Chapter one


Split the air followed closely by a loud thump and a muffled.

"Kagome I really wish you'd stop doing that."

"Then you should behave," came the reply. This was a typical day for the group of friends.

"Well now, if the morning sit session is over we really should be going we have a lot of ground to cover." Pointed out Miroku, who had been listening from his place by the dying campfire. This statement was met by two sets of eyes one the color of honey in the sun and the other the color of the richest of chocolates.

"Shut up monk!" came the double reply. Miroku just laughed and went to help Sango pack up camp.

'When are those two going to admit that they love each other?' thought Miroku. When they were done the group set out with the sound of a slap still echoing off into the forest, no one paid any attention to it. They knew they would see Miroku with a bright red hand print on his face and grinning like a fool. Kagome just shook her head and thought, 'when are those two going to admit they love each other?"

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Hi everyone first of all thank you for reading my story. This is the first I have written a story like this so please feel free to give constructive advise. Next chapter will be coming soon