Just To See You Smile

Chapter 1: Never tell you no.

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You always had an eye for things that glittered

but I was far from being made of gold.

I don't know how I scraped up the money.

"We can't have a daughter Yuuri. Your only in your late teens. She's eleven. We'll never pull it off. I'm not made of money and neither are you. Don't spoil yourself rotten like an idiotic king."

"Of course we can. Your in your eighty's. She's adorable and all alone. Look at her smile at you Wolf, she's practically made of sunshine. In a few days, you'll glitter from all the light shining on you."

"Eighty's is pretty young here, thank you very much! Will your mother allow you to have a daughter?" I don't glitter you moron.

"Sure she will. As long as she's not an actual grandmother, she'll be fine. She likes children."

"I just can't stop you, can I?" Damn it. Don't look at me like that. You know you'll win.

"No you can not. Does that mean you accept it?"

"Fine. You can go tell my mother and yours."

"YIPPEE! Come on Greta. Lets go meet ex-y sexy Queen! Oh and Wolfram, by the way."


"You're old. You being with me; well, you're practically a pedophile." Yuuri laughed then turned and ran as far and fast as he could with the little girl trailing behind him.

"No I'm not! Get your ass back here and say that again! I DARE YOU, WIMP!"

I just never could quite tell you no.