Just To See You Smile

Chapter 5- Happy Endings

Disclaimer: I don't own the song Just To See You Smile or the series Kyou Kara Maou. I just love both!

A/N: I couldn't leave it like that. I'm a WolframXYuuri fangirl. So this will be an idealistic, fluffy, and an overall romantic trash ending. What can I say, I'm a teenage girl so that's basically what I live for. This might be a bit long, but it's the final chapter. Thanks for reading!

Just to see you smile

I'd do anything

That you wanted me to

When all is said and done

I never count the cost

it's worth all that's lost

"Why are you guys being so weird. Conrad? Gwendal? Hello! Is anyone home?" Gwendal glared.

"Conrad, I have something to attend to. Maybe you can deal with him. I can't right now." He walked out.

Yuuri stared after him. "I don't get it. What're you guys so mad at me for?"

"Yuuri-Heika,excuse me, I honestly never thought you be this stupid. We're mad because of Wolfram! He's being so unselfish with you and not only do you not appreciate it, you dump the girl you were going out with. You dumped him for her!"

"I don't know how you could say that Conrad. I asked him for permission. He told me he was fine with it. Said he loved me like he loves you! I gave him a chance to be with me and he told me he loved me like a brother! What was I supposed to do?"

"Do you know why he'd ever say that when he really loves you."

"No clue."

"Wolfram didn't want you to feel forced to stay with him. He's been crying a lot. He wants to be with you. He loves you more than anyone."

"Why would he lie to me and tell me it was fine then?!"

"He loves you. He was putting you first. He wanted you to be happy Yuuri. He didn't want you to feel trapped by the engagement even if his pride fought him with that last one. Take your pick."

Realization dawned on Yuuri's face. "What should I do?! I really... love... I do, don't I? I'm in love with Wolfram?"

"You finally got it! It took you long enough."

"Okay. Tell me what I should do?! What if he doesn't like me anymore. I've never made him happy."

"Go tell him. See what happens. You'll make him smile." For some reason, see Wolfram smile a real, completely without bitter, happy smile made Yuuri excited beyond reason. "You look jumpy now Heika."

"Right. I have to go now, Conrad. I need to go see Wolfram smile."

Conrad assumed a smug smile. "And why is that?"

"OH... I dunno. Just to see him smile, I guess. It's so pretty." Yuuri ran off to find Wolfram to start another fight by calling Wolfram pretty so he could make him smile by calling him loved.

Just To See You Smile.