The House of Horrors Summery

Its Halloween and Alice got the gang to go trick or treating. Alls fun until they go in the woods. They see a creepy house, and decide to check it out the next day. But what happens when 'things' start happening? What's up with Bella's dreams? Why is Emmett so serious? Where are all of the mirrors going? The gang will be put to the test as staying alive starts to seem impossible.


I've always loved scary movies. The fake blood. Things popping out. Scaring the crap out of you… I got a kick out of it. I would always think," That looks so fake." And even for the realistic ones, I knew the chances of it actually happening were around 1 in a billion. Well, I guess I got lucky. So now I guess you could say I hate scary movies. Because there is nothing fun about knowing that you, along with your closest friends and boyfriend, are all going to die, but fighting it all until the end anyways.

So, I know I haven't updated Crashing To Heaven in FOREVER! But its just proving to be to difficult at the moment. It's just felt like a chore to have to write CTH lately. It's not really on hold or anything, because I will definitely write more for it when I feel the inspiration, but I probably won't have anything posted for a while. I thought I should give y'all something, so you don't think I abandoned you, so I figured this would be pretty good. I started to write it a while ago, seriously, and figured I should see what y'all think of the first chapter. So click on the next button, so you can read it!