Chilling violets

Summary-After a huge betrayal by those he trusted, and after finding himself thrown into a whole new world; with a couple of serious changes occurring to him. How will Harry deal with the existence of ninja; especially after some of the complications that occurred because of the betrayal he suffered.

Disclaimer-I do own Naruto or Harry Potter, nor do I make any profit off either of them.

CHAPTER TWO- waking up and finding out

The next thing Harry knew, after being sucked into the portal, besides the sensation of falling that is, was the continuous yet still unbelievable agony of his body being completely twisted around. Even more so than it had been before he had been pulled through the portal to begin with; something that had actually stopped for a bit as he had gone through said portal.

Making it seem as if the actual going through the portal in question was the last thing the magic that had been attempting to twist him around needed to be able to succeed in whatever the magic was trying to do to him.

Harry was later able to figure out the reason he had been in such pain, was because the magic that had been around him, the magic that had been from the portal, the magic from the spells he had been hit with, as well as his own natural magic had at that time began doing it best to adjust his body to fit its need.

Or to be more specific make it so that Harry's body could handle the changes his magic had undergone from absorbing and adapting to the magic it had absorbed. As all the different magic had forced their selves into his body as soon as he had gone through the portal; giving no care to what pain it was causing him to go through as it did so.

Not that Harry had cared at the moment, about his magic, especially not as it was happening, seeing as he couldn't even bring himself to ask why it was happening in the first place; too focused on the sheer amount of agony he was going through to even attempt to do so.

A pain that had was so bad and lingered long enough that it had taken Harry longer than he would have liked to admit for him to bring himself to care why he had felt such pain to begin with. But in the end, he had been able to push past the pain and find out the origin of said torment; though again that did take Harry a lot longer than he would ever admit to finding out about it.

Because, as it turned out, what the magic had done to him, combined with the force with which he hit the ground, which his magic immediately started healing, finally caused Harry to lose his battle with consciousness and pass out.

From a combination of the exhaustion from the battle he had just found in, the emotional upheave he had gone through, the sheer torture his body had been put through after exiting the portal he had been pulled through, and the actual hitting of the ground below him all being too much for him to take all at once.

Gasping and groaning in pain Harry slowly began to wake up; wondering had happened to cause such pain. Especially since the last thing he could recall was finally once and for all killing Voldemort; for good this time.

Not to mention Harry had gotten used to his magic healing him when he rested, mean that most of the time the most pain Harry felt lately was more of a dull ache, compared to the more tap dancing on his every nerve feeling he was currently getting.

That's when two things hit him, one thing being the memory of everything that had happened after Voldemort's defeat. Including the betrayal of those that had supposed to have been as close as family to him, the curses they had thrown at him, his magic reaction to the curses in question, before being sucked up into the portal and finally the pain he had felt before passing out.

The second thing Harry noticed being the feeling of the most ghastly, bloodthirsty aura he had ever felt coming not far from him. Hell, this aura easily made Voldemort's most blood thirsty aura seem like that of a buzzing fly; annoying but easily ignored. In fact, the very second this deadly aura hit him Harry found himself temporarily freeze in terror against his will; having literally never felt anything as remotely horrifying as it before.

Yet, at the same time, even as he continued to be unwillingly bathed in this new aura, Harry got the feeling that there was something much more to the aura then the ungodly amount of blood lust he was currently feeling. That something wasn't quite right with whoever or whatever the aura was coming from at the moment. A gut feeling that Harry knew from experience was most likely correct.

Trembling slightly and feeling like he was close to passing out from the sheer force of the aura against his now extremely sensitive mind Harry shook himself and started rebuilding the shields around his mind. Blocking out some of the power of the aura that was still pressing down on him as best he could while doing so.

After doing this, and after making sure that his mental shield could hold up against the pressure that was currently pushing down on them. Harry started searched for what was putting out such an aura in the first place. Temporary forgetting what had caused him to be in the situation he was in, in the first place; as he did so.

Harry didn't have to look hard, or for awfully long for that matter, to find what was giving off such a dreadful aura. In fact, he didn't have to really look at all, because he found it the minute, he lifted his head up, and what he saw once he did this really shocked him.

Because, there not far from him, and heading towards what looked like a rather large, though odd looking, village was the source of the aura. In the form of a truly enormous, blood red, kitsune with nine wildly waving tails behind it.

Swallowing heavily and remembering what he had read about kitsunes and how they only really attacked if extremely angry or deeply wrong in some way; if they weren't defending themselves that is. Harry bowed his head for the unfortunate village, that had done something to anger the obviously very powerful, and seemingly extremely willing to use said power, kitsune and began to pray that they could somehow appease said kitsune. As that maybe the only way to safe themselves from said kitsunes wrath.

Because Harry himself was in no way going to attempt to help them, especially as he didn't even know them, and he felt the kitsune in question most likely had a good reason to attack them. Seeing as from what Harry knew most of the time, they were rather mild manner if highly mischiefs creatures more than anything else. Though there were some odd balls out there.

But even if that wasn't true there was no way Harry would be any help anyway, not with how weak he currently felt. Not to mention considering the fact he didn't know all the details that were going on. Which only meant Harry felt it was best to leave it all alone. After all, even if it did sound cold it didn't concern him or his.

After doing so, Harry turned away from the village, and the enraged kitsune that was currently attacking it, before heading off in the opposite direction. At the fastest speeds, his still throbbing and very much sore body could take him at. Which sadly wasn't as fast as Harry had hoped it would have been. In fact, it seemed more like a crawl than anything else; despite how much he tried to push himself to make it otherwise.

Harry was moving like this because he was determined to find out just what the portal had done to him. Because he knew, without a shadow of doubt in his mind, that it had done something to him; he could feel it. Hell, even if he couldn't he knew there had to be something to show for all the pain he had been put through; rather it be scars or something similar to that.

So, he really needed to find out what that magic and portal had done to him. Not to mention, find out just where it had taken him to in the first place. Because Harry could tell he was nowhere near Hogwarts; or even England for that matter. Seeing as nothing in the area he was currently in looked even remotely familiar.

At the same time, he was also trying to get as far away from the danger behind him as he could as he did so. Seeing as at the moment he was just a sitting duck waiting to be taken care of; especially considering the circumstance of just what was going on behind him.

Yes, Harry knew he would later feel incredibly guilty about not helping the village that was being attacked later on. But at the same time Harry knew that he was only one person, an already drained and injured person for that matter, and without knowing just what the portal had done to him he wouldn't have been able to help much.

In fact, even if he had decided to help the village in question, in the end he most likely would have been a hindrance to whatever the village had planned in the long run. Or if not that, end up being just another dead body to be disposed of later on.

Besides, even if he only would admit it inwardly to himself, the kitsune must have had a reason for attacking and the village; heck as far as Harry knew the village might have deserved the attack. So, he really didn't want to interfere, on either side. Even if he may be a little bias when it came to the Kitsune side of things.

That in mind Harry keep on running, channeling the little bit of his magic that he could safely use, throughout his body. To make sure he went a lot further, at a much faster pace, then he would normally have been able to otherwise; especially given the state he was currently in.

Though, even as he was doing this, Harry couldn't help but wondering why, he seemed to be moving at a much slower speed then what he normal did when he did this; even when you include the injured state he was currently in.

Because Harry knew even with all the injuries he had, he should be able to be moving faster, and further then he currently was. As he had been injured far worse during the war. Especially considering the fact he had at one point been captured by Voldemort's side of a month and had been able to move faster than he currently was even then.

After what seemed like hours of running and channeling the little magic that he had left throughout his body, a panting and exhausted, nearly collapsing where he stood, Harry found himself in front of a small lake.

Far enough away from where he originally landed that he felt that he could stop at least for the time being. Which considering the fact he wasn't sure if he could even move that much further was most likely a good thing.

Seeing the lake nearby him and suddenly growing very nervous as to what might have happened to him. Because deep in his gut Harry knew the portal had changed him in some way. Harry slowly, very slowly, got up struggling to make his way over to said lake; legs barley able to hold himself up as he did so. All the while trying to push back the utter dread he was feeling, as he wondered just what he would see once he reached to reflective surface of that lake.

As soon as he got to the lake, and had taken in his reflection, Harry found himself nearly falling into said lake from pure shock; only catching himself at the last moment by reflex as it was. Because once he got a good look at just what the magic from the battlefield earlier, as well as the portal he had fallen through, had done to him he was left in a rather stunned state of disbelieve.

The first thing he noticed was something that made Harry wondered silently to himself about how the hell he hadn't noticed to begin with. This was the fact that he had somehow been de-aged to be about four or five years old at most; a small four or five-year-old to be exact.

Which in an almost absent mindedly way Harry thought did explain just why he hadn't been able to move as fast or as far as he knew he should have been able to; even in the injured state he had been in. Seeing as currently his limbs where now a lot shorter than they had been in a longer while and would take more time to cover the distance his longer limbs could have.

The second thing that Harry noticed was that his hair had somehow gone from its previous dark reddish brown that he had inherited from his father; with a bit of his mother thrown in on the highlights. To a now startling icy blue color instead.

A hair color that as Harry got a good looked at it reminded him deeply of the frozen icebergs, he saw picture of from the North Pole. With the bluer color being similar to the redder highlights he had in his hair before. Giving his hair an icy look opposite to the almost fire look it had before,

In fact, it was rather beautiful to look at, and Harry found himself rather liking it despite the fact he hadn't ever thought about changing the color of his hair before. Particularly because for some reason this icy color of his hair seemed to be able to make his hair tamer then it had ever been before; almost a calm wave instead of the wild locks it had been before.

The third thing he noticed wasn't a very startling change in itself, but it was still eye catching all the same. His skin had gone from a pale almost ivory color, to a deep rich looking tan. A tan that Harry never really was able to get himself before, no matter how much time he spent in the sun; always just burning before going right back to the pale skin tone he had before.

Something Harry knew he could blame on his mother seeing as it turns out, he got his skin tone, and therefore inability to tan, from her. A trait that Harry found out seemed to frustrate his mother as well and something she had blamed on being a red head.

Then finally the last thing he noticed, and the one change that really had all of his attention at the moment, at least when it came to the physical changes that is, was the fact that the portal had caused him to lose his mother eyes.

His mother beautiful emerald green eyes, that he had been so proud of, that had given him so much comfort when he was at his worst. Were gone and in the place was a pair of eerie violet eye.

Eyes that Harry got the feeling he was really going to hate in the future; unlike the eyes he had before. And that wasn't only because the violet colored eyes had replaced the emerald color that had once offered him so much comfort before.

Seeing these changes, especially the change about his eyes, Harry felt tears began to build up behind said eyes. All of the changes, even the ones he sort of liked, hurt a bit because his looks were part of what made him, him.

But at the same time Harry felt that when it came to these changes, he could have dealt with them pretty well in another situation. That is if they hadn't happened all at once; and if he had a say in them in some way.

But in the end, he hadn't had a choice in any of them and they hadn't come one at a time. So, Harry felt really lost at the moment, especially as he looked into those completely unfamiliar and alien eyes staring back at him from his reflection in the lake.

Not to mention, Harry could feel all the overwhelming emotions he had been trying to hold back since he had first arrived where ever the portal had decided to dump him, starting to break through the mental shield he had placed around them. Meaning he was starting to get overwhelmed by both the emotions he had been holding back before he had ended up going through the portal along with the newer emotions he was getting as he started at his new reflection.

Then after looking into those eyes, into his own eyes, once more it suddenly became too much for Harry. As he began to cry for real, as everything he was seeing, and that had just happened, sunk in for real.

It was as if when he realized that he had just lost the only thing he had left of his mother's. The only real physical link he had of her that wasn't tainted by something, or someone, else. Made Harry realize just what had happened to him, and everything else he had just lost because of it.

Thinking on this and knowing that he could push back those emotions any longer, Harry sat down on the edge of the lake. Where he finally let the sorrow he had been holding back, from everything that had happened recently, completely envelop him. Something that seemed to come easier to Harry now that he was physically five years old at most.

Harry, as he did this, let the thoughts he had previously been trying to block out, repeat over and over in his head. As this happened Harry found himself forced to relive some of the worst parts of his life. Parts that he had been doing his best to keep locked up in his mind so that they couldn't be used against him; which was now backfiring against him.

The first memory being about the night he had lost his actual parents. Something that he had gotten the full memory of both because of the Demotors as well as the fact Voldemort played it in his memories before Harry had learned to block the dark lord form his mind. In fact, that memory had been one of the main reasons he had been so determined to learn to block his mind in the first place.

Then it went to the fact, because of Dumblfuck, he had been forced to grow up basically as a slave to his so-called family. By playing out the supposed childhood that Dumbledore wanted him to have. Or at least so he said when Harry had asked him for more training after his first year and finding out that there was a dark lord out for his head.

After that, Harry relived the fact that he had been forced to participate in a war that he honestly and truthfully really wanted no part of; but had no choice in that matter. In fact, it was because of the face he wanted to actual live through the war he was being forced to fight in Harry had pushed himself harder than ever when it came to his training.

Because as he had been shown, time and time again, most of the time when it came to the War most others in the wizarding world would rather stick their head in the mud before they did anything to defend themselves. Leaving it to Harry, or those few that did actual care, to fight for them.

Next thing that that played out in Harry's mind was the death of Remus, and being captured for a month to be the deatheater's torture tool. As said deatheaters attempted, and repeatedly failed, to put him in what they felt like was his place.

Finally, the last memory, and at the same time, the most recent memory started to slide back into place. Which was the memory of the fact, that after fighting in a war, and after putting up with all of the wizarding world prejudice, with hardly any complaints at that, Harry found himself being betrayed and nearly killed by those he had once called family.

Hell, Harry was sure he would have been dead if his magic hadn't reacted the way it did and caused him to be sent wherever he currently was; with all the changes he had undergone add on top of it all to boot.

After reliving all of this Harry nearly collapsed to the ground and couldn't help but bitterly thing to himself. 'What was going to happen next, am I going to lose my magic on top of everything else?!'

Only to utterly freeze it terror after he thought of this. Then as those words echoed in his head Harry felt himself go pale and his eyes widen in pure horror. Then, before he could think of doing anything else, Harry began to desperately feel for his magic; sighing in relief when he found it. At least he hadn't lost that as well.

Only to pause for a second and re-feel his magic with a small frown beginning to form on his face as he did; as he truly got a good feel of his magic. Or to be more presences, when Harry noticed a foreign feel that his magic now held; as well as the fact that it seemed even stronger than before.

Which when you considered he had been de-aged shouldn't be possible. If anything, he should have been weaker when it came to his magic. At least enough to match the power level he had at the age of four, maybe five. Something that Harry could tell you, honestly now, wasn't what had happened as his level of magic wasn't anywhere close to what he figured it had been at that age; but much larger.

Feeling this, Harry quickly began to realize that whatever had happen in the portal had not only changed the way he physically looked but had also changed his magic in a great deal as well.

Both in the way his magic felt as well as the level he had with it. Though the fact this was the first time in a while that he had felt his magic without those cuffs on for over a year, might have mess with his ability to feel the level he had. Though that last bit was only a possibility instead of a certainty.

Thinking on this, and concentrating more on his magic, Harry just knew that, that meant he would have to start from scratch on his training all over again. At least when it came to relearn how to control said magic. Or at least he would have to if he wanted to get it back to the level that it had been at before.

And even as he thought about this, Harry was strongly getting the feeling that re-learning the control he had before would end up being just that much more difficult to learn as it had been for him when he had first began. As from what he could now feel his magic was now a lot more powerful not to mention wilder than he had been before.

Not only that but there was now an odd edge to his magic, an edge that was raising the hair on the back of his neck even as Harry wondered just what it meant. Something Harry got the feeling he'd only find out once he was able to get his now wild magic back under his control.

Groaning at this, Harry threw his head back for a second as he thought of all the hell he had put himself through the first time he trained himself in control over his magic. A groan that got even louder as he realized that he would have to do it all over again. At an even more extreme level then he had before because of the powerful, utterly wild, feel of his magic was now giving off.

With the only really luck being on his side this time being the fact his body was now younger than it had been when he had first started learning to control his magic. Meaning that if he started soon than at least in the future he should have even better control then he had before once he got back to the previous age he had been.

Understanding this, but not wanting to continue thinking on the future hellish training he was going to have to put himself through, as well as being unable to think of anything better to do, Harry let the exhaustion he was still feeling take over and laid down to rest a bit. Hoping that, perhaps, he could gain back some of the energy he had lost as he did so.

As he did this Harry couldn't bring himself to care that he was in the middle of a large, strange forest next to an unknown village that was currently being attacked by a very enraged Kitsune. Hell, he really couldn't really bring himself to care about anything, as at the moment as he felt too tired, and too numb, to want to do much of anything but perhaps sleep for a bit. In fact, now that had finally stopped moving Harry wasn't sure he could even keep his eyes open any longer.

Harry slowly began to wake up, knowing even as he did so that he hadn't been asleep exceedingly long and that there something else there that had woken him up. Knowing this, Harry began to look around trying to find just what had woken him up. But he couldn't find anything but a strange, oddly familiar, feeling in the air; an extremely powerful familiar feeling in the area near him.

Not knowing why this feeling felt so familiar, and unable to bring himself to care, Harry simply climbed up from where he had fallen when he had gone to sleep. Knowing now that he was up his own mind wouldn't let him go back to sleep anytime soon, and instead began to think on just what he needed to do to get himself back into the shape he had been in before the portal had pulled him in; hopefully past that even.

After all, at the moment, like he had been thinking before he had even gone to sleep in the first place, he was in a child's body. Not only that but from what he had seen earlier his body was now that of a healthy child's body; something he had never really been before.

So, it should be a lot easier to get his current body into good shape, instead of the underweight and extremely malnourished teenage body he had to work with before when it came to his older body. A positive note Harry was trying to keep in mind as he thought of all the training he was still going to have to do.

Harry while he was contemplating this had a sudden thought strike him; one that he knew was a rather important one. Even if it wasn't one that most people would have thought of if they had been in his current situation or had been put through what he had just underwent.

This was the thought that, instead of thinking about what he could be able to do in the future; after he trained that is. What he really needed to know was what he could do right now; both with his magic and his current body. Something that he would honestly need to know before he got started on what he would do in the future.

After all, maybe some of the training he had done before had stuck with him, and not just in his memory like that had first thought. After all, as he had noticed earlier the body he was in now was a lot healthier, and in better shape, then he had actually been when he had been the age he looked; hell it was in better shape than he had been at twice that age.

Something that Harry hoped meant that he hadn't lost all the training he had done over the last couple of year. Because in the end, Harry had worked extremely hard in the past to make a lot of his training work on muscle memory; so, if he was ever attacked from behind, he'd react reflexively.

Not to mention he had worked himself to the bone on several different occasions that he didn't want to lose all the work he had put into it. Which was most likely why he felt so devastated about the fact he had to do all the training again in the first place

That in mind, Harry stood up and went a small distance away from the lake; it was time to see just what he could still do. And if not, then find out just what he needed to work on the most on when it came to the training he was going have to do.

But first, before he did that, he needed to find his wand; which Harry hoped had come with him during his trip through the portal. Because while he could use magic without a wand, it was easier to see just how much control he had over it with said wand. Not to mention he wasn't quite sure he had the control now needed to even do wandless magic. Not now at least, as his magic had undergone several changes recently.

That in mind and hoping for once he had some good luck on his side, especially considering the streak of bad luck that he had had lately. Harry reached for his wand, which should have been in the holster on his right arm; where he had last left it.

Only to freeze when he came in contact with an empty holster. It seemed that unlike the side bag he had, and his clothes. Which where a pair of baggy black jeans that got tight around his ankles and a dark almost blood red short-sleeve shirt, which had shrunk with him; his wand hadn't done so as well.

Feeling this, Harry began to search for his wand on the ground around him in an almost panicked fashion; not wanting to believe that his wand hadn't come with him through the portal. After all, it was that wand that had gotten him through some of the toughest moments of his life; that had been at his hand when he had been at it worse. It was something that had become similar to a safety blanket for him; not that he'd ever call it that.

After a good thirty minutes of doing this Harry fall to the ground, in shock, empty handed; cursing both lady luck and fate in his head as he did so. As it turns out his wand either didn't make it through the trip in the portal or it never entered the portal with him to begin with. Honestly, Harry was banking on the second one seeing everything else seemed to have made it through the portal; even if some changes did occur to the things while they had been in the portal.

Harry spent a good ten minutes staring out into space just cursing everything he could think of in his head, as he came to terms with the fact that he no longer had a wand with him. After he did this, and calmed down a bit, Harry slowly got up and dusted himself off. Harry then gently laughed to himself while muttering softly to no one.

"Well I guess I am going to have to find a way to do all my magic without the use of my wand. I mean I could do some of the wilder magic wandless, but I never had the sheer control having a wand gave me…"

Here Harry gave a small laugh as he thought on that for a bit. Sure, he could do battle magic without a wand; but not things like wards. Something that took an extremely high amount of control over you magic to do; which meant he had to use a wand. Thinking on this Harry couldn't help but add,

"Having that much control without a wand was said to have been impossible. But then again so is surviving the killing curse, as well as living after being bitten from a basilisk. That and I seemed to of been able to use my sword as a wand when I needed to and that was also said to of been impossible. So the way I see it, I seem to have a knack for doing the impossible; so I have got to at least try get that much control over it… plus it was Dumbledore who told me it was impossible to do so and I really wouldn't put it past him to lie to me about that….Guess that mean I will have to put learning complete control over my magic on my to do list…When I finally do start training that is."

Here Harry pause from his self-monologue, took a deep breath as he reminded himself that despite losing his wand things really weren't that bad; as at least he still had everything else on him. Before walking back over to lake he had originally walked away from in the beginning. Once more muttering to himself as he did this.

"For now, I want to see if I can still do some of the magic that doesn't require a so much control and that I didn't need a wand to do before…and I'm not including potions in that list. I suck big time at them. I would most likely end up poisoning myself if I tried to do any of them… And that would give old Snapy way too much joy; so that's a no go." That in mind Harry started to try all the magic he could recall that didn't need a wand to use.

Though as he did this, much to his horror, Harry found out that, sadly, his sword, one of his pride and joys, like his wand also didn't make the trip something that confused Harry as to how he could have missed it being missing in the first place. Because of the weight of the thing in question or the lack of it really should have been rather telling.

Still with it no longer with him meant that, he couldn't use it to practice his more hands-on skills that much either. Meaning that at the moment Harry was rather limited to what he could practice. And find out just how much he had lost when it came to his deaging.

Something that left him feeling all the more vulnerable because of that. Something not helped in the least bit because of young he was currently. On top of the lack of weapons he now had that could help defend himself with.

An hour later, a slightly sweating Harry was cursing and feeling a bit happy at the same time. As he found out several different things from his magical testing. A testing that left him slightly disappointed because of how exhausting of only working on it for an hour left him, while at the same time feeling slightly optimistic at the same time. As it turns out he hadn't lost everything that he had learned during his previously training.

He had found out that he could still use rune magic to the same degree that he had been able to; even if he wasn't able to use as many because of the lack of control. Something that made him rather happy even when you consider the fact that Rune magic was usually much strong when drawn with a focus like a wand; but still plenty strong when drawn by magical hands.

Or if not that with a quill and magical blood; which was much stronger than anything else but rarely used because the fact that blood magic was considered too dark for most people to use it freely. Mainly because of the dark things a person's blood could be used for made it so not many people were willing to leave their blood hanging around in runes or anything like them.

Not only that but Harry had found out that he could still manipulate the elements slightly; though it was major drain, as well as straining, because of his much younger body. Not to mention Harry never had the greatest control over said elemental magic. Even before he had gone through the portal, as he didn't train it as often as he should have.

Much to Harry's shame now, as he felt this would have been one type of magic that wouldn't have changed during his trip through the portal. As elemental magic usually called for more wild magic to be of use rather then control. Meaning that considering his current situation it would have been a perfect magic to have more skills in then he currently had.

Harry could also still do several different spells in battle magic, but because of the forging feel his magic had taken Harry was extremely wary about doing so when directed at anyone else instead of open air like he had done. At least he was until he could find out why his magic was feeling as odd as it did. Then he'd be a lot more willing to use the spells he still could against others.

Not only that but Harry found out that he could still use the small amount of Metamorphmagus ability that he had before he had gone through the portal. Most likely because you really didn't need good magical control for that ability but mental; which Harry had in spades.

When it came to these Metamorphmagus ability meant that Harry could still change his hair length, be it make it shorter or longer what to whatever degree he choice; though he couldn't adjust the color any. Not to mention he could also make exceedingly small barely noticeable changes to the shape of his face; nothing really to take much not of.

But at the same time even if it wasn't much of an ability it was something that Harry knew could still prove helpful none the less. After all, if you're looking for a short haired person with white blue hair and a long-haired person with slightly different looks walked past you, you'd think they were related to the person you were looking for but not them. Or at least that was how it usually turned out when Harry had used the minor ability, he had in Metamorphmagus to temporarily escape his so-called guards from before.

At the moment though, Harry was trying his favorite type of magic; one that like the other magics he had been using didn't require a wand. And the magic that was the main reason why he knew so much information on kitsunes.

He was going to try Animagus transformation; or to be more precise he was trying to transform in to his Animagus form. Something he really hoped he could still do, as it had been one of the most freeing, wild, magics that had been available to him before.

Harry began to concentrate on his Animagus form. A form that had often gotten him being called a living terror during the war, and one Dumbledore attempted to order him not to use as much; as it was simply too dark. Something Harry had ignored and used whenever he got a chance and it proved to be advantageous.

Closing his eyes Harry focused on the form that had helped him so much during the war. And slowly Harry felt himself begin to shrink, as fur started to cover his body; then less than a minute later a three-tailed kitsune stood in the place where Harry once stood.

Proving to Harry once and for all that yes, he could get into his Animagus from, and no it wasn't now blocked from him from the what had happened to him after going through the Portal; unlike some of the other magics Harry had attempted.

Smirking in his vulpine form Harry eagerly bonded back over to the lake to see his kitsune form. Wanting to see if the trip through the portal had done anything to said from, like it had done to his more human like form.

Only to once again nearly fall into said lake when he noticed the changes had extended from his human body to his Animagus form. Which, after he had gotten over his shock, Harry felt that he honestly should have expected that to happen.

What, given his new looks, he now had, where now part of who he was; therefor would also be part of what is Animagus form was now as well. What's more there seemed to be even more changes then his human form showed. Which Harry hadn't been expecting at all.

Where before Harry in his Animagus form had been a nearly full-grown three-tailed Kitsune that reached about the size of a horse, or much smaller if he wished. As Harry had been able to find out that his Kitsune form could be as large as the size of a horse, at the largest, or as small as a kitten at the smallest. His old form also had pitch-black fur that absorbed the light around it and brilliant, piercing emerald green eyes rimmed with a dark blood red outer ring.

An outer rim that when Harry became completely enraged got larger until completely covered the green in his eyes leaving nothing but blood thirst enraged red eyes staring out over the battlefield. Which had been one of the reasons he had gotten the name he had from those on the opposite site.

Instead of that, Harry was now a three-tailed icy blue colored kitsune kit; about the size of a real small kitten; if not even smaller than that. Which Harry got the feeling unlike before he wouldn't be able to change the size of this from; at least not until he was close to the age he had been before.

This newer Kitsune now seemed to have fur seemed to shimmer in beautiful in the sun; just like snow did once the sun hit it. Its eyes were also the same eerie violet his new eyes were, but, and here being the only thing similar to his older form, where rimed a familiar dark blood red color.

Also, after taking a looking closer at his new form Harry noticed an even bigger difference from what his Animagus form had been and what it had become; his tails. Whereas before his three tails had been tipped, each its own separate color, with Dark blue, suggesting control over water, pure bright white, Suggesting control over light, and light almost swirling looking grey, suggestion control over wind.

There were now instead now tipped in an orange red, where the dark blue had been, suggestion control over fire instead of water. A dark black, instead of the pure white, suggesting control over shadows and darkness instead of light like it had been. Then the last tail was tipped in bright yellow instead of the light swirling grey it had been; suggesting control over lightening instead of wind.

Meaning the elements, he had control over before the portal seemed to have literally flipped onto the opposite element for some reason. Similarly, now that Harry got thinking on it, as his coloring seemed to flip to the opposite of what it had been.

Not that Harry was honestly focused on said color as his mind was more focused on the elements that where now in his control. Elements he had never worked with before, meaning that there one more thing that Harry had to start over from scratch when it came to learning control over during his upcoming training.

Also, now that he was looking closely at his tails he could see that under each tip was a very, very, thin band of bright emerald going around each tail; an emerald color that looked just like his eyes had been or what the killing curse had looked like.

Something about those small green bands had the hair on the back of Harry's neck rising, while at the same time making Harry think vividly of the strange tint his wild magic had taken. Something told Harry that those bands somehow represented the changes in his magic in some way.

Seeing all of these changes, that he was reluctantly starting to accept as Harry knew instinctively that he wouldn't be able to change them; no matter how hard he tried otherwise. He instead began to do his best to get his mind off of it, by thinking about where he had woken up and what had been happening when he woke up.

Hoping that by doing so he'd be able to keep his mind occupied by something else for a bit. It didn't work as Harry couldn't help but keep going back to what was going on to him instead of the village he had been attempting to think about. Something Harry figured was mainly because he no real information about the village in question to really bring his attention to it. So, knowing that it was a waste of effort Harry brought his mind back to what it really wanted to be on in the first place.

Almost absentmindedly, now that he was no longer trying to get his mind off of it, Harry began to wonder just what the hell had happened it the portal. That and why the hell had said portal basically inverted him. His dark reddish-brown hair had turned in its opposite in an icy light blue color. His emerald green eyes had gone violet. And even with his tails red is the flip side of blue, fire is opposite of water, as is light and darkness.

The portal had basically flipped him around when it came to his colors and elements under his control. Though at the same time, in the back of his mind, Harry couldn't help but find it sort of funny that a Kitsune that looked like it was a creature of snow and Ice did control fire instead of either snow or ice.

Just as he had found it amusing before that a pitch black kitsune that looked to be made of shadows actually controlled light of all things. Even if Harry had never used that element too much as he hadn't had much opportunity to explore just what it could do.

Though on that line of thought, Harry did wonder why he got the elements he now did, opposed to the ones he had before. Which apparently had been the elements he had been closest to before. Now for some reason, the only reason he could think of the elements he had now terrified him something fierce.

As the only thoughts he had about his new elements were that Fire was an element that was often associated with both life and death, with shadow being closely associated purely with death and Lightening being similar to fire to a degree. However, all of them could easily be tied with either life or death in one way or another.

Not wanting to think on this, or where any of the similar thoughts could lead to, Harry forced his thoughts elsewhere. And as he did this, he found that he couldn't help but wonder what else had changed and just what else the spell, his so-called friends, had fired at him had done to him.

Because Harry was sure that it wasn't only the fault of the portal he had changed as much as he had. It could have been, but there had been so much more that had happened besides that; all of them being rather bizarre.

Focusing back on the memories of his back-stabbing friend betrayal Harry tried to remember just what spell they had fired at him, and not just that they were deadly. It took him a while, mainly because Harry had to keep stop thinking about what had happened or he would lash out. But Harry was able to eventually put a name to each of the spells that had been fired at him. Once he was able to do this, Harry felt himself pale significantly.

There had been three spells before they all had combined together with his magic and each had been meant to kill him. Hermione had sent a spell bright yellow spell at him, that would have given him a quick acting incurable disease. One that would have killed him in less than five minutes at the most; in a practically painful fashion if Harry remembered what he had read correctly.

Ron had sent a fiery red spell at him that would have acted like immensely powerful draining spell. One which would have forcefully taken all of his magic, then his life as it used said magic it taken from him to kill him in a bloody agonizing way. This spell would have taken ten minutes to kill Harry and those ten minutes would have been the most painful ten minutes of Harry's life.

After those two, Dumbledore had sent an, almost pitched black colored, ancient heart-stopping curse at him. One that would have stopped his heart and would have killed him the minute it hit him.

Of the three Dumbledore's was actually the most merciful and painless one; which was saying something considering he was the one who had planned out Harry's life. And the plan in question didn't let Harry have an incredibly happy life to begin with.

Thinking on this and the effects of all those spells. Then remembering that the curses had all merged and had combined with his magic Harry couldn't help but wonder aloud.

"Just what the hell did those spells do to me!"