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"Hey you down there! Shut the hell up! People are trying to sleep in here!"

"Sorry." The teenager turned up the volume of his iPod and started singing louder.

The neighbor gave up and closed his window.

The teen kept on jogging and decided to take a shortcut to home through the alleyway. (Music) We're the ones who made you. (Music ends) As he turned the corner, he had to avoid the different trashcans scattered within the alleyway. As he quick-stepped over a fallen trashcan, he tripped, misjudging the distance. As he got to his feet, he glanced at something green. Money. He followed the short trail of green around to the next trashcan. He had collected the cash and was holding the money in his hand, but dropped them as soon as he laid eyes on a dead woman. She had blood all over her chest, head, arms, legs, and waist area.

"Omigod," the teenager exclaimed. He started running back the way he came, shouting out "Help!" all down the block.


"What do we got?" Detective Elliot Stabler asked.

"Twenty-two year old. African-American. Stabbed 12 times in the chest, back, and the lower area. From what she's wearing and where we are, she's probably a hooker. We have some fluids, and we're doing a rape kit and sending it over to the lab." Dr. Melinda Warner was the medical examiner for the Special Victims Unit. She has a very sweet and good-natured attitude. "Where's Olivia?"

"Temporary reassignment. She should be back with us in a couple of days or so," Elliot said.

Odafin "Fin" Tutuola came through the crowd and stood by his temporary partner.

"But for now, I'll have to deal with this," Elliot said, motioning towards Detective Fin.

"Yeah," Fin said, "and you're gonna enjoy 'it' too."

Melinda smiled and turned back to look at the victim's body. "There seemed to be a lot of bruises, stabbings, scratches, tears in the skin, you name it. A lot of fighting must have gone on while he raped her."

"Yeah," Fin said. "Didn't even use a drug. Perp must've had tons of fun during the struggle."

"This perp must be another that feels he needs to be superior to survive in the world," Elliot said. "Huh. I think I actually feel for the per. Wait. Never mind. I was thinking how much I feel for him when we catch him and we arrest his sorry ass."

Melinda smiled.


Melissa Young crept quietly through the empty hallway, leading to the basketball court. She came to the door and looked through the small rectangular window. There she saw seven hostages, all lying face down on the wood floor. They were all in a circle, surrounding a tall, broad-shouldered Caucasian man, one of the football players that go to school at the college. Melissa cocked her gun, counted to three, and shot through the gymnasium door, aiming the gun at the twenty-one year old.

Eric Doeman was caught off guard. Knowing how to improvise quickly in any situation, he cocked his gun and pointed it at one of the women on the ground.

The demands rang out.

"Drop the gun!"

"I'll kill her!"

"Drop the gun!"

"I swear I'll kill her!"

"You kill her, and you die! Drop the gun!"

"Yeah, right!"

Eric went to put both of his hands on the gun, but was shot in the arm by Melissa, who ran forward to the player yelling on the ground. She picked up the gun that had fallen from Eric's hand and put it on her belt. She turned him over with the arm that had not been shot.

"Eric Doeman, you are under arrest for the murder of Alice Thompson. You have the right to be remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law."


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