I have an idea for a story but have no idea how to write it but here is my idea.

Somewhere at the beginning of the story Sesshomaru finds Kagome in a field singing ('Un- break my heart' By Toni Braxton) in reference to her and inuyasha. Somehow Sesshomaru ends up offering her a place to stay at his castle which she accepts

Then latter in the story while at his castle Sesshomaru overhears kagome singing in one of the gardens she is singing ('I won't say I'm in love' from the animated Disney movie Hercules) but unlike in the movie instead of singing statues that sing the backup it is little pixies that take care of that garden. And she doesn't really even realize they are singing with her.

Like I said at the top I have this vague idea but no idea how to bring it to life so here is an idea up for grabs if you use it please let me know I would love to read it.

Also I have just posted my very first fanfic it is also for the inuyasha anime please read and review.

Thanks and my God bless you.