The Path I Choose

Hello! I've decided to write a Paulxoc fanfic. Since it doesn't mention his last name in the Twilight saga, I'll take a leaf out of some other author's book and call him Paul Walker. Please give me suggestions for another title. This isn't a crossover with Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely saga, because the characters in that mainly won't feature, and I've changed some things. But it was a big inspiration! I don't own Twilight or Wicked Lovely. Enjoy!

Melanie stared at the slip of paper in her hand, then at the house ahead of her. She was definitely at the right place. Lugging her suitcase up to the front door, she couldn't help but feel like she was trespassing.

It was a ridiculous feeling, because it had been bought for her, and had been empty for months before that. No-one was rushing to live in rainy La Push, Washington.

The house was pretty, she couldn't deny that, it just didn't feel like home. Home is back with mum, Melanie ignored that thought, the same way she ignored the shadows that congregated around the building.

Locking the door behind her, she gazed around the place, her coal black eyes taking everything in. It looked like a little show house, it was furnished, but showed no signs of anyone living there. On top of that, it was dusty.

Melanie trumped up the stairs, carrying her red case because she didn't want to disturb the slightly eerie silence that pervaded over household.

In her room – the other would be her mother's when she came to visit – was a bed, an overly elaborate wardrobe, and several large tins of paint. Varying tones of green, blue as well as some white and magnolia – the colours she would of chosen. Left by her... father, the same person who had furnished the place. Well, probably not furnished it himself, but had someone else to do it. Melanie stared at the cans of paint. It was strange, and a little creepy, how he knew so much about her, yet she hardly knew the man.

Melanie shook her head to be rid of such thoughts, and started unpacking.

"Did you hear?" Billy Black asked the young man named Sam Uley.

Emily was in the kitchen, cooking a late dinner for them all. The aforementioned Sam glanced up, gaze respectful. "Hear what?"

Billy grinned, glad he would be the one to pass on such great gossip.

"Someone's moved in that old place up by the woods." He announced, making it sound dramatic.

Sam raised an eyebrow as Emily walked in and handed a plate to each of the two men.

Billy nodded and continued; "A girl, I believe, round Jacobs age."

Emily looked up in surprise. Turning to her fiancée, she exclaimed;

"We must go and say hello. The poor thing's probably terrified, living all alone," she sympathized with the young girl, maternal instincts kicking in.

Sam smiled at her, expression warm.

"We'll do that," he promised.

Melanie had just figured out how to open the paint can when she heard the doorbell ring. Although she wasn't expecting any visitors, she raced downstairs and opened the door eagerly- desperate to make a good first impression.

At the door was a really tall Indian – quileute she supposed – and a beautiful woman, with exotic copper skin. At least, she was beautiful once. Melanie was taken back by the vivid red scars that marked the woman's face, twisting her right eye and mouth into an permanent grimace. She then immeaditly felt guilty for flinching. Both the man and the woman had noticed her reaction, he was tense and glaring, while the woman glanced down, eyes pained.

"I'm sorry," Melanie apologized, feeling awful, "I... I'm sorry, for being rude. I'm sorry." She wasn't sure what to say.

So much for a good first impression, she thought, way to go Melanie!

Surprisingly, the lady gave a soft smile.

"That's alright. You didn't have a warning. It's alright." The lady paused before continuing.

"My name is Emily, and this is my fiancée-"

"Sam Uley." The man, known as Sam, interrupted. He appeared slightly calmer.

Melanie tried to relax too.

"Hi, I'm Melanie Hawkins. It's a pleasure to meet you." She insisted, truly meaning it. Even after their awkward start.

"Welcome to La Push!" Emily cheered, glad to be free of their not so good start. Sam smiled and nodded his welcome.

Only then did Melanie notice the wonderfully smelling container in Emily's hands. Looking for the source of the aroma, she realized that it contained freshly baked cookies.

Emily pressed the delightfully smelling box into Melanie's hands. Melanie tried to give it back. "Really, I couldn't-"

"I insist," Emily interrupted, still cheerful, but then her face turned serious.

"Just don't eat them all in one go," She warned.

Melanie desperately tried to hold her laughter, but was encouraged by Sam's own hysterics.

After they'd sobered, Sam and Emily left, with the promise to visit again.

Melanie leapt up the stairs, feeling like she'd made two friends.