Chapter 2 – Unexpected

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The morning sunlight filtered in through the curtain blinds. Hermione was sitting cross-legged on her bed, scrutinizing a particular piece of parchment.

Meet me in the Room of Requirement on Sunday, at 9 o' clock.

She ran her finger across the piece of parchment as she read this sentence over and over again. She couldn't keep it out of her mind. Was she going to meet whoever he or she is tomorrow?

Lying in her four-poster bed and staring up at the canopy above, Hermione was in a dilemma. She wanted to know who the sender was badly, and why he or she wanted to see her. On the other hand, if she was caught out of bed by Filch on the way...

I can borrow Harry's cloak, Hermione thought. Neither Filch nor Mrs Norris will know...

"What's that?"

Hermione jumped at the voice. Before she could register the fact that Ginny was standing right in front of her bed, the redhead snatched the parchment out of Hermione's hands.


"This is that letter you received yesterday?" Ginny asked as she pored over the parchment. Hermione nodded earnestly. Ginny's eyes widened. "Merlin, he's asking you out!" she shrieked. "He's probably a secret admirer!"

"How do you know the sender's a he?" Hermione asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Just a guess," Ginny answered. Hermione sat up on her bed as Ginny took a seat beside her. She was still scrutinizing that piece of parchment. Ginny looked up. "So, you're going to meet him?"

"Yes," Hermione said. "I'll borrow the cloak from Harry."

Ginny smirked as she returned the parchment to the brunette. "Well, good luck then."


Hermione approached him at the Gryffindor table during breakfast. He was seated between Ron and Ginny. "Yeah?"

"Well, I was wondering whether I could I borrow your cloak..."

Harry raised an eyebrow at the brunette. "The cloak? Sure." Hermione seemed relieved. "You're meeting this guy in the Room of Requirement tomorrow, right? Ginny told some of us just now."

"Okay..." Hermione said, blushing. "You'd better be careful," Ron stated. "If Filch or any other teachers catch you..." Hermione nodded as she turned to Ginny. "Well, you didn't have to go around telling others about it." Ginny grinned at her as she sat down opposite them for breakfast.

Before Hermione knew, Saturday passed by in a flurry and it was already Sunday night. She found herself walking down the 7th floor corridor. The corridor was so quiet that Hermione swore she could hear hooting from the Forbidden Forest. She cast furtive glances around her and realised that this was exactly how it was like in her dream two days before. Making sure that no one was there, Hermione began pacing up and down the corridor.

I have to enter. I have to see him.

Hermione was amazed at how alike this scenario was with her dream. The same door handle materialized out of nowhere on a wall nearby. Hermione's hand closed in on the handle and she felt that same rush of elation and anxiety. Turning the handle, she pushed the door open only to see someone inside, with his back facing her.

It was definitely a he. This 'someone' swivelled round at the sound of another person entering and Hermione gasped as she realised that he was actually...


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