Chilling violets

Summary-After a huge betrayal by those he trusted, and after finding himself thrown into a whole new world; with a couple of serious changes occurring to him. How will Harry deal with the existence of ninja; especially after some of the complications that occurred because of the betrayal he suffered.

Disclaimer-I do own Naruto or Harry Potter, nor do I make any profit off either of them.


Snarling in rage Harry quickly tore his sword out of the, now, dead body of the deatheater; that had been in front of him. A deatheater that had been attempting to both attack and stop Harry from his destination. Just like earlier deatheater had tried; and would continue to try. Either by attack him or worse targeting those he cared about to try and break him.

Knowing this, but not hesitating even a moment, even as the blood from said deatheater sprayed against his face, Harry quickly brought the sword around and using it to decapitate the person trying to sneak up behind him.

A person who had her wand raised to curse his back. Sending the woman in questions head flying in the opposite direction. While at the same time causing even more blood splatter on the already blood-soaked battle ground.

As he was doing this, Harry sent a rapid fire of curses at four different Deatheater that were attempting to try to corner him in from all sides. Killing or severely injuring all of them as he did this, without even looking or breaking a sweat.

Which considering how poorly trained the most recent deatheater where, wasn't something that Harry had trouble believing. Something that really wasn't helped by the fact, unlike Harry, most deatheaters didn't believe in any type of physically training; or using something besides their own magic to fight.

Harry had been fighting like this for a while now, which combined with the utter hell he had gone through in the name of training, he now felt no sympathy to those he was attacking. After all, he knew that they in turn would feel no sympathy for him or his in return.

If anything, they'd be even crueler and nastier then he ever could if they got their hands on him; or those he called his. So, he had decided for now it was best to fight fire with fire then to regret it later on. Again, this being something that was a hard-learned lesson that he'd do his best to never forget; less he'd have to repeat said lesson.

The final battle of the wizarding world had finally started and after all of the years of training he had been put through, having been thrown into said training just after he second year, Harry was ready to finish it once and for all. Was ready to finally put an end to it all, and finally be free.

Seeing as Harry had long since been ready to end this fight once and for all. In fact, he had nearly done so during the graveyard when Voldemort had first risen. And would have if not for the restrictions on him and the fact said dark lord had fled when he realized how underprepared he was for fighting Harry in the first place.

But now Harry was ready to completely destroy Voldemort and his group of terrorists. Best yet, Harry knew that with everything going on it was unlikely that the dark lord in question would be able to flee.

Meaning he was now ready for the fight of his life. A fight that was going in end it all one way or another. As Harry was ready to get on with his life or die trying if he had to. Either way by the end of it all Harry would finally be free; even if said freedom may only be in death.

This really showed as Harry continued tearing his way through the Deatheaters; not pausing even a second as he continued to destroy everything in his path. Giving no mercy and expecting none in return, as he continued to slay all the attacking deatheater around him. Not stopping even for a second. Even as he had to step over the bodies around him to continue on with his relentless fight.

Harry was determined to make sure nothing stood in his way to his path towards Voldemort. Even if it meant killing every single Deatheaters that dared attempt to stop him on his way. Something wouldn't hesitate in doing if it meant getting to his goal.

That is not to say, that Harry actually enjoyed doing the killing, because he honestly didn't; and knew he never would. In fact, even as he did all of this, Harry knew he would most likely never feel like he was clean again after this. Considering just how many different people he had already cut down. And knew the guilt would weigh down on him every time he closed his eyes.

However, at the same time Harry knew that, if he had to and considering he was given no real choice otherwise, he wouldn't, couldn't really, hesitate in killing someone on the opposite side.

Especially if hesitating meant that someone he cared about would die instead. After all, with everything that had happened to him, Harry had learned the hard way just how much mercy the opposite side had for those that were on his side.

Because in the end, after several different battles of doing just what Dumbledore thought was right and seeing how utterly that had failed; in a spectacularly gruesome matter. More often than not with a great loss of life on their side, Harry had decided to fight fire with fire. Something that meant showing just as much mercy to the opposite side as the Deatheaters did theirs; which was to say none.

Something Harry was quite to note worked a lot better for them, as those that Harry put down stayed down and didn't attack from behind after being revived; like they had been able to previously. And something that Harry knew the Headmaster wasn't too happy about, especially with the results that ended up showing.

After what felt like hours of fighting, which if Harry was honest with himself was longer than he had ever done in one go. Harry found himself a panting, nearly drained and completely sore. Which of course after he realized this, Harry soon found a path clearing for him. Only after having defeated what had to be at least a good fifty or so deatheaters that had previously been in his way.

A path that now instead of being blocked, like it had been for since the beginning of the battle, was now heading toward the center of the battlefield. Where he could see Voldemort clearly waiting for him; a confident smirk firmly placed on his snake-like face.

Looking all the while as if he had been doing nothing but waiting for Harry to make his way to them during the entire fight. Which meant that unlike Harry Voldemort was rather fresh and ready for the upcoming battle.

Obviously having used his deatheaters like deposable pawns to tire Harry out first before their fight. Meaning that the Dark Lord, had really learnt something in all the former battles between the two.

Feeling cautious, knowing that without a doubt in his mind that whatever it was that was currently happening it was a trap of some sort. Something Harry felt was clear to him, as Voldemort would be looking so confident otherwise.

Knowing this, Harry cautiously made his way forward, knowing that he had no other choice as he did so. However, even as he moved in the direction Voldemort clearly wanted him to go, Harry made sure to keep both his sword and wand tightly in hand; thankful for the anti-summoning spell on both of them as he did so.

As Harry made his way toward what he hoped would be his last battle with the dark lord he, with a slight of hand quickly, but discreetly, took a large sip of a restore drought he had on him; to help recover some of his magic. Ready to start the fight, that would decide the end of the war, even if it meant literally walking into a trap to do so. Knowing that without a doubt if he ignored what was happen, he wouldn't get another chance like this any time soon.

Once Harry reached Voldemort, his thoughts about it all being a trap was proven one hundred percent correct; to no one's shock least of all his own. For no sooner had Harry stepped in front of Voldemort, ready to fight him, then did a large black dome like shield snap up around both him and so-called dark lord.

Once the shield appeared, Voldemort let loose a hair raise laugh before hissing out to Harry. Making Harry absentmindedly wonder if Voldemort has unknowingly slipped into parsletounge as he did so.

As the man himself did seem enough snake like to do that, and it would easily explain why several other in hearing distance, including several deatheater, shivered as they heard him speak. As apparently Parsletounge was rather hair-raising when heard from anyone who didn't understand it.

"Potter, its time that I eliminated a certain thorn that has been in my side for far, far too long. Its time I showed you the true might of the dark lord; the true power I hold within my grasp. Power your puny mind cannot even begin to comprehend. And before you go thinking that your pathetic friends can save you or that, your twice damn, luck will be getting you out of this like it has time and time before. Think again Potter. The barrier that appeared when you, so foolishly, walked in here stops anyone from getting in…as well as stopping everyone else from getting out and leaving. That means both your friends can't come storming in here to save you from me nor you can escape from your rightful punishment."

Harry at hearing this gave a small smirk to the snake like man; he wasn't planning on running. Plus, he saw a rather large flaw in Voldemort's plan, one that he'd gladly take advantage of, and he told Voldemort this in a rather mockingly bored tone.

" As much as it irritates me to hear you monolog like that, I can't help but add that you do know that, that also means none of your Deathmunchers, however useless the lot of them can be at times, can come in here to help you either; don't you? Nor can you, how is it you put it…. ahh 'tactfully retreat', right? "Here Harry gave the rapidly enraged looking Voldemort as smirk before adding on.

"Oh, as for tricking me, I walked up here knowing that it was a trap; you are sadly predictable that way... and you call yourself cunning; what a shame."

What he was saying, the way he looked while he was saying it, and the tone he said it all in, seemed to be the last straw for the already mad, and by that Harry meant both enraged as well as insane, dark lord. For it was in a high-pitched infuriated shriek that Voldemort answered Harry; eyes nearly popping out of his head as he did so.

"You, insolent boy! I have no reason to flee from a pathetic wizard such as you! I am from the mightily line of Slytherin and you…. you're just a pathetic half-blood child of a mudblood! I wouldn't need my followers to deal with someone as harmless and weak as you! Don't think otherwise Potter! Now prepare to die you brat!" At hearing this Harry just gave a smirk to the dark lord; baiting him even further.

Hoping that he could make Voldemort angry enough to attack him without thinking; hoping that he could wear the dark lord down a little bit more. As, unlike him, it looked as it looked as if the Dark Lord hadn't been fighting at all; saving all of his energy to fight Harry.

Which put Harry in even more of a disadvantage then he already was in considering the fact Harry still knew Voldemort had a lot more knowledge then him. Not to mention wouldn't be held back with it came to learning all the deadly spells there were out there like Harry had been.

Plus, not only that but it did take a bit of time for the restoring drought Harry had sipped to take full effect. So, he needed to make as much time as he could for the effects to fully take. Which was one of the reasons why he hadn't interrupted or just flat out launched a spell out at Voldemort the very second he had stated monologuing earlier; despite how much he really wanted to.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, for Harry the plan he was trying to put into motion worked. Maybe a little bit too well, as without any warning, Voldemort did exactly what Harry wanted, when in an enraged icy tone Voldemort spat out.


Hearing this, Harry quickly leaped out of the way of the spell, and just as quickly returned fire; all the while a small smile of excitement was making its way on his face. The same smile that always made its way on his face when he knew he was in for a good fight; something which often got him scolded for by those training him.

Saying that his love of fighting didn't fit in the belovingly savior's image the wizarding world wanted from him. Not that Harry listened to them seeing as Remus, one of the very few he actual gave a damn about, had always told him that he got that from his father's side of his family.

As apparently it seemed that the Potter family as a whole where usually battle nuts in some way or another. Not to mention from what he had been told for all her forgiving nature, his Mother seemed to enjoy a good fight on her own. So, it seemed he really came naturally of his love of fighting, from both sides of his family at that.

Something that began to show as Harry retaliated against the torture spell that Voldemort sent at him by letting lose a rapid fire of hexes and curses at one go; a specialty of his that few could replicate.

At least not as fast as he did it, or with as many spells as he tied together when he did it. It was something Harry had trained himself in the ground to do, to take advantage of the fact despite how much he trained he wouldn't have the sheer volume of spells that the Dark lord with.

In fact, the spells he used, in his rapid chain of spells, were all ones that would have severely maimed, killed, or humiliated Voldemort in some way, shape, or form. That is if they had hit him; which none of them had been able to.

Because, unfortunately for Harry, Voldemort was able to dodge all the spells Harry had cast; even if some of them were just barely dodged. This caused the duel that the two were having to continue on.

Getting more and more violent as time went on and tempers continue to rise. Not to mention as the potion Harry had ingested finally began to fully work with his magic core. Even if afterwards Harry knew he would immensely regret taking said potion, considering the consequences of doing so.

Lights flew from both Harry's and Voldemort's wands as both sides continued to fight. As curse after curse flew by fighter, each on barely missed it mark or being blocked in some way; be it by blade or by something else.

As each spell got darker and more sadistic as time went on and both fighters got more despite to defeat their opponent. Not to mention as everyone around them stopped their own fighting and watched one of the most powerful duels, at least in their memory, being fought right in front of them; a duel that was obviously only going to end with one of the dueler's death's.

As their fight went on, both of the fighters proved themselves to be incredible stubborn, as well as powerful fighters; both to themselves and to everyone else around them. This really showed as they both continued to fight not caring that they both were covered in numerous small, put painful looking injuries. Harry had a particularly bad one near his left eye from a nearby bolder being blown up by a stray spell.

While Voldemort had a very bad burn on the side of his throat from an incorrectly dodged fire whip. At the same time both of them were covered, pretty much head to toes, in several different bruises; as well as burns. Not to mention the both of them where panting rather heavily from the exhaustion they were both feeling.

Yet, despite this, neither one of them was going to giving up or giving in to the other; not even in the slightest bit. As both of them were determined to not let anything stop them from ending the life of the other. Even if it killed them to do so; or at least it was that way on Harry side.

Voldemort on the other hand was simply too proud, and too arrogant about his own skills, to stop fighting That and he seriously didn't belief that the boy in front of him had the skills or power necessary to kill him; despite the fact he had nearly done so a dozen time before. And despite the fact he had been forced to flee from the teen in front of him before; not that he saw it that way as it was a strategic retreat than fleeing.

Both sides were giving their all and more into the fight they were currently in. Harry with his superior speed, flexibility, creativity, and just pure power was doing everything he could do and using every ounce of strength that he had defeat Voldemort. Even with the aching exhaustion, both physical and magical, he was really starting to feel; more so than he could ever recall feeling before.

However, the same could be said about Voldemort; at least with putting his all into the fight he was currently in. Seeing as said dark lord was using all of his cunningness, his cruelty, his knowledge, and his pure control over his magic to do the most damage he could possibly do to his opponent.

This combined with the fact that neither was able to get any outside help whatsoever, seemed to make the two fighting to be entirely equal. Where neither one of them seemed to be able to get an upper hand in their duel.

Added to that the fact that both of them were on their last legs in this fight, Harry more than Voldemort. After all, even with the restoration drought Harry had taken, Voldemort was completely fresh before the fight had started; while Harry had been fighting for a while before he had actually started to fight Voldemort.

Made it seem like this fight would never end; or that it would only end with both of the fighters fell in exhaustion. Which was more likely to happen to Harry sooner than it would happen to Voldemort; all things considering. Which considering the fact that this was most likely going to be THE battle that would settle the war wasn't a good thing for the side of the war Harry was actually fighting for; not in the least bit.

A fact that was making quite a few of the fighters around them, who were watching the battle, feel disappointed and made several looking like they were ready to flee at a moment's notice. Especially if Harry looked like he was going to weaken any more than he currently was.

That is until Harry decide to drop the cuffs that he had been was wearing for about a year now. Ones that he had actually forgotten about until just seconds ago when one of the spells he had dodge had bounced off of them.

Cuffs that for that matter he had been wearing, unknowingly to anyone else, after finding them in his Potter family vaults. Proving to Harry once and for all the real nature of his family after finding them.

Cuffs that were a pair of rather deceiving thin silver bands that had several runes carved in them. Runes that after seeing them Harry had quickly researched them in one of his family's rune books so he could get even more detail about the cuffs in his hands. As they had to be a reason why they had been placed in such a place of high honor in said family vaults.

It was because of these books that Harry was able to find out that the runes on the cuffs in questions, when used correctly made his magic constantly fight itself, thus making it stronger; when said Cuffs were removed. They were similar to the resistant runes that his trainers had put on him to help with his physical strength; except instead of his body they worked with his magic alone.

Not to mention they had also been smaller, less complex runes carved into the cuffs that made them return into the bag Harry had on his side; storing a good deal of supplies he now carried with him at all times.

This wasn't the only thing the runes, or the cuffs they were all on for that matter, did though. They, when combined with another rune that ran on the underside of the cuffs, also acted like weights. Weights that got heavier and heavier the more a person got used to them.

Which when added to the resistance training, he was already getting, and which already increases when he got used to it as well. Something that was unknow to his trainers, whom he had heard talking about making sure he didn't get too strong, as Harry had added that feature himself; made them a perfect way to train himself in secret.

Not to mention made it so that time and time again Harry was constantly pushing himself, and his magic, to his limits. Only to increase said limits each and every time he did so. Something that was mainly helped by the fact that Harry's magic had long since taken a natural healing like quality due to the utter hell he had been put through for the majority of his life.

Harry did this partially because he had long since had figured that his trainers, and the ministry who he believes had hired them, didn't want him to get too strong. Which Harry knew was because they feared that if he did get to strong, he'd become something similar to Dumbledore. Which would make it, so he was too strong, both magically as well as politically, for them to control him.

Something Harry wasn't going to have happen anyway, so he continued to push himself in training past what his trainers had done. Not to mention had hired some trainers of his own on his own pay on the side under a different name to keep it truly secret. Not that he really had to when quite a few of the were more mundane in nature.

As Harry knew that even if he pushed himself as hard as possible he wouldn't be able to meet up with the sheer magical knowable Voldemort had; not with the fifty year more of experience he had when it came to said magic.

Meaning he had to find other means Voldemort wouldn't know to fight him with. Leading Harry to nurture both his magical and mundane roots when it came to his combat skills. Unlike a certain dark lord whom Harry knew despised anything that could be even remotely found in the more Muggle like world.

Not that it really mattered now, or at least it didn't matter all that much, seeing as it was now it was time for Harry to revel the full effects of his training. Even if no one knew about this side of training to being with. Nor was it likely they would have even allowed him to do said training if they had known about it.

Hoping that the cuffs had helped as much as he had believed they would when he first put them on. As he had been led to believe that they would, Harry quickly released said cuffs. His magic still powering the small runes then activating as soon as they were away from his skin, making said cuffs quickly disappear in the bag on his side.

Doing so before anyone could see said cuffs so that no one would know they were there; or be able to figure out what Harry himself had done. He didn't want that sort of power in anyone else hands if he could help it.

Then Harry, just as quick as the cuffs had been removed, brought up one his blade to bat away the incoming spells coming in his direction. Making sure not to use any of the magic he had just gained to do so. At least not so quickly after it was free, to give his body a chance to adapt to it a little first. As that had been one of the main warning that the cuffs had come with, and the one warning that had been repeated several times though Harry's research of said cuffs.

After doing this Harry, and after letting his body adjust for a short period of time as he physically dodged and all but danced around the continuous spells still being slung his way, decide he had waited enough to start fighting back again.

To do this Harry, using some of the new burst of magic he had gained from his bands, superheating his blade and began to use it like a wand; as well as its original use as a sword at the same time. Slicing, cursing, and defending all at once in smooth flowing movements; that most had trouble even following.

Something he had been practicing before but hadn't been able to really use in battle before then because the amount of power it took to be able to use his sword as a focus; at least not until now that is.

Harry started swing said blade in an elegantly pattern, in an almost hypnotizing dance like motion, as he both cursed and cut at Voldemort; doing both at surprise speeds and simultaneously at that.

His training and the boost he got from removing the restrictions that were on him really shining through as he felt lighter than ever. Not to mention now able easily push back the previous exhaustion he had been feel. Unlike Voldemort, making it so the tables were once more flipped; this time in Harry befit.

As he began to fight in this now renewed fashion Harry was able to surprise the dark lord bad enough, that he was able to successfully cut off both of his arms; permanently. Something Harry knew he was able to do mainly because he had really startled the Dark Lord in question with the fact that, after removing the cuffs Harry seemed to gain back all the previous energy that he has lost.

Which was something no one would have expected as even the potion he had taken before he had first entered the battle only returned a smaller fraction of the drinker's energy. And that still was one of the best recovery tools that the wizarding world currently had. At least when it came to restoring the levels of magical exhaustion it was.

Voldemort both feeling and seeing the fact he now no longer had his arms, which despite what most would think, he actually saw it before he felt it. Something that was mostly due to the cauterizing effect Harry's blade had, tried to run away from Harry's attacks.

Knowing that without his arms he couldn't really use his magic like he needed to, at least on the level he needed to fight this battle, Voldemort tried to flee. Only to find that his own barrier, the one he had previously been so proud of, was stopping him from doing so. Just as Harry had taunted him about before they had even started fighting.

Harry seeing this, let a small smirk once more settle on his lips as he quickly ran up to Voldemort; feeling a lot more confident than he had earlier. Then as he reached him Harry looked the dark lord straight in his eye as he quickly brought both his wand, which he had once more brought out instead of using just his blade, and sword up. Before cutting off Voldemort's head; before Voldemort even realized that he was really there. Finally, at long last ending the life of the Dark Lord that had been plaguing him almost his entire life.

After he did this, Harry began burning every last part of Voldemort's body that he could find; to ensure that the dark lord was never able to come back. Because he knew deep within his heart that there would be someone who would try to bring said dark lord back one way or another. Even after Harry had gone through all the trouble of destroying his anchors and soul pieces he had before he had even began fighting against him in the first place.

To do this, Harry had to use nearly all the spare energy he had gained from the cuffs in the first place. Or at least all that remained from what he used to finally defeat the dark lord he was now burning that is. Something Harry honestly found himself not minding if it meant the dark lord wouldn't be coming back.

After all, all of the dark lord's other links to this world had been destroyed, all seven of them, and Harry wanted to make sure that he had no more mortal links to the earth that he could come back through. Even if he was gaining some rather odd looks because of his actions Harry knew if he didn't, he'd end up regretting it in the long run; or at least considering his luck Harry knew that he would.

Once this was done the sheer black barrier, that had been keeping Harry as well as Voldemort, in and all the others out, immediately fell. Because of this Harry was treated to the sight of every deatheater, that had been surrounding and beating, with both their hands and multiple different spells, on said barrier, when it became obvious their lord wasn't winning, being blown back; as well as quickly knocked out from the backlash of said barrier falling.

Which to the now almost completely exhausted Harry was both a hilarious and very welcoming sight. Seeing as Harry was sure he wouldn't even be able to lift a hand to defend himself if they attempted anything to him now that the barrier was no longer there. Not to mention it looked as everyone else on the battlefield also looked to stunned to be much of a help to him in that regrade either.

Knowing that with Voldemort dead, and having the majority of his Deatheaters just been knocked out, that the war was pretty much over. Harry turned with a smile at where he felt his friends and mentor standing.

Only for the smile to quickly fall from his face, and be replaced by a confused almost panicky frown, when he noticed that his friends had their wands still drawn, and to make matters worst of all, they had them pointed at him.

With a chill going down his spine and a sinking feeling in his guts Harry realized what was going on. What had been going on for a while now, but what he had ignored in a desperate let in not be true kind of way.

Something that honestly Harry had dreamed about in the worst of his nightmares; as if his self-conscious was desperately trying to tell him something. Which had been one of the reasons Harry had hide the scale of his true skills, knowable and power from those who were now standing in front of him with their wands point at him.

Seeing his constant nightmare come to live but, at the same time, hoping to Merlin he was wrong, Harry licked his lips slightly. Before in a shaky, uneasy tone asking, trying his best to make a joke of it as he spoke to his friends as he did so.

"Hey guys, what's going on the fighting is over now. Look at all the Deatheaters; they're all taking a dirt nap. So why do you still have your wands out...and more importantly, why are they pointed at me? I mean what have I done to deserve that?" However, apparently, his so-called friends would have none of it, for it was Ron; the man, Harry once happily called a brother, who spat out.

"Shut it Potter, you know exactly what's going on here. So, don't act as if you don't. You knew that you were getting too powerful and too independent long before now or you wouldn't have hidden as much as you did! You knew that no one would want you like that! But still perfect little potter couldn't just listen to his betters and did what he wanted instead! You knew just what was going on, I know your trainers informed you of at least that much." Here Ron stopped and gave an ugly sneer in Harry's direction before continuing on.

"You knew you were just a weapon to be used and then discarded. But for some reason you seemed to think you were more than that. You've seemed to have gotten in your head that you were special or something like that. Well, let me tell you right here and now that you're not, Potter. So just shut up and take your punishment like a good little boy; like a good little weapon." This, to Harry, felt like a dagger to the heart. A dagger that was dug even deeper and then twisted when Hermione decided to speak up as well.

"Potter, while I don't exactly agree with what Ron has said or the way he said it for that matter, I do agree with what we are doing. Dumbledore says, that by doing this we will stop you from going dark; from becoming worse the You-know-who ever was. That if we do this it will safe all the lives you will take when you decide to get your unjust revenge. So please, for the little bit of love you still hold for us… for others besides yourself and your need for a rather pointless revenge, please just put down your wand. I know there is still a bit of light in you, and if you have any respect or honor for you parents, or even Remus and Sirius for that matter, in you, you won't try to fight this." This caused Harry to snarl slightly caused everyone to tighten on their grips on their wands before Hermione finished what she was saying.

"I don't want to have to hurt you, I just want to stop you, but if I have to hurt you to do so I will." Hearing this Harry couldn't, and didn't want to, stop the snort that came from his mouth as he realized Hermione still practically worshiped the ground that Dumbledore walked on; even as he held back the tears that were about to fall from his eyes from her betrayal.

Knowing that the whole ordeal wasn't even near over, but still wanting to know, Harry fought back his tears as he turned to listen to the last man that had his wand pointed at him. The man Harry thought of as a grandfather and a mentor; the oh so great Albus Dumbledore.

The one who apparently was behind this whole thing and had been since the beginning. Harry as he listened to what this man had to say he couldn't help but hear an almost hear a bitter voice in his head telling him that he should have known, on top of a good deal of I told you so.

"My boy, it is for the greater good. You know this, and perhaps it you were a little bit older, and more mature then you are at the moment, you would understand it. We just can't have you going dark. One dark lord was bad enough, the wizarding world can't suffer under another one; it wouldn't survive. Because of this, we have to get rid of the threat before it actually becomes a threat. I am sure if you had the chance to think about it you would too agree, my boy." This was all said with an annoying all-knowing smirk and a twinkle in his eye.

Harry after hearing everything that had been said could no longer stop the tears that fell from his eyes nor could he stop the rage that began to boil with in him. How dare they think he would go dark; especially after everything he had done for them. This was the thought that echoed in Harry's mind as he raised his wand; he wasn't planning on going down without a hell of a fight.

But apparently, Harry was a bit too slow, or the fight with Voldemort had tired him out more than he had thought. For the next thing Harry knew, was that there were three different curses heading towards him; all of which was designed to kill him in some shape or form. Worst yet, because of the state he was in, and how close the spells had been fired at him Harry didn't have a chance, or a choice, to dodge any of them.

Panicking Harry desperately called on his remaining magic. Hoping that it could save him in some way. Or if not, that at least help him get out of the path of the oncoming spells. Only to stare in horror as his magic did something it had never done before; and something Harry could honestly say he hoped it never did again.

It reached out and seemed to grab the spells that were currently heading towards him, before blending into them. Making it look like a large wave of deadly looking magic was heading towards him instead of only three spells; like it had been. Making Harry fear that calling his magic to him like he had had only made his situation just that much worse than it already had been.

Once the wave of magic reached Harry, instead of crashing into him like Harry thought it would have, it began to circle around him. Before slowly beginning to be absorbed back into him. Much to Harry's terror, seeing as the three deadly spells that had been thrown at him where absorbed in to him as well as his own magic; leaving him wondering just what the hell was going to happen to him now due to those spells.

Agony tore through Harry's body as the magic from the spells that had been thrown at him and the magic, he had called up to defend himself from said spells began to fight with his natural body's magic. Before reluctantly combining with it; causing his body to twist and turn in unnatural angles as it did so.

The torture continued, and got even worse, as Harry was slowly pulled away from the battlefield by the portal that suddenly appeared behind him. A portal that was caused from the backlash of all the magic in the air both dark and light; as well as all the magic that the dead had released as they had departed; to put it nicely the feel of it wasn't the most pleasant. If anything, the feel would send most sane people fleeing from it as fast as humanly possible.

And as he was pulled into the portal the last thing Harry saw of his home being the smug but angry looks of the backstabbers, he once called friends and family. As he saw this Harry could help but think humorlessly to himself that, wouldn't they be in for a real shock when they went to Gringotts to claim what they thought he had left them. Seeing as he had placed several different clauses in place in his will at the Goblin's insistent ones that it seemed would be kicking in now considering what they had just done to him.

Then the next thing Harry knew was that he was high in the air and falling at a quick pace with no way of stopping, or even slowing himself down as he dropped. In fact, the only thing Harry really could do in the situation was give a rather high-pitched yelp he would forever deny doing.