The Path I Choose

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Melanie was sat on her table, musing how she was going to tell Paul she was a faery. Weak sunlight filtered through the clouds. Melanie thought for a moment longer, then left the house and stood in front of the forest. Earlier that morning Sebird had dropped in and told her that The Dark Court had claimed the forest for territory.

That meant there was a barrier around, not visible, of course, but essential. The barrier stopped humans from wandering around faery lands, which was dangerous both to the faery and the unfortunate human. It was literally impossible for a human to go through a barrier, and their mind shied away from the idea of entering – trying - the guarded place.

Melanie needed to ask Sebird a few questions, which she hadn't been able to when he popped round because she'd just woken up. Her mind had been hazy.

Melanie took a deep breath, she was about to break her 'I am human' lie, and walked into the green woods. She set a fast pace, hoping she wouldn't run into any faeries.

Luck was on her side, she found her father without anyone else finding her.

He was sitting on a throne, which looked like it was made of stone. Melanie knew for a fact that the throne hadn't been there before.

The only fay that surrounded him were a few chosen hounds. Damon, who was head of the pack, gazed at her and grinned.

His half human daughter, Chelsea, ran up to her. "Mel! You came to visit," Chelsea raised an eyebrow. "What brings you here?"

Melanie gave a small smile, Chelsea was her closest friend and the only faery that didn't call her Queen. "I need to talk to father," Melanie replied, "but I'll come visit again. To see you, I mean." She added, feeling guilty.

Chelsea laughed, her dirty blond ponytail swaying from side to side. "Sure you will," she teased.

"I will! Promise!" Melanie insisted, having not realized that Chelsea was playing with her. Chelsea laughed again, "I know you will."

By that time, Sebird had left his throne and was stood beside his daughter. They walked aimlessly about the green haven. Melanie was tense, now that Chelsea wasn't around, but Sebird was perfectly relaxed.

"Do you know anything about werewolves?" Melanie asked, she hadn't been able to think of a more subtle way to ask. Sebird was surprised to say the least, Melanie had entered a faery territory – filled with faeries – to ask about werewolves. It was a bit of a let down, he'd been expecting war or something.

"Yes, Why'd you ask?" He answered, curious as to where this conversation was going.

Melanie bit her lip, "Can they cross the border?" She ignored his last question, silently begging he wouldn't bring it up again. She didn't want to expose Paul and the others.

Sebird fought his annoyance back, and answered her latest question. "They can, but the weaker ones won't want too. An alpha probably wouldn't feel the effects of the barrier at all. Why, are there werewolves here?" The question was sharp, in contrast to the easy tone he'd been using. Melanie nodded, not able to say it.

Sebird let his breath out through clenched teeth. It sounded like hissing. Melanie's worry spiked. She jumped in front of the man, grabbing his shoulders.

"Yes, but you can't hurt them!" She exclaimed.

Sebird studied her concerned expression. His anger rose, the werewolves had made Melanie care for them. It was obvious by her expression that she would protect them if push came to shove.

"Okay, I'll tell the court not to attack, if the werewolves come here. But I can't guarantee their safety." The warning was in the same sharp tone he used before.

Melanie nodded and let go of his shoulders. She felt as if a huge weight had been lifted of her chest. "One of them has imprinted on me. I'm going to tell him what I am so we might be here later," She added, walking away.

Back home, to get ready for Paul.

A knock on the door brought Melanie back to reality. She put down her book and opened the door, hoping it was Paul.

His dark eyes were happy, and amused when he noticed how glad she was to see him. He pulled her into a bear hug before she could say anything. Melanie hadn't realized how cold it was before being in his warm arms. She tried to inhale, it took her a moment to remember how it was done.

The hug was over too soon for Melanie's liking.

Paul grinned at her, flashing pearly teeth. "Well, are you going to tell me this big secret of your?" He asked, faking impatience. He was just happy to see her, his angel.

Melanie nodded. She walked to the forest. Paul followed, not wanting to enter the place. Melanie studied his reaction.

She crossed the boundary, and turned to look at the young shape shifter. "Can you do it?" She asked. Paul scowled, why was it so hard to follow her? He breathed in, and strided over to her.

Melanie smiled at him, clearly joyful, and Paul couldn't help feeling like he'd passed some sort of test. The shadows danced between the trees, barely visible.

Melanie had often wondered what it was like, teetering on the edge of real and unreal. Like the shadows did.

Her gaze met Paul's – who, too, had been watching the dance.

"Paul, I'm not human." Melanie told him, wanting to break it down into digestible bits. Something flickered in Paul's eyes, but he said nothing. As if he'd suspected it. He'd seen what happened at the bonfire, through Sam's thoughts.

"I'm a faery," Melanie continued, keeping her eyes on Paul's face.

Paul looked away, back to Melanie, then away again – trying to absorb this information. He tried to keep the image of tiny girls with wings, dressed in petals, out of his mind. Melanie wasn't that.

Melanie looked away, too. "I'm a faery queen, actually. Wish I wasn't, it would be so much easier being human." She looked at him again, meeting his surprised eyes.

It was silent between the two for a while. Birds chattered, and sometimes Melanie swore she could hear laughter on the breeze.

"What did you mean, when you said it was better that I'm human?" Paul asked, this was the part he'd been most curious about.

Melanie's gaze flitted to the greenery around them, then back to Paul.

"Because you're not as breakable, as a human is. I can't hurt you, accidentally. With a human that would be too easy." Melanie replied, unable to meet Paul's smouldering gaze.

Paul bent down, cupping her cheek with one hand, pulling her closer with the other. His warm lips brushed her jawline, her nose. "It doesn't matter to me, what you are," He whispered against her skin. Melanie sighed, full of bliss.

"I love you." Paul said, destroying any doubt that he didn't. Those words tied Melanie to him like a vine. Paul kissed her, stealing her breath, and her heart. She belonged to him now.

I tried to make that ending intense. This is possibly the end of this story. I may write a sequel, this one was mostly about Paul and Melanie finding out about eachother, or should I continue this story? Please let me know!