Summary-After a huge betrayal by those he trusted, and after finding himself thrown into a whole new world; with a couple of serious changes occurring to him. How will Harry deal with the existence of ninja; especially after some of the complications that occurred because of the betrayal he suffered.

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Chapter six

Harry was waiting nearby Haku as they prepared for their mission, which was the one they had just recently gotten from Gato. And which was the one they now had to re-plan. Because as it turned out, the mission in question had just gotten a bit more difficult than they had originally been told it was going to be.

As it seems the bridge builder, they had been hired to kill in the first place, had decided to hire some ninjas of his own to protect him. Ninjas that just so happened to be from Konoha, making Harry curse slightly and now had the others of his group thinking he had somehow originally came from the leaf. Which in all honest was about as close to the truth as you could get when you consider this world and where he had ended up landing in it once the portal had spat him out.

Knowing this, and knowing that they would need more information to make sure the mission in question went as smoothly as possible, the demon brothers had been sent a head. This had been about half an hour ago. Only it seems that that hadn't worked as the group had hoped it would. As both brothers had been beaten and then captured by the team the Bridge builder had hired.

Or at least they would have if Harry hadn't been able to free the brothers after the group had left them behind. Sadly, both brothers had enough of a fright after being captured they had bailed on the mission; leaving the rest of the group to finish it up.

Which wasn't the biggest loss but still had made it, so they had to rearrange the plans they had made once more. Though the positive of this was that that the Demon Brothers had been able to give Harry the information they had gained, and Harry had shared it with the others in the group; making it so they weren't as unprepared as they had been before.

Meaning that Zabuza, Haku and Harry had been able to make a quick, more detailed, plan on what to do. More so than ever as they now knew the group that the Bridge Builder had hired from the Konoha was, The Copy-cat Ninja Kakashi as well as what looked like his own Genin team.

One of which had been skilled enough to surprise the Demon brothers enough to end up being captured by Kakashi. Though Harry had pointed out that they would have most likely still have been captured by Kakashi if he had been by himself anyway; something both Haku and Zabuza agreed with him on. As everything they had heard or read, informed them that Kakashi was an incredibly skilled high Jounin level threat; if not a higher level than that.

Which was why Harry and Haku were currently up in the tree doing their best complete erase their existence from anyone who may be looking for them. They had already suppressed their charka as best they could while Harry was doing his own cloaking spells; something he had gotten even better over the last couple of year. Gaining an incredibly surprised look from Haku as he did so.

Something Harry knew was because, if Haku couldn't actually see him right beside him like he could, he wouldn't have believed Harry was there; despite being right beside him. Which Harry took as a good thing as if Haku wasn't able to sense him despite being right next to him; then it was highly unlikely that anyone else would. Especially not an occupied Jounin and what looked like three barley trained Genin.

They were currently hidden in the tree as a precaution to Zabuza his own plan; both of them wearing similar hunternin mask as part of said plan. Or at least as a precaution Zabuza had place in his own plan. A plan that he was currently putting into action. Something Harry could see happen right below them, as the fog around them began to thicken.

Something Harry noticed the Jounin, they were now against, seemed to notice right away. As the sliver haired, masked man, whom Harry figured was Kakashi, immediately became more aware and began to use his single uncovered eye to look stealthily all around him. Trying to find out just where the mist was coming from.

Most likely so that he could see just what or who was causing the fog around them to continually get thicker with each step his group took in it. It was most likely because of this awareness that Kakashi heard the large sword Zabuza had thrown coming their groups way. Something that was quickly showed as Kakashi shouted out.

"Quick, get down!"

An order the other followed quickly by all the genin of the team, as Kakashi himself pulled down the Bridge builder. Just as Zabuza massive sword Kubikiribōchō flew over their heads and embedded into a nearby bolder. After this, Harry watching as Zabuza appear on his sword most likely from a shunshin. And then after the happened, as all the others on the ground got into defensive positions around the bridge builder.

A defense position that got even more tense when Zabuza demand they had over the Bridge build while very casual mentioning he was here to kill the man in question. Something that was met with a refusal as both Kakashi and his Genin team got into a position to fight. Or to be more precise Kakashi got in a position to fight while the three other Genin got into a formation to further help with protecting the Bridge builder; like they had been hired to do.

Seeing this Harry got the feeling that he was going to be given a very interesting fight to watch. After all, Zabuza and Kakashi were said to be on similar levels; at least assigned close levels in the Bingo book.

However, beyond that Harry had no idea as unlike Zabuza he had never seen this Kakashi fight before. Not that they were actually fighting each other at the moment as the both of them seemed to be observing each other before they did anything else.

Seeing this, Harry decide that he would do some observing of his own, though not on either Zabuza or Kakashi. Because he already knew the first pretty well on his own and at the same time had already spent the last couple minute observer the second.

No instead he decided to focus on the Genin team as something about them was call his attention to them. What exactly it was Harry wasn't sure, but it was like a nagging sensation that just wouldn't leave him alone.

It was by doing this Harry noticed that his thoughts about them being barely untrained was for the most part true; at least for two of the Genin down there. At least compared to him and those he knew they seemed to be.

Though considering that they weren't constantly running or fighting for their lives, or at least he didn't think they were, that could be one of the reasons why they didn't look as trained as Harry had been when he had been their age. Which if he was guess right was about two or three years ago.

Another could be the fact he didn't think they had a sensei that was solely focused on their training; or had such a strong reason to learn and train like he did. Again, that was as far as Harry knew from just looking at them and not knowing any of their own background; he could very well be wrong about that.

Though at the same time, he could say that out of the two that looked as if they weren't all that well trained. That there was one of those two who looked to be more self-trained then untrained. While the one that did look trained, looked to be trained at a level of an experienced Genin more than anything else.

Being able to tell this was something Harry had been forced to learn with his life on the road both with his first sensei Hiro, and even after that with the group he was currently working with.

It was also something that he had unknowingly used when he had been in the wizarding world; perhaps even before that with his so-called family. But it was something he always trained with and worked on all the time as it had proven helpful so many different times before. Sometimes even ending up being the thing that help save his own life in the end

But this constant training and improve, not only that skill but all the other skills he had, was something that Harry agreed with fully. As he had learned there was no such thing as too much training or perfecting something, as there was always a way to improve one's self.

Which seemed to be the only thing what he starting to call his judging skill couldn't do as for some reason he couldn't tell how skilled he was in things. Which only seemed to push Harry harder when it came to his own training. That, and well wanting to finally be able to control as well as turn off the bloodlimit he was currently cursed with.

But back to the Genin he had been studying, starting first with the one that looked to be the least trained. This Genin was the one that Harry feared would collapse sometime soon. As she, seeing as the Genin in question was female, looked as skinny as Harry had when he had first left his so-called family in Britain and before he began his training back in the wizarding world. Which considering they regularly starved him, often making him go for days without food, really wasn't a good thing.

Especially not in someone who wanted to be a ninja. But this Genin skinny wasn't only so skinny it was dangerously unhealthy, but she had also had long bright pink hair, that fell to her midback, along with leafy green eyes. Eyes that Harry noted looked to be utterly terrified as stared out at Zabuza; who was now telling the Genin how he had become a Genin himself.

Harry already knowing this story, and honestly knowing it was a bit exaggerated instead brought his focus on the Genin that looked to be self-trained more than anything else. Which Harry could approve of in any other situation, as Harry had done it himself.

But at the same time, it looked as if this Genin in question didn't have much of an idea as to how to train himself when he did it; leaving him not as highly trained as he would have otherwise. Or if he had someone to help him, which Harry had done when he had gotten himself trained in the wizarding world. Not to mention how Hiro-sensei had done for him when he had found him.

This Genin in question had bright blonde hair, making Harry eyes twitch a bit as he looked back to the pink hair of the former Genin he had been observing and back to the current one.

At least he was smart enough to cover his own eye-catching hair, something he felt those two should try to do as well; least they be found at the worst of time. Or at least until they were above jounin level, so they didn't have to worry about being recognized because of said hair. Seriously wasn't stealth an important part of being a ninja anymore?

But still knowing that it really didn't matter, as it was highly unlikely that Harry would see those Genin again after this mission he forced his attention back on the blonde Genin. Only for his eye twitch to get even worse at the bright orange baggy track suit looking outfit the young teen was wearing.

Why hadn't his sensei forced him to change that? Was it a sort of distraction to make others look away because of how bright it was? He had honestly thought only Dumbledore had been insane enough to wear colors like that.

But after again reminding himself it didn't matter, and that he wouldn't see this Genin again Harry forced himself to keep going in his observations. Knowing that now that he started it would continue to bother him until he finished. Besides perhaps by doing so he could find something a bit more helpful the watching the two Jounin size each other up.

So, with this in mind Harry focused more on the Genin he had been observing. This time taking in the bright blue eyes, of the Genin in question as well as whisker like marks on the blond male teens face.

Seeing these whisker-like marks Harry grew curious as why they were there in the first place. As marks like that, usually signified a bloodlimit or something similar to that; at least as far as Harry had seen. And if that was the case, did the Blonde Genin have an animistic bloodlimit of some sort? Because that could explain why his attention was drawn to these Genin in the first place.

Forcing himself to take his eyes of the Blonde Genin, Harry focus on the last Genin, and the one that just so happened to look to be most trained. Who Harry had just learned was named Sasuke. Which he had heard from the pink haired one, whom the blond one called Sakura-chan, while said Sakura hissed out a displeased Naruto in return.

Letting Harry know that the one he was now observing was called Sasuke. While the blond Genin was apparently Naruto, and the pink one was apparently Sakura. Knowing this Harry couldn't help but think his naming choice fit the last two a bit better. At least they would until the two learned to cover the distinctive features they had.

Speaking of Sasuke, Harry noticed, he looked to be the most prepared out of all them, at least when it came to the Genin that were down there. Not to mention he also looked to be the one that was the less disturbed by the story Zabuza had told; again, out of the Genins that were on the ground.

This Genin had dark black hair, equally dark eyes and there was just something about him that had his inner Kitsune sitting up and growling. Something about him that Harry just really couldn't find himself to like for reason he really couldn't explain; but he rubbed his inner animal the completely wrong way.

Even if, at the same time, Harry did have a bit more respect for him on a more professional level than the other two. If only for the fact that he did look to be the most prepared out of the genin trio.

At the same time, even if he was the most prepared out of those three, Harry couldn't help but wonder why he was wearing such white pants. Or why he had what was obviously his family symbol printed so largely on his clothes; as that was screaming just who he was to anyone who cared to look. But still it was better than the glaring bright neon colors the other two were wearing; with no attempt to even cover said colors to boot.

Harry's attention was brought back to the two Jounin, and back on track with the plan they had made before hand, when both Kakashi and Zabuza suddenly charged at one another; beginning their fight. And as they fought Harry belief about it being quite a fight was both proven and disproven at the same time.

Proven because he could see the great sleight of hand, manipulation and great use of clones; making a very fast pace if interesting fight. Disproven because of how easily Zabuza had been able to trick Kakashi on to the top of a lake.

Which Harry figured the Jounin really should have known not to do, as even in his BINGO page Zabuza is well known for both his mist and water technics. Which was why Harry wasn't so surprise with the fact that Zabuza had managed to trap Kakashi into of the lake in a water Prison Jutsu.

At the same time, he figured the main reason this had happened was because Kakashi had underestimated Zabuza during their fight. Which was something he shouldn't have done as there was a reason that before he had become a missnin Zabuza had been one of the seven swords men of the Mist.

And even if he might not have been as strong as Kakashi, like the Jounin seemed to believe, Zabuza still had the home field advantage where they were currently fighting. Not to mention Harry had long since learned that with a good proper plan, a good amount of luck, and being underestimating even a Genin could take down a good Jounin.

Harry tilted his head to the side wondering what was going to happen now that Kakashi, and the sensei to the Genin team now protecting the bridge build had been captured. Only to raise an eyebrow when after Kakashi, from within the water prison he was in, told his Genin team to flee, only for them to refuse.

Saying something about how only trash would abandon a teammate; or at least Naruto did. And this was something Harry found himself agreeing with, but at the same time tensing slightly in a readiness to move.

As his magic started to get a little restless; really something about that blond had him curious. A curiosity that grew, and gained a good dose of respect as well, when he saw the plan that Naruto had made. One that had actually been able to successful fool Zabuza long enough to free their sensei.

Seeing Kakashi free, Harry got the feeling that the fight that came now would be a lot more interesting than the one before; or at least be on a higher level than the one that had occurred moments ago.

As now Kakashi wouldn't be underestimating Zabuza at all. At the same time Harry was also getting the feeling that now that Kakashi was taking Zabuza serious that the secondary plan, they had made earlier, which involved both him and Haku was going to go into action real soon.

A feeling that was proven to be true when Harry saw Kakashi somehow being able to trick Zabuza with his now exposed second eye and fire the same jutsu that Zabuza had been attempting to do right at the former MistNin.

Seeing this Harry watched as Haku quickly fired three senbon needles into Zabuza's neck and put him in what Harry now knew as a state of false death. After this happened Harry quickly joined Haku down beside Zabuza.

Then, while acting similar to a hunting nin, wrapped his wires around the fallen nin, grabbed the man's sword, before disappearing. Going to Gato base where Harry knew that they would be able to help Zabuza recover. As well as make another plan to carry out their mission with the Bridge builder.

After all this latest plan might not have worked as well as they wanted, but they had at the same time got a good deal of information about the group they were going to have to fight; so it wasn't a total loss.

Plus, when it came to the next plan Harry got the feeling that both he and Haku would be fighting alongside Zabuza. Making it all the more difficult for the others; while at the same time making it easier for them to succeed with their own mission.

Meanwhile back in the Wizarding world.

It had been only been three years since Harry had first fallen through the portal on what was now being called the final battle; at least it had on the wizarding world side of the portal. Which had quickly disappeared just as fast as it seemed to have appeared. And it had been an exceptionally long three years at that. At least for those that had betrayed Harry it had been.

Because, honestly it had been as if Harry himself had cursed all those that had betrayed him. All before he had been pulled through that portal to begin with. Seeing as since then things had gone from bad to worse for all those that had been either attacked Harry or attempting to control him in some way.

Unknown to anyone else, including Harry, this was actually the almost correct idea about what had happened. Except Harry hadn't knowingly cursed anyone, even if he had wished he had on several occasions during his new stay in the world he had ended up in; especially when in had laps of control over his new bloodlimit.

But, instead of him being able to do so, it was his family magics that was certainly getting the revenge Harry had wanted. Something that was more powerful and influenceable than it would have been otherwise. Mainly due to the fac that Harry was the very last of the Potters left and there for one of the few that access in their family magics, and at the same time happened to be very strong in it.

It turned out when Harry had called on his magic after the battlefield, and once those curses had been thrown at him. He had also called on his family magics in an attempt to help him; all of his family magics at that. Which included not only the Potter family magics, but also the Black, Peverell as well as even Gryffindor and Slytherin family magics; the last one being one he had won over three times earning its respect.

Because each of these magics were all rather powerful in their own right, and because Harry happened to either be the only one left in the family. Or if not the lord of said family and only male left in the line that had the family magic, they all worked to get what said families would consider justice for Harry; even if he was no longer there to see it be done. Hell, if anything him not being there made the punishment the family magics could do just that much worse than they would have been otherwise.

Starting first with the Potter family magics which, despite being the main name Harry went by was actually the least harmful of the reactions of the family magic. But at the same time, it was still damaging to all those that had dared harm the last of the Potters; at least the last of the Potters by blood that is.

What the Potter's magic had done was something similar to a karma curse on those it wanted to be affected. A Karma curse that wasn't only tied to Harry, but everyone that had been wronged by those the curse was tied to.

Which turned out to be mainly Ron, Hermione and Albus Dumbledore. But at the same time a more minor version of the curse in question was tied to those who knew that the previously mentioned trio was doing and did nothing to stop it. If anything, they enabled them to do it even better than they would have otherwise. Which was why they had also been cursed.

How this curse affects them was all in different ways as everyone has their own version of what they things is bad luck, or what they consider a punishment. Which is what the Karma curse worked with.

Meaning each person that was curse with the Karma curse, or anything similar to it, there was always a different reaction that was caused; and only if magic itself felt the curse in question was justified. Which in this case it was most certainly was.

When it came to Ronald Weasley, how the Karma curse affect him was that it took what he valued the most from him. As he found himself quickly losing any popularity he had gained, after the war, as suddenly secrets got out without any warning. As he found himself in the worst of situations with no way to explain why or how it had happened. Worst yet there always seemed to be reporters hounding his steps always catching these incidents.

Like the time he had tripped while giving a speech in front of the ministry and somehow ended up burning the bottom of his robes. Leaving him suddenly nude from the waist down in front of hundreds of reporters. Coincidentally after this happened, he found no one wanting to date him, and oddly enough losing the contract he had with Cuddly Canons.

The Karma curse effect Hermione a lot more differently than it affected Ron. So, because of this what this curse did was, it didn't take away her popularity as she didn't care too much about that; seeing as the only popularity she did like was the respect she got from authority figures.

Which was more often than not connected with the one thing she did care about, and take a great amount of pride in. Which was her knowledge and skills in learning different things that others found too difficult to do most time; which is where the karma curse hit.

How it did this was Hermione found herself suddenly speaking the wrong information or forgetting certain piece of information she had known before. All the while arguing with others that she was correct because as far as she could tell or remember she had said the correct information. Only to fume and rant at others when she was proven wrong. Something that happened on more than one occasion, and most often in front of reporters.

Then because the majority of these incidents happened to happen in front of a lot of people it had the side benefit of her losing a good deal of her popularity as well. Which was a win win when it came to the Karam curse as it seemed like a double whammy while still being within the boundaries of the curse in question.

The reason why it seemed to have such a large impact was because not many people enjoyed being around a known cheater. Which was what people seemed to assume Hermione was, and the whole reason she had been able to get the grades she did was because she had somehow cheated or bribed someone to get them.

As there was no other explanation in their mind as to why someone who was supposed to have such high grade. One that was supposed to be the smartest witch of her generation, didn't know such basic knowledge. Such as the levitation spell and the movements needed for it.

Or even continued to argue that she was right even after being proven wrong by several different sources. Only accepting it when she was told by someone in a higher position usually a very reluctant headmaster.

Then there was the one who seemed to be affected the worst by this curse. Which was the Headmaster, and this was most likely because out of everyone who had or was going to be effect by the Karma curse, by all of the family magic's revenge, he was the one who had done the most damage; the one who was the most at fault.

The one who was now going to get the brunt of the attack as everything that was bad that had happened to Harry Potter could mainly be linked back to either him or the Dark Lord. And since said Dark Lord was already dead, one Albus Dumbledore was the one who was going to get the full effect of both their magic. As it was his fault said Dark Lord had even became what he was in the first place. At last where all the family magics was concerned, he was.

What the Potter magic's curse did to Headmaster was devastating to the man in question. As what it had done was, take away his power, as well as the grandfatherly image he had worked for so long to imprint in everyone's mind.

How it did this was first the wand he had and had had since he had defeated the previous Dark Lord, suddenly didn't work for him any longer. In fact, when he tried to force it to work it literally blew up in his hand before completely disappearing; with a backlash that sent him to the hospital wing for a couple of days.

Then after that when he attempted to replace the wand he had lost, any wand he did attempt to use all seemed to either be weak or if not, that refuse to work with him. Making it so if he wanted to use his magic, with a wand at least, it took four times the amount of magic then he would have usually had used in the past; at the very least. And that was if the wand he was trying to use didn't blow up on him. Something that seem to happen a lot more often than not as it seemed any wand, he used usually didn't last longer then a week at most.

Not to mention this attempt of using magic wasn't helped by the fact because he had been so confident in his wand from before he never put a lot of thought into learning anymore magic wandlessly then he had known how to use before he had gotten the wand in question. Which wasn't all that much and even now seemed to take more concentrating and magic then he had thought it had before.

Next the karma curse made it so the potions he took for his health didn't work as well as they should, or not at all in some cases. Something that quickly made the headmaster's age really catching up to him.

Which included a serious decline in the amount of magic he suddenly found himself able to use. Making it so that he could do even less magic then he normally could; and he already couldn't do a good deal of magic before that. Now even levitating something for any longer than ten minutes seemed to drain him.

Once it was done with his magic, the Karma curse then began to destroy his image as the kindly grandfather that he tried so hard to promote. What the Potter family magic's did to succeed in this was let all the secrets that Dumbledore had been attempting to hide to be known.

More specifically it let a certain beetle Animagus find out all of these secrets with just a bit of pushing. An Animagus whom soon made a book about the life of Albus Dumbledore with creditable prove that everything she had printed in the book was a hundred percent correct.

As an added bonus the Animagus in question also added several of chapters of this book explaining in detail just what the Headmaster had done to Harry, as well as what he had planned do to Harry if he hadn't been pulled through the Portal after the final Battle.

It was a book that was a top seller for several years and had changed more than just the views a lot of people had on the Headmaster. In fact, the headmaster had to use all the favors and blackmail he had gathered over the years to not end up in prison.

But now he was hanging on to what he had, by only a very thin and frayed hair. And even that looked like it would be snapped soon. Leaving the headmaster with nothing at all. Just as he had planned for Harry from the beginning.

The last people to be affected by the Potter family's magical revenge, was the few that knew about what the trio was doing and did nothing about it. All of which because of what they did, or didn't do to be more specific, earned themselves a less version of the Karam curse; and because it was a lesser version it didn't play off of their fears or their version of punishments.

Instead what the Karma curse did to them was like a case of extreme bad luck that only got better when they genially regretted what they did to those they had wronged; including Harry. Something that took quite a long time when it came to several of these people, while others learned rather quickly and regretted what they had done.

The next family magics to take action was the Gryffindor magics, something Harry had actually gotten from his mother's side of his family; unknown to anyone else. What the Gryffindor magics did was affect the animals around the three. Or to be more specific caused all animals around the three to either loath the three that were effect by the magic or if not, that flee from them.

This caused the three to continuously be attacked by different animals wherever they went. From cats scratching them, with Hermione's former cat leading the pack, to owl or any other bird randomly taking dumps on them whenever they went out. Which was not even the worst of it as even the Headmaster's Phoenix got pulled into the family curse, and the least said about the animal in the forbidden forest the better.

This also started rumors that the three had somehow began to mix with serious black magic. As more often the not black magic caused animals to react similar to how they were due to the Gryffindor family magics.

A rumor that really wasn't helped in the least bit by a certain book that had just come out, or the actions of the trio that constantly caused them to be in the papers in numerus different negative ways.

Followed by that was the Peverell family magics. Which consider this family, or at least the part Harry was descended from, was said to have walked along side death like an old friend; the revenge it got was rather surprising. Or at least not something that anyone would expect coming from that family.

As what this curse did to the terrible trio was ensure that no matter what, they would life and only die when they reached the eldest, they would originally die at. That no matter what they would only be able to die of old age. No matter how severely injured they may get, they would live through it, even if it was with injuries that would have normal killed even those with magic.

Which combined with all the other revenges of family magic was perhaps one of the curlier punishments as it ensured that no matter what happened that the Hermione, Ron and the Headmaster they would not end their suffering until they literally couldn't take it anymore as the ancient bodies gave out on them. It was as if the Peverell family magics had worked with the other family to ensure the three got the worse punishment they could give them, for the longest amount of time.

After the Peverell family revenge came the two deadly and cruelest revenges from both the Black family magics as well as the Slytherin family magics Moving last as if they had been both waiting for the best time to strike, as well as they had to strike the ones who wronged them where it hurt them the most. So similar to the serpents that both families seemed to favor so much.

Because of this, what these two families magics did was, nothing but pain and misery for those it was against. As the Black family magic made it so that they were almost always in constant agony, be it when they used magic, when they lied or when the belittled others. Anything that could be considered negative by others would cause the trio severe pain.

In fact, the curse in question, caused them to be in pain that was only equal to that of the crucio curse; at least at its worse it did. However, unlike that forbidden curse, the black family magics wouldn't let the ones it was affecting get any mercy with their minds breaking. No, that particular family magic made sure they lived through it felt it in their every move; with no remorse or break from the pain.

As for the Slytherin family magic it went hand and hand with the Black family magic, yet utterly different at the same time. As unlike the Black family, which was purely mental, the Slytherin family magics tormented the body of those it was used against.

As whenever the trio did something that was malicious or harmed someone else it would break a part of the body or curse their physical features in a permanent fashion that no glammers could cover.

Not only that but it also had the effect of slowly, no matter what, causing damage to the body. As the curse in question slowly wore it done and broke the body it was put on. Or in this case the three it was put on.

This curse had already left Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore losing all their hair, cursed them to have blacken and broken teeth. Not to mention they already had several broken bones, that because magic didn't work with, they had to wait the mundane way for them to heal.

Not even attempting to banish the bone in question worked. As the potion to regrow bones would only grow the bones in question back even more broken than they had been before they had been banished in the first place. Or if not, that not grown back any bones in the effect area at all.

Something that was shown by the Headmaster's sudden lack of a right arm. Worst yet that had all happened in the first two weeks the curse had been activated. And in all honesty, it had really only gotten worse from then on out for the three. Each getting the feeling that the hell they were currently in was only the very beginning; making them all feel just that much worse about their future.

These family curses weren't the only thing that had gone wrong for those that had attempted to destroy Harry; in one way or another. Not by a long shot as unknown to anyone else Harry had been more prepared than anyone had thought he would be. Especially when it came to his own death, or at least the chance of his own death.

As Harry had realized, unlike what most of the wizarding world seemed to think, just how powerful his name was. Both with the family names he knew about as well as the political power his name carried because he was the so-called Boy-who-lived. Not to mention he had long since realized that there was a good chance he could have died in the so-called final battles. Be it from Voldemort or someone else on the battlefield.

So, he had in fact made a will before he had gone to said battle. One he had made sure to sign in blood, hand to the goblins personally and done everything in his power to ensure that this was the only will that would be followed when it came his death.

Even going as far to ensure all other wills that were there or where submitted in Harry's name afterwards were destroyed and would continue to be unless a certain password was given; one that no one but Harry himself knew.

A will that was only now just being read. Three years after Harry had supposedly died. And all because Dumbledore had done everything in his power to declare the will in question a fake, with the one he wanted to be read being the real one.

Unfortunately for him he had lost in that regard. Mostly because he had already lost, if not all, most of the power he had and couldn't prevent the will from being read. And read it was going to be; to the entire wizarding world.

Making the Headmaster fear just what that will would say. As he got the feeling not only had Harry knew more than he had wanted him to, but now so was everyone else. As if that twice cursed book Skeeter had published hadn't been bade enough.