chilling violets

Summary-After a huge betrayal by those he trusted, and after finding himself thrown into a whole new world; with a couple of serious changes occurring to him. How will Harry deal with the existence of ninja; especially after some of the complications that occurred because of the betrayal he suffered.

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Harry/male Kyuubi-82

An- Pairing isn't going to be for a while as I have to find a way to get the Kyuubi safely out of Naruto. And have it make sense in the story as well. Thinking of it being something between some seals on Naruto side, magic on Harry had some idiot trying to mess with the seal and making Harry feel the death magic. Or perhaps something happening during the Chunin exam with the death god is summon maybe have Harry later on willing to trade all the Hallows, there for the title of master of death for the Kyuubi's freedom. Whatever it is I got to work out an outline for it.

Chapter seven

Harry had a headache that just wouldn't go away, no matter what he tried. Even using a bit of his magic to help ease the pain didn't worse as sooner or later it would just come back that much worse.

Making the sixteen-year-old Wizard turned ninja want to just slam his head repeatedly on the nearest hard surface until he managed to knock himself out. And in doing so getting rid of the headache he had; at least temporarily.

The reason, or more like the name, of this headache in question, was Zabuza and the complaining he was now doing because he had to wait a week before he could get his revenge against Kakashi. Something Harry knew he knew would happen before the fight in the first place. As this wasn't the first time, Zabuza had seen Haku's state of false death; hell it wasn't the first time he had it done to him for that matter.

So, Harry honestly couldn't see why he complained so much about it so much besides just wanting to have something the bitch about. That or to perhaps pull a reaction from either Harry or Haku. But still Harry couldn't help but wish he'd shut up about for a bit, so it'd be quite for a bit.

Unfortunately, just when Harry felt that he was getting his wish, as Zabuza had finally finished saying his piece about what had happened during the fight and after he had finally listened to Haku as he told him he needed to rest. Gato stormed into the room the three nins where currently recovering in; two thugs acting like bodyguards following behind him as he did so.

"Some Jonin you are. Some great Demon of the mist, he just got beat and came limping home like some pathetic has been. What going to lick your wounds and whine some more. Demon of the hidden mist ha! More like Coward of the hidden mist…"

Harry could tell the man in question had more he wanted to say but at the same time he knew that all of that had been too much for Haku to take. As he had jerked back in his seat, and as Harry watched the so call bodyguard try and act tough by grabbing the blade.

Like that would be enough to stop Haku if he got serious and knowing this, while at the same time being rather irritated by what was being said by Gato about Zabuza, as Harry did respect the man in question. Even if he was rather irritated with him at the same time. Harry Decided to help Haku with this a bit and from his stop hidden on the rafters in the roof of the building began to unravel his wires.

Then as Gato stepped forward to continue speaking to Zabuza, going as far to reach out and grab him as he did so, Harry leaped into action; just as Haku did. Wrapping the so-called guards tight in his wires just as Haku grabbed Gato's hand. Getting grasp of both pain and shock about what was happening.

In fact, the guards seemed be in disbelief, the same with Gato. Making Harry wonder just what the hell they had expected when they had hired Ninjas in the first place. As they honestly couldn't be that blind or unknowledge about the skills of Ninja's when they had hired them in the first place. Especially their strength, speed and the fact yes, they did use odd weapons. Harry felt all that had been rather common knowledge and no reason to freak over it like the group below him seemed to be doing.

However, Gato did manage to gather himself together as once Haku released his grip on Gato's arm, and once Harry released the thugs he had gathered. After this had been done Gato had stormed towards the door spitting out as he did so.

"One more chance, that it. You fail me again and I'll cut you off and there will be no one to cover for you!"

Before leaving the room. Harry hearing this, felt a shiver of something go down his spine almost as if his body was trying to warn him of something. But seeing as there wasn't anything that Harry could think of why he was getting such a warning there wasn't much he could do about it.

Knowing this, and knowing there wasn't much he could do here with Zabuza either, and honestly starting to feel a little stir crazy. Harry decided that he was going to try and spy on the others and gather more information on them. As he felt that would be more helpful towards their group then sitting here doing nothing.

That in mind, and after telling the other two were he was heading Harry took off; heading in the direction Harry could feel the others were at. Most likely from what ever the Blond ninja, the one called Naruto, was giving off.

As Harry felt he would remember and be able to find that teen anywhere he went just because of how he felt to Harry. It was a both familiar yet at the same time utterly unfamiliar feeling and it was like an itch in the back of his mind he could never quite reach. Thus, was driving him rather crazy with the need to figure it out.

Just minute later, and using all his skills, both magical as well as chakra related, to hide himself, Harry was watching as the group below him trained. While their teacher, who was in crutches watched them. Making Harry absently note the fact Kakashi was in crutches would be something Zabuza would be interesting in knowing. If only so the nin in question knew he hadn't been the only one temporarily put out after their fight.

Still, while keeping that bit of information in mind, Harry watched the training going on below him. Almost absent mindedly wondering why they were learning how to control their charka, with one of the easier chakra control activities at this, so late in the game.

As from what Harry could feel from at least two of the Genin below them the tree walking exercise wouldn't be something that would give them that much control; especially from the blond one. Just from the amount of chakra two of them had in them.

Though Harry did suppose you had to learn to crawl before you could walk; let alone run. So, you did have to learn the basics of chakra exercises before you could go to the more extreme ones like those Harry was attempting to master.

With that in mind, Harry continued watching hoping to both get enough information from the others, while at the same time hopeful get some answers of this own. Like why did the Blond feel so familiar? Why could he locate him so easily and why did the dark haired almost make Harry want to bare his teeth and snarl at him some of the times.

Shaking his head, Harry focused on the three Genin below him, while at the same time making sure to keep a focus on the Sensei as well. As it would do him any good to forget the Jonin was there and end up being captured by him because Harry had underestimated his ability; or overestimated his own skills for that matter.

As yes, he was able to hide from even most Anbu because of his magic that didn't mean that there weren't people more skilled in sense others than he was at hiding form them. And Kakashi could possible one of those people; even if he hadn't noticed him yet; all it needed was one little slip up. A slip up he couldn't afford if he wanted to get the answers he wanted; so yes, being cautions was always necessary.

So, doing his best to remain hidden and keep both his magic as well as his chakra suppressed to the point of nonexistence Harry focused on the group below him. It was by doing this, that Harry saw several things that left him rather amused while at the same time being awfully reminded of his own past.

What this was, was that the two boys in the group reminding Harry of himself to a degree. Some of it in a more positive manner, while some of it in a more negative manner. Like in Naruto, or blonde as Harry had gotten fond of calling him, Harry was reminding of his own determination, and drive to always be better even when he failed.

While at the same time he painfully reminding Harry of how he had been when he had been after he had gotten way from his so-called family. When he had been desperate for attention, to have anyone say they actually cared for him, and how badly he ended up being used because of that. Something he wouldn't wish on anyone but knew could very easily happen none the less.

On the other had the one called Sasuke, who Harry was debated calling either grumpy or perhaps scowls, reminded Harry of his own skills. Or really how he had managed to learn things quickly once he put his mind to it. And how he never gave up until he learned it the way he wanted it done.

Not to mention in an even more uncomfortable way, he reminded Harry of what he had been like during the war. When he had been willing to do anything to make sure that Voldemort was dead and stayed dead this time.

Sure, Harry was doing it to make sure that the Dark lord in question couldn't hurt those he cared about but at the same time Harry hadn't cared how badly he had hurt those on the opposite side when he had been doing so. And had kind of developed a bit of tunnel vision when it came to fighting Voldemort.

Something Harry could see in the eyes of the dark haired Genin below him and something he desperately hoped wouldn't lead him down the dark path it had nearly led Harry down. As Harry knew from experience nothing good lead going down that path, even when it seemed like for good intentions.

Sighing silently, and after making sure that the Jonin watching the group still hadn't spotted him, Harry knew he shouldn't compare any of the Genin to him. And in all honesty, he really shouldn't be trying to see himself in them either, as that would make him feel close to them.

Something that wouldn't help him if he ended up having to fight them. Like Harry knew he would if they continued to guard the bridge builder. So, knowing this, and steeling himself Harry brought his attention back to the present. So, he could see what skills the young Genin had.

And honestly once he did this, and once he wasn't comparing them to his past self Harry could safely say he really wasn't incredibly impressed. When he had been their age, at least the second time around, he had been much further skilled in his control as well as general knowledge of being a ninja.

Then again unlike them, Harry had been forced to live constantly on the run and in danger forcing him to learn things at a much faster rate. Not to mention, the danger his bloodlimit represented to himself and others had also forced him to learn had much more ruthless pace. Added on the fact he was a good three years older than them now, meant he had additional years of training as well, meant that Harry knew he shouldn't judge them too harshly.

Because in the end, even if they didn't have the skills he had, they could still surprise him, or defeat him in a fight under the right circumstances. After all, hadn't Harry himself won plenty of fights against others that were stronger than him purely because they had underestimated him, or Harry's luck was simply better than their own?

As he was watching the three genin train, Harry began to notice things, like how Sakura, or Pinky as Harry had mentally dubbed her, may have the best chakra control out of the three. As she had had easily completed the tree climbing exercise, but that was only because she had a very small reserve of Chakra to control in the first place.

While Naruto was reminding Harry of himself when he had first begun to learn control over his charka. Though fortunately, unlike Naruto, Harry hadn't blasted himself into a tree but instead into a nearby lake; much to the amusement of his sensei at the time. Luckily unlike how he had been at that age before that time Harry had been able to quickly swim out of said ice cold lake.

Another thing Harry noticed about Sakura, was that out of the three genin she was the on who looked as if she never really trained before. Not to mention she really was skinny enough that Harry honestly felt a little worried for her; as she still reminding Harry of himself back when he had been starved. Worse yet, at least for a ninja, she had no existing muscles, had become physically exhausted, as well as exhausted charka wise, just after on trip up the tree and had to sit down.

Making Harry wonder if she was taking being a ninja seriously. Something Harry seriously doubted. Especially considering how she become closer to a cheerleader when Sasuke began to try his one chakra control exercises. Though given the look in her eyes as she stared at Sasuke Harry figured that she was a fan girl of some sort, similar to how Ginny had been to him.

And for both her and Sasuke sake, Harry hope that Sakura grew out of her fangirl self and decided to take her training seriously. Because Harry really didn't want her to turn out how Ginny did. As Harry believed Ginny had become similar to something called a Yandere before Harry had left that world, and Harry really didn't want to see what a ninja trained Yandere was like.

Especially as Harry got the feeling if she did reach that level of obsession, this Sakura would start taking her training serious. And someone with that level of skills in chakra control, which would only grow as her charka did, could end up being a dangerous opponent. However now, she was about as dangerous as a kitten able to hurt you by sheer luck or some serious underestimating and that would be about it.

Speaking about the object of Sakura's obsession while not having the best charka control or having the most charka for that matter. As that last one by far went towards blonde; who also won the award of worst chakra control on top of all that chakra.

When it came to Sasuke, who Harry had eventual decided to mentally dub grumpy after all, he was honestly the most skilled of the group. Baring the Jonin of course and looked to be the one who knew how to best handle or break down the training session.

Or at least how to attack it the best way to see results getting done. Though Harry did notice that he also seems to have a complex of some sort and didn't seem to like it when anyone showed to be more skilled than him.

Shown by the glares he gave Sakura on her success of getting the tree climbing down first. Followed by the looks he also threw at Naruto, when it looked like he was either catching up to him or in smaller ways passing him.

Something that Harry noted seemed to make a competition form between both Sasuke and Naruto when it came to the tree climbing exercise. Which honestly Harry could see as being something that would be good for the two; as it seemed to push them even harder. And if Harry was reading the Jonin right, the little he could as he didn't want to bring said Jonin's attention towards him, this was something the Jonin had been hoping for as well.

So, knowing this and wanting to see how it would end Harry keep watching seeing as they got a little further up the tree each time they attempted to run up it. Saw how despite how tired the two were getting they didn't seem to be eager to stop.

Watching this, Harry could admire the drive they had, as it was the same one, he had when it came to keeping his bloodlimit under control. As well as the same drive he had back in the war, that had led to him surviving it as well.

Though as the sun began to set, and as the Jonin seemed to decide to leave, with Sakura following slowly behind him. Harry began to wonder if perhaps the two were pushing themselves too hard.

As if they didn't stop soon, they could easily end up hurting themselves a lot more than they were helping themselves. Something that Sasuke seemed to realize as heavily panting and glaring, he dragged himself back to the house. After throwing one last seething glare directed at the still attempting Naruto as he did so.

Seeing this, Harry gave a sigh and continued to watch Naruto now getting pretty tired of watching the teen in question try and run up the tree. As there was only so many times you could watching someone fall out of a tree before creased being entraining.

And honestly that had happened long ago for Harry. He had only continued to stay and watch too see if he could find out why both grumpy as well as blonde were making him feel the way they did and if it was because of a bloodlimit of some sort.

Something he hadn't been able to find out; at least not yet. Still he continued to watch if only on the off-chance Naruto would try something different or if he had been hiding his skills from his team; something that as time wore on didn't seem the case.

Well that and the fact Harry knew he couldn't follow the group back to the Bridge builder's house. As for one the Ninjas would be much more alert there as that was where their hirer was and were, he was the most vulnerable to boot.

And for Two Harry dare not go and attack the bridge builder on his own, if only because he didn't want to fight Kakashi. Both because he wasn't sure he was skilled enough to fight him on his own, and because he wasn't going to steal a fight from Zabuza; especially given how their last fight had ended. Instead Harry decided to try and solve his own curiosity.

It was while doing this, that Harry noticing that Naruto was coming to a stop and looked as if he was about to pass out. Seeing this he got ready to dash off and head back towards were Gato's lair was. As obviously there wasn't much more he could learn now.

Only to pause when he felt Haku's chakra heading in this direction. Feeling this and curious as to why his teammate was making his way in this direction. Harry decided to wait and see what was happening.

Noting with a bit of amusement that Naruto had passed out and looked to be sleeping beneath the tree he was in. Something that Harry rather disbelieving about, as he hadn't even set up the basic protections.

Didn't the Genin know how vulnerable he was? How easy it would be to kill him? Hell, right now only Harry curiosity about the Genin was stalling his hand; or at least that was what Harry was telling himself.

Still slightly unbelieving Harry watched as Haku walked into the clearing they were in. Wearing his normal Pink Kimono that he wore when not in his Anbu uniform. Carrying a basket of Herbs Harry knew where to help Zabuza. And Harry could tell when Haku spotted Naruto as his hands tighten on the grip of the basket, while the left one reached into the sleeve of his Kimono going for his senbon needles.

Before pausing for a bit and going with the nature Harry knows Haku has, as he instead of attacking the sleeping Genin shakes him awake. What follows next in an amusing scene that Harry almost wished he could join in. He knew he could every easily slip away and get dressed in a remarkably similar to Haku's Kimono that he has, but ice blue color instead of pink. Proceed to take his mask off and let his hair down.

Then pretend to stumble on Haku knowing that just like Haku's he could easily be mistaken as a girl as well. Something that had at first annoyed him but after a while he found to be rather amusing as the reaction people had always had him on the verge of laughing. Something that Harry knew could be blamed on his more Kitsune side or the fact he had become a bit of a troll over the years.

But at the same time no matter how much he wanted to, Harry knew that he wouldn't do that, and that he would only join Haku after he had gotten further way from Naruto, dress as he currently was.

As no matter how amusing Naruto reaction to both of them being boys despite what he may think, Harry also knew that he still didn't feel safe baring his skin. Not when knowing what his blood limit could do. Even if it no longer left him killing those he touched when he didn't want it to. But even risk something like that happening left Harry weary about trying anything that bared skin to anyone.

So just as he knew he was going to do Harry waited until Haku was far enough away, and almost to Gato's base before he showed himself; of course, after giving Haku a warning he was going to do so. As while he did control his kitsune's side fire to an amazing degree he still didn't want to risk getting Haku's ice needles anywhere too uncomfortable; or at all if he could help it.

Harry once he reached inside the base let the other two know everything they had found out. And just as he had believed earlier Zabuza had been rather happy to find out he hadn't been the only one temporarily laid out by the fight between Kakashi and him. Even he still was a bit upset that unlike him Kakashi could get back up and move around. Something Zabuza swore he'd fix next time they fought.

Which with the healing herbs Haku had been able to grab was coming a lot soon then Harry knew Kakashi hoped for. Still he did hope that the four would be prepared as he got the feeling it was going to be a fight none of them were going to forget for a while to come. Especially as it seemed thar Haku had really managed to touch something in Naruto with his precious person speech.