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Chapter 1: The Incident

There was yelling coming from the darken streets of Konoha as a light could be seen searching for something in the dark abyss which is the Village Hidden in the Leaves. As we zoom in to find what the disturbance is we see a boy of only 5 years old being chased by a bunch of angry villagers yelling things at the young child as he tries to get away from the unruly mob. He seems to be limping and he has dried blood and dirt in his blonde hair and scratches all over his body tattered clothes if they could still be called that (but were more like rags).

As he approaches a dark alley and runs into hide from the mob breathing hard and trying to slow down his breathing so no one will hear his gasps for breath. He looks out into the streets and sees the mob run by him and lets the breath he didn't know he was holding out right as the last villager was passing by.

"The Demon he's over here let's kill him before he gets away!" Shouted the crazed villager.

The blonde looked up at the man with a look of horror on his face. That's when he realized he wasn't going to get away this year he only hoped they would let him live.

Yes, this happens every year on the day the Village Hidden in the Leaves celebrates their greatest triumph the defeat of the Nine Tailed Fox Demon that attacked the village 5 years ago and was defeated by the hero of Konoha the great Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. This day also has another significance for a certain dirty blonde headed boy it was his birthday October 10th and he had just turned 5 years old. Like every year since he was thrown out of the orphanage he was chased and beaten to within an inch of his life. Because he had no parents to hold him no one to love him he was all alone in every sense of the word.

"Your time has come Demon!" Shouted an enraged voice along with other voices that could be heard behind the man shouting the same things.

"You took away my family and friends you murder!" Shouted a crazed woman in the front of the mob.

The young child inched in to a corner as he knew he was caught. When he reached the corner he did what any 5 year old child would do he cried but, no one would hear his tears of fright or tell him it would be alright because it most certainly will not be alright it never was. As the child cried his eyes out the villagers crept closer and closer till they were standing over the boy.

"Why are you doing this to me I haven't done anything to you please don't hurt me anymore!" Yelled out the small child between his sobs and tears and prayed that the villagers weren't going to do what he thought they were planning.

The boys words fell on deaf ears as the villagers started to beat and stab the child with whatever they had on their person glass bottles, kunai, daggers, and many other objects as the child cried out in pain.

During this a man stood above the crowd looking down from behind his mask battling within himself whether to help the boy or not. Now this man was not some simple minded as the villages he knew the difference between a sealing scroll and the kunai that the scroll contains. But in the back of his mind he just couldn't stop seeing the demon being beaten and not a child but, he knew did down inside the villagers were just beating a defenseless child who right now really needed his protection.

"Why can't I help this child he did kill my friends and sensei; No, the fox killed my friends and sensei not this poor child shit I have to do something!" Shouted the man within his head.

Now he knew if he did act the crowd of angry villagers would stop instantly because he is a member of the special forces of the Leaf Village the best of the best the ANBU and a Captain at that. He knew the child was most likely dead already but he could take no more of this disgusting scene he leaped into action. A whistle was heard from above the villagers as Anbu encircled the tops of the buildings ready to strike . The Anbu then spoke in a voice that held no room for argument.

"Leave the child alone or be slaughtered you pieces of shit!" Shouted the masked Anbu Captain releasing a large amount of killing intent at the crowd of villagers.

As the crowd heard this and felt the killing intent they froze in their places as they looked up at the Anbu agent in a Dog faced Anbu mask. Many in the crowd had heard stories of this young Anbu Captain and knew he meant business and would not hesitate to kill them all for breaking the Third Hokage's law of forbidding them of speaking of the demon in the child. The crowd slowly backed away from the child and started yelling things towards the child and Anbu.

"It's a killer and the demon must die for its sins!" Shouted the crowd as they continue to back away from the body of the child.

Now by this point the Dog masked Anbu Captain had enough of this foolishness.

"QUIET FOOLS OR THOSE WORDS WILL BE YOUR LAST!" Screamed the Dog masked Anbu in a dark and angry tone.

The crowd was so quiet that you could hear an animal knock over a trash can from across the village.

"GO HOME OR YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR HOMES AGAIN!" Was the last words shouted to the crowd.

The crowd of villagers quickly dispersed and running footsteps could be heard leaving the scene of what looked like a horrible murder scene from a movie. When the steps could no longer be heard a voice rang out from the shadows.

"Dog get Naruto as quickly and as careful as possible to the hospital!" Ordered the Third Hokage as all the Anbu looked up and out of the shadows appeared the Third Hokage or as some call the "Professor" who approached the scene in his battle attire.

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" Shouted the Dog Anbu.

As the Dog Anbu and the rest of those present looked over at the body of the small child they saw a bloody beaten child who was barely breathing and the look on the aged Hokage's face was one of sadness and anger at those who had hurt the little blonde child because of their own foolishness of not knowing the difference between a container and what is held within said container. It hurt the Hokage even more because he thought of the child as a grandson with this thought a tear slid down the cheek of the aged leader.

As the Hokage looked up he watched the Dog Anbu rush as fast as possible to get the child to the hospital and try to save his life. As the young Anbu Captain landed in front of the hospital with the lifeless boy in his arms a tear rolled down his cheek as he looked at the blond child. He knew he could have stopped it sooner but his stubbornness kept him from acting and now an innocent child may die because of his short sightedness.

As he entered the hospital a nurse rushed over to him but once she got a look at who was in his arms she walked away as if nothing was needed of her. That was it this child will get help if he had to threaten to kill everyone in this fucking hospital the Anbu thought to himself. A second later a doctor walked up to the Anbu he had a sad face he took the boy out of the Anbu's arms.

"I will do everything in my power to save the child." Stated the doctor as he walked towards a room with Naruto in his arms.

The Third Hokage walked in at that very moment and saw the boy in the doctors arms and put a hand on the Dog Anbu's shoulder.

"He will help him trust me." Spoke the wise Hokage to his Anbu.

People walked in and out of the waiting room and looked on with a look of shock as they saw two of the strongest shinobi the village has ever known sitting in the waiting room with their heads down in their hands. It had been hours and no word on the blond boy that the Third had seen as a grandson. The Anbu still sat their without moving at all as he blamed himself for the child condition. When the two were about to ask the doctor who had taken back the boy came out with a grim look upon his face as he looked in the face of the most powerful man in the village and a Anbu Captain.

"The boy is in very critical condition and his mind was overloaded from the pain he went through and has almost shutdown completely. He is currently in a coma that he most likely will never awaken from. I am sorry we have done everything we can the cuts and gashes have all healed by some miracle and he has been cleaned up so no infections will occur but, the condition he was in when he arrived would have killed all but the strongest adults. This child must be incredible strong to have lived this long I just hope he is strong enough to make it through the coma and doesn't pass away. I will take you to see him but I must tell you it is a very sad sight and even after seeing things that are gruesome being a doctor it is hard for me to see him." Spoke the doctor to the Hokage and the Dog masked Anbu.

With this the two powerful men walked down to a room in complete quiet till they reached one with beeping machines and sounds of air helping the boy to keep breathing. The scene in front of the men brought them to tears as the boy lay motionless on the hospital bed with a pale look upon his skin. The two men set down next to the bed and the Anbu Captain looked over at the old Hokage in which the Hokage just nodded his head slightly. With that the Anbu code named Dog took off his mask to reveal the copy ninja and holder of the Sharingan Kakashi Hatake. They sat there not saying anything but both feeling very responsible for the condition that the usual blond ball of energy was in.

The Hokage was upset for allowing people to hurt such an innocent child especially one he cared a great deal for and, Kakashi for not doing anything sooner he had many regrets in life and he hoped that he could atone for this one. With all the silence in the room all the sounds of the hospital equipment made the men fall deeper and deeper into a state of depression. Both had been there since the last night and were told to head home by the nurses. The Hokage still had a village in which to run even if the villagers were in his opinion blinded by fear and for lack of a better word stupid. The nurse promised to keep the Hokage informed of the boy's condition but, before they left he looked at Kakashi who had put back on his Dog mask.

"Set two men you trust to watch over Naruto and if anything happens to him let them know it's their heads and yours." Spoke the Hokage in a very anger tone as he left Naruto's hospital room.

"Hai!" Spoke the now masked Kakashi.

With a whistle in front of Kakashi stood two other Anbu who appeared kneeling in front of the masked Kakashi.

"Guard the boy and if even a scratch is put on him I'll kill you myself." Spoke Kakashi to the two Anbu's.

"Hai!" Spoke the two Anbu's.

Now Kakashi was usually very laid back but to him this was a mission and he took them very seriously and his subordinates knew not to question him after an order was given. With that they stepped out to guard the door and Kakashi was gone in a flash worrying about the blond with a thought on his mind.

"Naruto I hope you can forgive me." Thought Kakashi.

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