked Yumi, "Are you okay Yumi?" Yumi sobbed out, "I'm fine, but you're seriously hurt!" After Yumi said that the demon began to suck away her Leafe.

Hayate came a few seconds after Himeno saved Yumi. Yumi saw him and yelled out, "Hayate! Himeno she's-…" Yumi couldn't say it so she pointed to where Himeno was impaled. Hayate called out to her, "Himeno!" Then he ran towards the demon larva. She heard him and softly called out, "Help me Hayate…" And then she fainted.

At that moment the rest of the Leafe Knights appeared. There was Sasame Leafe Knight of Sound, Go the Leafe Knight of Fire, Shin the Leafe Knight of Plants, Mannen the Leafe Knight of Ice, and Hajume the Leafe Knight of Water. Then Kei appeared and asked, "Where's Himeno and Hayate?" Mannen cried, "Shit! Himeno's been hurt and Hayate needs help with the demon!" Then Shin made the containment field, "Binoniya!" In a flash the demon was trapped and the containment field was up. Then all the Leafe Knights were fighting.

Hayate stopped to free Himeno. He cut off the tentacle and caught her as she fell. She woke up and said, "Hayate, where's the demon larva?" He said, "We're handling it." She shook her head and said, "No, I won't run. I'm the Pre'tear and I will not be defeated by that demon larva." Hayate said, "Idiot! Your badly injured and lost a lot of Leafe." Himeno said, "Preat with me, please Hayate. You can yell at me after the battle is won." Hayate gave in and said, "Fine, Just find the core and tell one of them where it is." She smiled and said, "Deal."

Then Hayate and Himeno preated and became one. She quickly flew to where the demon larva was. She called out, "Everyone, cover me!" And then she few directly towards the demon larva. Hayate said, "What are you doing?!" Himeno said, "I'm going to kill the demon larva, what do you think?" He said, "I told you to tell one of the others when you found the core!" She said, "I know but it may take longer that way and one of you might get hurt. So I want to get this over with as soon as possible." She stopped for a moment to look down the demon and said, "I found it!" Then she dove down and called out, "Wind Sword!" And then a sword with wind encircling the blade appeared in Himeno's hand. With one move the demon was dead.

The containment field disappeared and once Himeno was on the ground, everyone came around Himeno to congratulate her. But when Hayate depreated form her, she fell to her knees and started to cough up blood. That's when everyone saw the wound on her back and then Go said, "What the hell happened to Himeno, Hayate?!" Mannen added, "You got her hurt didn't you Hayate?!" He tried to explain but then said, "Yeah…" But then Yumi walked up sobbing and said, "It's not Hayate's fault that Himeno got hurt, It was mine." She stopped and then Sasame came and asked, "What's going on?" Then He sees Himeno and says, "We need to get her stabilized fast, after that you can continue fighting." Everyone agreed on that notion and left to recovery tree. Hayate took off his jacket and put it around Himeno's torso, so that she won't lose a lot of blood.

By the time they got Himeno to the tree, Hayate's jacket was soaked with blood. They got her in the Leafe orb and began to give her some of their Leafe. Sasame said, "She should be fully recovered in a week or so."

Mannen said, "Maybe Himeno should drink from the Leafe spring." Kei said, "It seems to be the most logical thing to do right now." Go said, "But she can't move right now, let alone walk through the road of light!" Shin said, "I'll get the water." Then he went down the road of light to get the spring water. Shin was fast and got the water. It took him a minute to come back, but he was able to get the water for Himeno.

Go said, "Hayate, you should be the one to give her the water." Hayate said, "Yeah" Then he climbed into the orb and floated towards Himeno. She was semi conscious and smiled weakly at him then said, "I'm sorry for being such a burden on you." Tears began to flow from her eyes and Hayate said, "You don't have to apologize for anything. I have some water from the Leafe spring, it will make the pain go away." She gave a nod and floated a little closer to him. Hayate held Himeno in his arms and gently lifted her head so she could swallow the water.

After she drank all the water, something amazing happened. Himeno's wound and Leafe began to regenerate at a phenomenal rate. Hayate saw the color coming back into her skin, and her wound closed up without so much as a scar. Himeno's Leafe also doubled thanks to the water. Hayate carried her out of the orb and let her stand on her own.

But even though Himeno's wound was healed and her Leafe doubled, her body was still very weak. Himeno swayed because of the dizziness she felt and so she fell backwards. Hayate caught her and said, "You should take it easy for a while, you're still recovering." Himeno asked, "But what if a demon larva comes up?" Kei stepped in and said, "If there's a demon larva, we'll call you." Every one nodded at the notion. Mannen added, "You get some rest and we'll help you in any way we can!" She gave a smile and said, "Thank you, you all are very kind."

Then Himeno realized that Hayate was holding her. She started to turn red and said, "I can stand up now Hayate." He blushed slightly and said, "Oh a right." Hayate let her up slowly stand up. Himeno said, "I better head home, knowing Yumi she probably already told them about what happened."

Go said, "Speaking of that, what did happen?" Himeno said, "I was just getting out of school when I sensed a demon larva. It took me a minute to locate it, but when I did, I didn't know what to do. Then I saw it come towards Yumi. I yelled at her to run but she was petrified with fear. So I ran to push her out of danger and took the blow." Hayate said, "That was very noble of you, Himeno." Kei added, "Yes, you were afraid and yet you were willing to sacrifice your self to save your friend." Himeno put a finger to her chin in thought and said, "I never thought of it that way, I was just doing what I felt was right." Sasame put in, "So another words you were just following your instincts." She gave a nod and said, "Yeah."

Hajume said, "That's just like you, Himeno." Then everyone looked at Hajume. He said, "Himeno, you're always worrying about everyone else." She blushed slightly and said, "Thanks Hajume."

Himeno walked out of the tree and turned around to say, "Bye, I'll see you tomorrow." Shin asked, "Will you be okay by your self?" Himeno gave a nod and said, "I think so." She smiled, then walked home. Hayate came out of the tree and said, "I'm going to see that she gets home alright." Then he flew off. Go gave a smirk behind Hayate's back and Sasame smiled despite himself.

Himeno was resting on a tree when Hayate came floating down to her. She said, "Ah, Hayate what are you doing here?" He smiled at her and said, "Walking you home, is that so bad?" She giggled and said, "No, it's not. Thank you."

Himeno and Hayate were walking down the main street of Awayuki town, when the wind suddenly became very cold. So Himeno instinctively walked closer to Hayate. He was startled and looked down at her. He blushed slightly and said, "I'm glad you're alright." Himeno looked up at him and said, "Are you okay? I mean you aren't hurt are you?" Himeno had a very worried look in her eyes. Hayate said with a laugh, "Just my pride." She smiled at him and said, "I'm glad, because I would have felt really-." At that moment Himeno fell to her knees coughing. Hayate knelt down beside her to check her temperature. He said, "You have a fever. I'll carry you back to your house." Himeno tried to argue and stand up at the same time, but all it did was make her cough even more. She coughed hard enough to knock her self off balance. She fell back and Hayate caught her and said, "No arguing. Because of your body being so weak, you were able to catch a cold." He took off his other jacket and put it on Himeno, then proceeded to pick her up and carry her all the way back to the mansion.

When they arrived at the mansion, Mawata was the first person to see Hayate and Himeno walk up. She cried out, "Mom! Dad! Himeno and Hayate are back!" Then she ran out side to them and said to Hayate, "Is she alright? How bad is her injury?!" He smiled at her and said, "Her injury is gone, but her body is still very weak. So she ended up catching a cold." Mawata smiled at Himeno who was beat red from being carried by Hayate. She said, "From what Yumi said was that it was sever, But I'm glad it's only that."

Kaoru comes running out of the house asking, "How is she?" Hayate told him same thing he did Mawata. Then Natsue comes running out of the house. Kaoru tells her what Hayate told him. Natsue asks Hayate, "Could you carry Himeno to her room? I think that she would want that. Hayate looked down at her and gave a nod. He flew up onto the balcony of Himeno's room and walked in.

He laid her on the bed and as he began to walk away, she said, "Please don't leave me alone." She coughed a bit and looked at him with pleading eyes. Hayate gave a sigh and pulled a chair up to Himeno's bed side. He side, "I'm not going to stay here all night, tulip head." She gave him a smile in reply. He knew what it ment and smiled back.

Apparently Natsue was down stairs calling for a doctor. So by the time they came up with the doctor, Himeno was already asleep. The Doctor asked, "What are her symptoms?" Hayate said, "High fever, sever coughing, and ex-stream exhaustion." While Himeno was asleep, the doctor took her temperature and said, "Nothing serious, just a case of the flu. She should be better in about a week or so. Here's some medicine for her to take three times a day. Don't feed her any thing solid for a half a week." Then he left.

All of a sudden Mayune comes stomping in saying, "How dare she get sick! I won't allow it!" She walked over to the still sleeping Himeno and was about to wake her up when, Hayate stepped in front of her and said, "She needs to sleep. Himeno's been through a lot today and she has the flu, so she'll be sick for a while." Mayune gave him a dirty look and walked off.

Then all of a sudden Mannen appears and says, "There's a demon larva heading towards the mansion! It looks like some one wants Himeno gone." Hayate looked at Himeno and said, "I'll get her, tell the others that we'll be there." Mannen gave a nod and disappeared.

Hayate walked over to Himeno's bedside and gently woke her up. He said, "Himeno, there's a demon larva heading this way." She gave a nod and put her hand in his to Preat. After that Himeno became the Pre'tear of Wind. She said, "I don't know how well I'll be able to fight, but I won't be beaten!" Then she flew off to the front gate.

There, she found the demon larva and every one fighting it. Himeno said, "Shin, Then containment field!" He nodded and said, "Binoniya!" And the field was up. Himeno hovered for a moment to find out where the core and said, "There it is!" She flew down and called for the wind sword. Then with one stroke, the demon was dead. Himeno waved at them and said, "I've got to go now, bye!" Then she flew off at top speed to her room. Go said, "Okay, that was weird." Kei said, "Yes, that was rather strange of her." Mannen added, "When I went to tell them about the demon, Himeno was in bed and looked terrible." Sasame said, "Maybe we should pay Himeno a visit." Go, Kei, Hajume, Mannen, and Shin all agreed with Sasame to go visit Himeno.

When Himeno got to her room, she depreated form Hayate and began to fall backwards. Hayate caught her, then laid her on the bed and began to walk away, when all of the Leafe Knights suddenly appeared. Sasame asked, "So when were you going to tell us about Himeno, Hayate?" Hayate turned around and said nothing. Shin walked up to Himeno and said, "Her Leafe is fine, but she looks so weak." Himeno put a hand on Shin's head and said, "I just have the flu is all, I won't be beaten by a silly cold." Shin smiled at her and said, "Okay." Kei said, "I don't know if we should let Himeno fight till she's better." Himeno cried, "No! I can still fight! Being sick won't stop me!" Then she coughed. Hayate pushed her gently back down on the bed, while saying, "You need rest, not fighting." Himeno said, "But I'm the Pre'tear, it's my duty to destroy demon larva's'" Go put in, "Your only duty right now is to get better." Sasame added, "Go's right, if you're not well during a fight you might get hurt or one of us." She gave a nod and went to sleep. Kei said, "We'll be back in the morning to check up on her." Then they all disappeared.

Hayate began to walk away form Himeno when he remembered what she asked him earlier, 'Please don't leave me alone.' He looked at her and decided to stay a bit longer. He sat in the chair at Himeno's side and watched over her. What was supposed to be a while, became all night.

As Himeno lay sleeping, a stranger visited her in her dream. She was walking through a snow-covered forest, when all of a sudden this ominous silhouette walks up to her. The creature said, "Greetings Himeno or would you prefer… White Pre'tear?" Her eyes widened in disbelief. It continued, "Yes, I know very well who you are and what you do. I'll give this one chance and this one only…" He paused then said, "Stop being The Pre'tear or die. Which is it?" Himeno already knew her answer and as if it could read her mind it said, "Then perish!" Then out of no where, came this swarm of dragonflies, which surrounded her. Every time they touched her a part of her body, it would be come covered in ice blue crystals and then crumble to ash.

Himeno awoke to a gentle wind next to her head. Then next thing she felt was her wet sheet soaked with sweat. When Himeno became fully awake, she noticed that Hayate was standing out on the balcony starring at the sky. She put a blanket around her self and walked over to him. She saw that his gaze was dissident. So she asked him in a teasing sort of way, "I thought you weren't going to stay all night?" Hayate turned around and said, "I-I'm not. I was just leaving." Himeno stepped towards Hayate, put her head on his arm and said, "Thank you, for killing the new transport demon." He looked down at her as she stared off into the night holding tightly to his arm. Then he said, "So you knew…" Himeno turned her head and smiled at him as she said, "Hm, when I felt a gentle breeze blow across my face I knew it was you." She let go of his arm and took a watering can, then walked over to her flowers to begin watering them.

Silence hung in the night like a humid summer day. Then out of the blue Himeno said, "I'm so confused." Hayate was startled and said, "About what?" She said, "About the negative side of Leafe. I thought when we destroyed the Great tree of Fenril we would be done with it." Hayate said, "That isn't completely possible. Light can't live with out darkness and darkness can't live with out light. With out the balance between the two there would be no universe, and no Earth to protect from the negative Leafe. There wouldn't be anything, but nothingness."

Then Himeno said something that Hayate didn't know how to explain. She said, "Why did she have to die?" Hayate asks, "Who?" She looks up at the sky and says, "My mother…" Himeno pauses and asks, "Why? Why did she die? I needed her… I still need her. I was never told when or how she died. All I knew is that she would never come back. Never smile at my stubbornness, laugh when I did something weird, or cry whenever I got hurt. She would cry over me running into a wall. But we always laughed afterwards. She was wonderful… she could plant anything and it would grow for her.

'But the last day I saw her was right after I broke my arm by jumping off the swing. She cried for hours that day. Then dad told me that she went to go for a walk that night. I woke up and she still wasn't home. I just assumed that she was out shopping. So I got ready for school and left. During class my dad came to pick me up early. He was warring black and looked sad. I asked him what was wrong he would just change the subject. When I got home and yelled at him, "What's wrong with you Daddy?! Why won't you tell me?! And Where's Mama?!" He turned to me and said, "Mom's not coming back Himeno, She's- she's dead. The police found her this afternoon."

Dad says that's when I started to be more violent, was a week after mom died. I was the best in the class, no one could beat me, but when the boys started to say that it was might fault that my mom died, I would just lose it. Then I was kicked out of three different schools before I got a hold of my anger. After that I just would be left alone, no one would come near me."