Author's note

So, my recent ToH fic craze and BKO binge have led to this. Though I blame Evanescence and their beautiful but messed-up music for making me want to write this.

For once I can't blame any of my muses. Don't go poke them for it. No will probably facepalm when she sees this exists
Fandoms: Tales of Hearts, Baten Kaitos
Rating: T for now, but will probably be R
Warnings: Heavily inspired of the ToH plot, so this will spil some plot points. BK spoilers will be mostly on world mechanics, so don't read if you don't want to learn about Wazn, Duhr or the Dark brethren. No BK plot spoilers.
Also, this fic basically takes everything dark in ToH, BK and BKO and bring it together. The overall tone is dark, and some parts will be damn nasty.
Content warnings: dub-con, character death, swearing, torture, and on the less nasty end of the spectrum, an OT3

Pairings: The prologue should make them obvious enough.

Ps: Un-beta'd, so any mistakes are my own.


Prologue: Shards

He didn't know what to do.

He didn't want to care, to give a damn, but there was only so much he could take. He wouldn't say his heart was breaking, not exactly, because that would imply he had a heart, and as far as he was concerned he only had a will, a will he would use to save his own skin and his sister's, but his mental pattern was, leaving a gap between his reason and his will. There was no reason for him to want to hug and heal, especially when he knew perfectly well that no spell would heal that kind of wound. No holy drink, be it wine or water, could ease the pain of a soul shredded in two, of love being shorn from its other half.

Shing was still crying in Kohak's arms, and there was nothing he could make himself do, just as lost, and at war -always at war with himself, ever since they'd met the kid.

Run as a coward, because he'd never asked for any of this, for this heart he thought he'd never allowed to grow and this place, this role in the world his family had turned its back on. Throw caution and armour to the distant earth and join his sister, turning himself into a haven for this invader who'd turned his world upside down.

Run after this spirit turned man, with murder in his hands that was currently in his heart, make a bloody sacrifice to lacerated innocence.

He sees flutters of light burning in and out of existence at Shing's back, frayed wings fighting to stay alive in their owner's hear, and Hisui remembers them in their magnificence, palpitating diamond and obsidian, and the moment they shattered into slivers of dull silver, falling to the ground in pieces with Shing's barely breathing body.

All he can do is stand awkwardly and push back the waves of nausea and hate, because he thinks any more hate would destroy whatever's left of Shing right now.